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Joe Biden may be leading President Donald Trump by 5 points, but the president is beating his challenger in battleground states that could decide the election, according to a new poll Screenshot via CNN. In his first speech as President of the United States of America, Donald Trump promised to govern the country as a staunch protectionist with little interest in limited government or.. Trump promises coronavirus stimulus money coming 'soon' to Americans. Trump didn't designate a time for the news conference but the White House schedule shows that the administration's..

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All along, Trump has been using scare tactics to frighten his supporters that Syrian refugees are “terrorists” in disguise. He has pledged to keep these refugees from entering our country, and has falsely stated that Clinton would let 650 million people “pour in.” Of the refugees themselves, Trump has said, “We have no idea who these people are, we are the worst when it comes to paperwork. This could be one of the great Trojan horses.”Less than a month after taking office in January 2017, Trump signed an executive order that banned foreign nationals from seven predominately Muslim countries from visiting the U.S. The "Muslim ban" was immediately challenged in court but a modified version was ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court.Since taking office, Trump has nominated and the Senate has confirmed more appellate judges in his first year than any other president since the courts they sit on were created in 1891."Overall, using standard economic methods, we find that the full incidence of the tariff falls on domestic consumers, with a reduction in U.S. real income of $1.4 billion per month by the end of 2018," the study stated.

Donald Trump has overseen what the Week has described as “the biggest regulatory rollback in American history.” As befits an antiregulatory agenda overseen by a former real estate developer, the major focus of that rollback has been undoing regulations promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior — both of which govern land use — and rules that rein in the banking industry. The administration has also adopted a more lenient approach to enforcing those rules that remain on the books. Trump promised to weed out corruption in Washington by establishing new limits on lobbying by former administration officials. But watchdogs say in some cases, the new limits are less restrictive..

Trump promised in 2014 that if he ran for office he would release his tax returns, and again promised in 2016 to release them when an IRS audit was complete. He has still not done so. Cable News Network (CNN) was launched in 1980, 34 years ago as an American basic cable & Satellite television. The 24 hour news channel was established by the Ted Turner which decorated..

President Trump vented his frustration with China and its role in the globalised economy yesterday as divisions in the United States about how best to confront Covid-19 widened.Mr Trump said In a CNN interview with Erin Burnett, Prince said that the drugs coming into the United States are the worst part of the border crisis. While drugs coming into the United States are a problem, the opioid.. This pledge, made over and over again at raucous arena rallies during the campaign and popularized on buttons and T-shirts sold across America, has largely come to pass. Trump promised old-school war, with its greater tolerance of civilian casualties, and delegated difficult targeting decisions to the generals. By May, the Pentagon was running low on small bombs, it had dropped so many. By July, the U.S.-led bombing campaign had killed more than 2,000 civilians in Iraq — as many as were killed during the entire Obama administration. The Syrian city of Raqqa was declared “liberated” in October, but had been nearly destroyed by the U.S.-backed fighters. In September, Newsweek declared, “Trump really is ‘bombing the s***’ out of ISIS just like he promised.” In December, the Iraqi prime minister declared Iraq “fully liberated” from ISIS. That’s an achievement that past experience shows may be hard to hold — and ISIS-inspired attacks in the West continue to pose a threat as well. But there’s no question that when it comes to having hit ISIS hard, Trump can declare with as much certainty and pride as George W. Bush once did: “Mission accomplished.”

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  1. As we begin to adjust to the words “President Trump,” it’s important to start thinking about what a Trump presidency actually looks like. For those belonging to marginalized groups — women, people of color, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ community — the thought of Trump’s plans put into action is horrifying. He has promised to reverse Supreme Court decisions that have impacted the lives of women and same-sex couples around the country. He has pledged to deport immigrants and ban people based on religion.
  2. Kim Jong Un says North Korea is ready to test an intercontinental ballistic missile
  3. CNN: When blaring truck horns intruded on President Donald Trump's Friday speech in the White House Rose Garden about the search for a coronavirus vaccine, Trump claimed that this was the..
  4. Trump promised to replace America’s multilateral trade agreements with one-on-one deals, and on his first full weekday in office he pulled America out of the 12-nation TPP agreement, a signature Obama accomplishment that Hillary Clinton had also expressed doubts about. Critics say U.S. withdrawal from the agreement governing trade with Asian and Pacific nations only strengthened the hand of China.
  5. g fans My very first executive order will END the Trump also tweeted, I will END autism in America by banning all vaccinations on my very first day in..
  6. On Late Night, Seth Meyers also recapped the testimony of Dr Rick Bright, who claims he was fired for resisting Trump’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine – what Meyers called the “Furbee” of coronavirus treatments.
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However, Trump may have benefited from his tax cut, according to an analysis by the Center for American Progress. The D.C. think tank found that changes to business rules from the legislation could save Trump roughly $11 million to $15 million per year.Trump's agreement with Xi reportedly led the State Department to cancel two U.S. speaking engagements of Kurt Tong, then the U.S. general counsel in Hong Kong.In a wide-ranging interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, Trump said that he was not worried about negative 2020 polling because he doesn't think they are "correct." He also did not appear to be concerned about the reaction of his conservative base, which he called "the greatest base in the history of politics because they are not believers in false things."

Republican Group Ad Urges Congress to Protect Elections Since Trump Won't 2020 Poll: Less Than 40% of Texans Would Definitely Vote to Re-Elect Trump Democratic 2020 First Debate Lineup, Schedule: Sanders, Biden to Face-Off Choose a Membership That's Perfect for You! Print & Digital Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access Last week, the Trump administration reportedly withheld a document created by the CDC to provide guidance on reopening businesses and public spaces, telling scientists the report would never see..

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 “Bomb the hell out of ISIS.”

State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus told the Times that she believed the report "was based off of anonymous reports, and that's not something that we ever validate here at the State Department. I don't see much truth to that."This is the promise on which Trump has basically hinged his entire campaign. He began talking about the wall as early as June 2015 when he first announced that he was running for president. “I would build a great wall,” Trump said, “and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively, I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.”By June, the average monthly increase in those awaiting proceedings outside custody was about 7,500, compared with 20,600 during the final seven months of Obama’s presidency. In April, the Border Patrol caught a low of 11,100 undocumented immigrants, but by October it had become clear that there had not actually been a formal revocation of catch-and-release policies, despite statements to the contrary, and border crossings surged again, to 26,000. That said, Trump’s assertion that ending catch-and-release would decrease crossings was proved correct, and border crossing attempts declined sharply for a time.Here are just some of the things candidate Trump or President Trump promised to accomplish and a status update on them:"His lies and broken promises have hurt hard-working Americans everywhere across Florida and around the country," Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez told reporters on Tuesday ahead of Trump's 2020 launch. "There's no question he's going to keep lying on the campaign trail and we're not going to let him escape from the truth."

 “The replacement for Justice Scalia will be a person of similar views and principles.” 

Lauren Underwood On Trump's Coronavirus Response. Story from News. It's Unacceptable: Rep. Lauren Underwood On Trump's Coronavirus Response. Natalie Gontcharova State officials should be wary of news that President Donald Trump has agreed to support states' systems of legalized marijuana CNN argues Trump keeps his promises. Here's the truth. He actually broke 80 in his first 100 days alone. Most Trump promises are made bombastically and enthusiastically, to elicit cheers from his.. Trump’s congressional allies have so far refused to take even the most basic steps to force him to disclose anything about his tax returns. It was a bullshit promise that Trump knew he couldn't keep. He didn't say it because he planned to do it. Washington (CNN)A former top counterintelligence expert at the FBI, now at the center of a..

Pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, “a potential disaster for our country.”

Sign InNewsletterSearchSearchSTYLEPOLITICSCULTUREIDENTITYSUMMITPolitics10 Promises Donald Trump Has Made During His Presidential CampaignSome of these are terrifying.By De Elizabeth President Donald Trump will touch on immigration, national security, health care, trade and infrastructure in his State of the Union (SOTU) address as he begins the second half of his first term in.. Throughout the campaign, Trump hasn’t really explained his plan to deal with ISIS — only that he has the greatest plan, according to him. Almost a year ago, he said, “I would just bomb those suckers, and that's right, I'd blow up the pipes, I'd blow up the refineries, I'd blow up every single inch, there would be nothing left. And you know what, you'll get Exxon to come in there, and in two months, you ever see these guys? How good they are, the great oil companies, they'll rebuild it brand new... And I'll take the oil.” His comments about ISIS have continued throughout the campaign. He has consistently expressed that he wasn’t going to release the details of his plan; however, he continued to reassure the public and the media that he had the “best” plan. President of the United States Donald Trump declared that Washington D.C. will send to India as the humanitarian assistance medical ventilators..

At the third debate, Trump was asked about abortion by moderator Chris Wallace. He confirmed that he would appoint justices to the Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. Wade — the monumental court case that legalized abortion in 1973. He also – incorrectly – stated that Clinton, should she become president, would give permission to women to “take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb in the ninth month on the final day.” Trump’s statements about late-term abortions were both medically and emotionally inaccurate. McNeil's statement that we were in a headless-chicken phase could as easily describe the status of journalistic ethics. McNeil's comments were made in an interview with CNN International's Christiane.. None of that has happened. First, Trump demanded Congress give him billions in U.S. taxpayer dollars to build the wall, claiming Mexico’s metaphorical check would soon be in the mail. Good-bye, infrastructure. Photo: Michael Reynolds - Pool/Getty Images. While nobody knew just what was going to happen in the immediate wake of Donald Trump's election..

Congressional Republicans were repeatedly thwarted in their efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act’s many provisions in stand-alone bills, but the individual-mandate penalty for not carrying health insurance, which was legally permitted as a form of taxation by the U.S. Supreme Court, was repealed in the tax bill passed December 20. The mandate penalty is understood as one of the core provisions underlying the ACA’s health insurance exchanges, which need healthy as well as sick individuals to pay into the system.The wall is just one piece of Trump’s immigration policy that has defined his campaign since the very beginning. He has also pledged to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, something that experts have predicted is nearly impossible. Trump has explained that he would do this by having a “deportation force.” Beyond that, he has not expanded into the details of how this would work.

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  1. Trump's fight for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border resulted in the longest government shutdown in history (34 days) earlier this year as the president sought nearly $6 billion in federal funding for construction. But even after sidestepping Congress to declare a national emergency, Trump has not been able to gain all of the money wanted for his wall.
  2. 5. Trump has said that he would appoint justices to the Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. Wade.
  3. "I am looking for judges and have actually picked 20 of them.... They'll respect the Second Amendment and what it stands for and what it represents," Trump said at a debate in October 2016 when asked about replacing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

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  1. Trump repeatedly told voters in the lead-up to the 2016 election that he would fix America’s trade deficit with many countries, particularly China. “In China, think of this, we have a trade imbalance of almost $400 billion a year,” Trump told a crowd in 2015. “Can you imagine if we could straighten it out? Could you imagine if I could get that down to, and I promise I’ll do better than this, but could you imagine if I could get it down to $100 billion a year in losses?”
  2. Trump has criticized its members for not paying their fair share. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump said other NATO members should spend more on their military
  3. I know President Xi of China very well. He is a great leader who very much has the respect of his people. He is also a good man in a “tough business.” I have ZERO doubt that if President Xi wants to quickly and humanely solve the Hong Kong problem, he can do it. Personal meeting?
  4. From the moment Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, CNN President Jeff Zucker has made Both praised the president for keeping his campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration

Trump promised to replace America's multilateral trade agreements with one-on-one deals, and on Trump made an array of specific promises during the campaign on how he'd cut taxes as president Plus, Trump has kept his promise to fill court vacancies with conservative judges. Just two years into his administration, Trump has appointed federal judges at a record pace. As of May 2, the Senate had confirmed 100 Trump judicial nominees.President TrumpDonald John TrumpState Department inspector general fired House passes massive T coronavirus relief package Analysis: Most states fall short of recommended coronavirus testing levels as some reopen MORE in a June phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping promised that he would remain silent over the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong while trade talks were still ongoing, according to a CNN report.

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  1. Donald Trump, Jr., the President's eldest son, thinks that his father is getting a raw deal. In a recent appearance on Team Trump Online—a nightly video series that serves as a substitute for campaign..
  2. ation and defeat Hillary Clinton.
  3. President Trump traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania, Thursday, where he toured a medical supply warehouse that distributes N95 masks to healthcare workers
  4. g meeting between President Recep Tayyip..
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  1. On Aug. 1, he told reporters "something is probably happening with Hong Kong because when you look at, you know, what's going on, they've had riots for a long period of time."
  2. But did Trump get the funds the clean up Flint’s water and clean it up quickly? In late 2016, President Obama signed a $10 billion bill authorizing water projects around the country, including $170 million for Flint. By the end of the year, the lead levels in the water fell below the federal limit. Trump took office the following January, and in March 2017, through the water bill Obama signed, the EPA said it was awarding a $100 million grant “to fund drinking water infrastructure upgrades in Flint.” The effort to replace service lines won’t be complete until 2020, and residents still don’t trust the water.
  3. “Nobody can do that like me. Believe me. It will be done on time, on budget, way below cost, way below what anyone ever thought,” candidate Trump declared in 2015. This investment, he said, would provide “the next generation of roads, bridges, railways and tunnels, and seaports and airports,” and it would all be paid for by the economic growth he promised.
  4. Trump made a lot of promises about what he will do as president. We’ve documented 663 of them. The people who elected Trump expect him to come through.
  5. Trump has allegedly taken specific actions the two outlets, targeting their owners and parent companies. The news comes days after Trump publicly feuded with and then punished CNN's Jim..
  6. President Donald Trump said Thursday that he intends to prepare the country for future pandemics by restocking the national stockpile and bringing critical manufacturing back to the US

In the same interview, Trump brushed off projections of 100,000 American dead as the “bottom level of the scale” that could have been worse. “Yes, the number of dead is actually unthinkable,” Colbert said, imitating the president, “but to be fair, how about a little gratitude – I didn’t kill all of you, and that was definitely an option.” But Marc Lotter, the communications director for Trump's reelection bid, argued on CNN that the president's unkept promises to 2016 voters will make a great platform for his reelection campaign

Read more “And as we know, the way to do something safely is to do it as quickly as possible,” Colbert quipped. “That’s why custodians put up those floor signs: ‘Caution, run as fast as you can!’” Trump's vision was broad and lacked specific details, with one of his foreign policy advisers telling the media beforehand that Trump was not going to say 'we're going to send three brigades to do the job. 'Donald Trump' Promises to Make Late Night Great Again with Comedy Central's 'The President Show'

CNN Films: Pandora's Promise. CNN operates as a division of Turner Broadcasting System, which is a subsidiary of Time Warner Trump has spoken positively of waterboarding because “torture works.” At a South Carolina campaign event in February, Trump explained, “Don't tell me it doesn't work – torture works. Okay, folks? Believe me, it works. Okay?” He even went so far as to say that he would propose something beyond waterboarding. When asked why, Trump explained, “They want to kill us, they want to kill us. They want to kill our country. They want to knock out our cities. And don't tell me it doesn't work — torture works.” As an FYI – torture is unconstitutional. President elect Donald Trump, in a new video covering the transition and policy for the first 100 days, promises to get rid of regulation TV appearances include Fox, CNN, ABC, CNBC and NewsHour.. thestar.com is Canada's largest online news site. From national coverage and issues to local headlines and stories across the country, the Star is your home for Canadian news and perspectives A series of poorly conceived, anti-peace policies have become the hallmark of this presidency: Trump decided to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Haley said that the United States would no longer fund the U.N. agency that supports Palestinian refugees until Palestine rejoins the peace talks. In September, the Trump administration said it would shut down the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s office in Washington, D.C.

2016 U.S. presidential election: Trump, Donald; Clinton, HillaryDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton At various times Trump blamed party establishments for costly intervention in foreign conflicts, the.. Trump on coronavirus: promises vs. reality. Visit CNN's home for Facts First. Throughout, the Trump administration has issued a series of promises, predictions and proclamations as it has tried.. President-elect Donald Trump accused CNN of being fake news and refused to let the network's reporter ask him a question at his press conference Wednesday, spurring one of the most unusual.. It is hard to know what Trump was thinking when he told New Hampshire voters in Sept. 2016, “I’m going to stop the drugs from pouring across the border. That is a promise.” And he told Ohio voters that he would “stop the drugs from pouring into our states.” More outlandishly, he proclaimed a month earlier that he would simply stop “all drug trafficking” and that on “Day One” of his administration, he would eliminate all of the “criminals: gang members, heads of cartels, drug members and they lead all sorts of drug gangs, all of those — and the police know who they are. They’re all getting out.” Yet the opioid epidemic has gotten worse, not better, under Trump. Overdose deaths in 2017 were at their highest numbers in years and continue to increase this year. After falling short of his pledges to spend heavily to address the problem, Trump simply falsely proclaimed that opioid abuse numbers were “way down.” And on Wednesday, his counselor Kellyanne Conway flat out admitted that more drugs — not fewer — are coming in through the southern border under Trump."I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I'll have Mexico pay for that wall," Trump said during his presidential announcement in June 2015.

The $1.5 trillion tax cut reduced the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, which supporters of the bill said will make U.S. business more competitive abroad. The legislation also lowered individual tax rates. Why Donald Trump Constantly Makes Promises He Doesn't Intend to Keep. You may not be surprised that Donald Trump hasn't kept a number of promises as president, but you should be Donald Trump Promises Wall, Hacking Report in First 90 Days

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  1. According to R, Trump made good on his promise to reduce aid to the U.N. and Palestinians This is just one of many promises that he has kept so far. Please share this story on Facebook to let..
  2. Here's a look back at some of the president's key 2016 campaign promises and whether or not he's fulfilled them.
  3. Find Trump Promises Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Trump Promises and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. 'Trump Promises' - 36 News Result(s)
  4. Trump has partially delivered on this promise as the U.S., Canada and Mexico signed a new trade agreement to replace NAFTA. The US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) was signed in November 2018 but it still needs to be ratified by all three governments.
  5. istration’s repeated promises of “Infrastructure Week” a national joke — much to the dismay of the business community. Though Trump promised in late 2017 that tax reform and infrastructure would be his next priorities, they have not been: Trump never even wrote an infrastructure bill. After his tax cuts decimated revenue that could be used for new spending initiatives, his press secretary admitted in May that no bill was likely to come in 2018.
  6. Trump was expected to release his peace plan during this year’s U.N. General Assembly meeting, but at that event, he said he’ll release it “over the next two or three or four months.”
  7. We took a deeper look into a handful of Trump’s promises that he’s made throughout the election season. While some of them sound positive — like his pledge to create new jobs — others are downright terrifying. Here are 10 things that he has promised to do if elected President of the United States.

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Donald Trump has promised his administration will stop censorship of conservatives. Although Trump considers CNN and MSNBC Fake News he indicated that he did not want to censor those.. But “instead of listening to Bright and taking his warnings seriously,” said Meyers, Trump appeared on Fox News Thursday morning to brag about the travel ban imposed on China in January; “I put in a wall, we put in a very strong wall,” he said, which means “there’s a good chance Trump thinks there is a literal wall between the US and China,” said Meyers.

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President Trump will officially kick off his 2020 reelection bid on Tuesday with a rally in Florida. The event marks the start of what Trump has claimed will be a swift victory to another four years in the White House. But as the president sets out for another year of campaigning, several of his key promises to voters on the 2016 trail remain unfulfilled.Trump’s repeated shifts on his mythical plan for replacing Obamacare have betrayed at every step just how little actual thought he put into it. Early in his campaign, he relied on vague promises that he would scrap the Affordable Care Act and replace it with “something terrific” that was “a lot less expensive” for the public and the government. The tall tale kept getting taller: In a Sept. 2015 60 Minutes interview, Trump actually promised universal coverage. “I am going to take care of everybody,” he proclaimed, “I don’t care if it costs me votes or not. Everybody’s going to be taken care of much better than they’re taken care of now.” At a Feb. 2016 rally, he averred that everyone would get “great health care for a fraction of the price” and that would “take place immediately after we go in. Immediately! Fast! Quick!”

WASHINGTON: A government watchdog fired suddenly by Donald Trump was investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, said a Democratic lawmaker who accused the president of committing a.. When Congress did not provide him those funds, Trump simply lied and said they did: He told the public the wall’s construction was already underway when it wasn’t. Mexico has not paid a cent. Rather than do something “very severe,” Trump negotiated a trade deal with Mexico, even as they remained determined never to pay for the wall. By extension, the John Deere and Caterpillar tractors he vowed would be exclusively used for the wall’s construction have not been. On CNN, though, Pompeo wouldn't specifically commit to not targeting cultural centres, and said Trump's tweet referencing such targets in Iran didn't deviate one iota from the rule of law “That’s their scam: make government incompetent, and then use that incompetence as proof that government is bad. They’re like a husband who cheats on his wife and says, ‘See, this is proof that we need an open marriage.’”But the tax “reform” legislation proved to mostly be a series of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations like Trump’s, rather than a genuine effort to simplify the system. And people don’t love it. When Trump signed his tax legislation in December 2017, H&R Block’s stock was trading at about $26.23 per share. As of October 10, it was actually up to $26.61. While Trump’s economy has put retailers and manufacturers out of business, H&R Block appears to be doing just fine.

Political Intelligence. Tracking Trump: The President's Standing Across America. Trump's Approval With GOP Primary Voters. A breakdown of which demographic groups are more or less likely to.. President Donald Trump has promised that Saudi Arabia would face severe punishment if the kingdom's leadership was behind the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi For Trump, Following the Law Is an Undue Burden. The radical promise of Believe Women has been an unintended casualty of the quickly fading Biden sexual misconduct controversy 10 Promises Donald Trump Has Made During His Presidential CampaignSTYLEPOLITICSCULTUREIDENTITYSUMMITMoreChevronStory SavedTo revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories.Meanwhile, the U.S. and China are locked in an escalating trade war that is estimated to cost Americans billions of dollars. According to a recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, last year's 10 percent tariffs on Chinese products cost the average American household $414.

Trump promised in Dec. 2016 “to ensure clean air and clean water for all of our people.” In a complete and brazen reversal, even by this president’s standards, his administration has waged a sustained war on the very rules that ensure clean water and clean air. Enforcement of the rules that remain has dropped precipitously. When Trump talks about clean air and water during an interview, he advocates for “cleanest air on the planet” and brags that “our air now is cleaner than it’s ever been,” but adds the caveat that he does not want environmental safety to incur any job losses. He’s never able to specify what his administration is doing, or would like to do, to achieve clean air and water. His appointees at the EPA tout the benefits of the Clean Air Act — with many metrics improving on a very long trajectory stretching back decades — even as they do their best to gut the law. America’s air isn’t getting cleaner as fast as it used to be. When a person promises to do something so grandiose, that it is quite clearly obvious that they will not be able to follow through with said That sounds like a Trump Promise if I've ever heard one

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CNN Analyst Threatens Trump, Says FBI Will Get Revenge Trump's not a tech guy, that much we know. He reportedly doesn't have much time for a cell phone During a CNN town hall moderated by Anderson Cooper, he said that he largely composes tweets by.. CNN Poll: Biden tops Trump nationwide, but battlegrounds tilt Trump, said the headline. CNN put out a new poll on Thursday that shows President Trump is crushing presumptive Democratic.. WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump broke with tradition Thursday by calling for investigation of his White House predecessor Barack Obama in the latest attempt to push a conspiracy theory about..

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump formally unveiled an initiative Friday afternoon aimed at making hundreds of millions of doses of a coronavirus vaccine broadly available by year's end.. Trump did not straighten it out, and the deficit has since grown. In 2016, America’s trade deficit with China was $347 billion; in 2017, it was $376 billion. Through the first 8 months of 2018, it was $261 billion — each month so far this year the trade deficit has been hundreds of millions or billions higher than it was. In general, America’s trade deficit recently rose to a 6-month high of $53.2 billion in August 2018. News from The Associated Press, the definitive source for independent journalism from every corner of the globe President Donald Trump attends a joint press conference with the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda in the Rose Garden at the White House on June 12, 2019 in Washington, D.C. Trump will officially launch his 2020 reelection campaign on June 18, 2019 with a rally in Florida. The Asahi Shimbun/Getty Renegotiate Trade Deals"They get the expansion. We get the joblessness," Trump said in June 2016. "That's the way it works—not going to happen anymore." Business News › News › Politics and Nation ›Donald Trump promises ventilators to India, says The United States will donate ventilators to friends in India, President Donald Trump has tweeted while..

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However Trump, less than six months from a volatile reelection showdown, called for Obama to testify in the Senate over a conspiracy theory he has dubbed Obamagate. The claim is that Obama's.. But some of Trump's other immigration-related campaign promises have been fulfilled during his presidency, most notably his crackdown on illegal immigration. A CNN poll of 15 crucial battleground states shows President Trump crushing Joe Biden by seven full Earlier this week, CNN was forced to publish another bad news poll (if you are CNN), a poll that.. Trump contra los medios. A su vez, la relación de Donald Trump con la prensa siempre ha sido Pero la cadena de televisión CNN y otros medios de comunicación estadounidenses son blanco habitual.. The full conspiracy theory is “actually pretty complicated – I mean, it’s too much for my little brain,” Noah said, so he looped in Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic, who “volunteered to watch Fox News non-stop” to explain the theory in a parody of Fox’s crazed, paranoid style: “It’s past time for Donald Trump to drain the swamp, folks, and everyone is in on it – the FBI, the CIA, the XFL, the PT Cruiser, the will.i.am,” she said. “Put it all together and what do you get? I’d spell it out for you, but Fauci’s probably listening.”

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A look at what Trump has said about defeating ISIS on the campaign trail Check out our cnn trump selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops The contents of this site are ©2020 Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., a subsidiary of News Communications, Inc.

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After the 2016 election, intelligence officials investigated Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn for secret conversations with foreign powers, a process which involved “unmasking” his identity to government officials – a standard government procedure practiced thousands of times a year. “But that isn’t stopping Donald Trump from proposing his favorite solution to any problem: lock. Them. Up,” Noah said. “Trump loves sending people to jail. I bet that jail in Monopoly was Donald Trump’s idea.” Donald Trump has warned that NATO member states who do not fulfill their financial obligations to the Trump especially pointed his finger at Germany. This veiled threat came at a cabinet meeting in.. Share on Twitter Share via Email Stephen Colbert: ‘For Trump, age categories go: live with your mother, Miss Teen USA, medium-age, ex-wife and biggie-generian.’ Photograph: YouTube Stephen Colbert On the Late Show, Stephen Colbert recapped a week of troubling debates over reopening the country in Washington. “While Trump keeps trying to lure us out of safety, health experts are warning of dire consequences if we do,” he said, such as Dr Rick Bright, a former health department official who filed a whistleblower complaint claiming he was fired because of his opposition to Trump’s support of hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment. (It’s unproven and could have lethal side-effects). On Thursday, Bright warned Congress about reopening too early, and recalled the dark moment when he realized America was in “deep shit” after a supplier told him they had run out of masks.According to The New York Times, as of January, no new miles of barrier had been built along the border under President Trump. Some construction, however, was expected to begin earlier this year.

Funny article ~ (CNN). Begins highlighting some of Trump's goals, as being accomplished. Then slowly drifts into Trump's supporters, with disparaging undertones. Then blasts away at how all of his.. Последние твиты от Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump). 45th President of the United States of Fox News' Brit Hume calls the media's coverage of alleged collusion with the Trump campaign and.. On the campaign trail, Trump promised to “fix” poverty for African Americans and Hispanic Americans. He quoted a Twitter user in 2014 who said “Trump will end poverty.” But after almost two years of administrative hostility to the working class amid a economy that is paying off for people in upper income brackets, the pledge looks like another empty promise made idly.In May 2017, Trump promised to broker a Middle East peace agreement. He touted his mediation skills during a White House visit from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. “We will get this done,” he said. Eight months later, Abbas concluded that Trump and Israel had destroyed the Oslo Accords, the framework through which any peace plan would be negotiated. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta and vaccine expert Dr. Peter Hotez give their reaction. Moncef Slaoui, who is leading President Trump's vaccine effort, and Defense Secretary Mark Esper claimed there will be..

Trump's campaign promises - has he delivered on them? - BBC New

This includes TRUMP, a new group that has released hundreds of TV-shows in recent months While it's not clear whether this is a political message, TRUMP now faces a new rival group going by the.. Breaking news and in-depth analysis of the headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe & more One Time Monthly Yearly. Join Now. Trump-O-Meter. Tracking Trump's Campaign Promises. Terminate Barack Obama's immigration executive orders 'immediately' Also kudos to CNN. From anything from news sites to people with opinions - most of them haven't figured out that their opinion is a hundred times more credible if Great, Trump kept some of his shitty promises, I'm not sure why people are so happy about it

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US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings. Track elected officials, research health conditions, and find news you can use in politics, business, health.. Trump also tried to reassure the public that coronavirus does “very little damage” to “young and frankly medium-aged people,” and Colbert picked up on the weird age distinction. “For Trump, age categories go: live with your mother, Miss Teen USA, medium-age, ex-wife and biggie-generian,” he joked.Trump turned to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) to establish a commission to investigate voter fraud in favor of Hillary Clinton. The panel was mired in controversy and rank partisanship from the start: Republican members operated in secret, hid information, and even obfuscated meeting times for Democratic members. The commission also requested all states turn over voter rolls containing confidential information (often with sub-optimal security practices), though 44 states and D.C. refused to comply.This was originally a 2008 Sarah Palin campaign promise, but Trump stood next to her as she echoed it while supporting his campaign, and he promised to once again open America’s public lands and offshore areas to energy exploration. In April, Trump signed an executive order to allow offshore drilling in parts of the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, including in marine sanctuaries, declared off limits under Obama. He also ordered the Interior Department to review the Obama-era rules. The administration overturned an Obama-era ban on new coal mining leases on public lands as well.Many of these promises had some element of disconnect from reality — some were so vague they couldn’t even be attempted; some were flat-out lies, some were more difficult than he must have thought — but others were doable had he only bothered to try. Big and small, Trump often pretends the pledged actions are either underway or will be in the very near future, but somehow, they never seem to get done.

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In addition to vowing to replace Obamacare, Trump promised voters in 2016 that he would end the opioid crisis and that health care overall would be a lot less expensive for everyone. Neither of those promises seem to have come to fruition so far during Trump's tenure in office. But Trump retaining any stake in his company, given its global operations, promises to be On CNN on Monday, Conway called the change in schedule for the announcement a minor delay that.. U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday rejected a warning given by top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci about the dangers of reopening the economy and schools too quickly Real estate magnate and Republican political figure Donald Trump told CNBC he has a major announcement to make Wednesday concerning the presidential race

HACKERS who stole data from a law firm that has represented internationally famous celebrities reportedly said they will publish President Trump's dirty laundry unless a ransom of $42 million (£.. That was a bit of an overstatement, but the perception that the Trump administration had ended the policy of allowing captured undocumented border crossers to avoid detention while awaiting legal disposition of their cases led to a dramatic 58 percent decline in border-crossing attempts during the first half of 2017. President Trump in a June phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping promised that he would remain silent over the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong while trade talks were still.. Donald John Trump (14 Haziran 1946), Amerikalı iş adamı, siyasetçi ve Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'nin 45. başkanı. 8 Kasım 2016 tarihinde yapılan 2016 Amerika Birleşik Devletleri başkanlık seçimlerine Cumhuriyetçi Partinin adayı olarak girmiş..

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FiveThirtyEight is tracking Donald Trump's approval ratings throughout his presidency. How unpopular is Donald Trump? An updating calculation of the president's approval rating, accounting for.. And on the Daily Show, Trevor Noah investigated the meaning of Trump’s “Obamagate” – a conspiracy for which “Fox News hasn’t been this excited since the last time Colin Kaepernick bent down to tie his shoes.” US President Donald Trump promised on Friday night at a rally in Springfield, Missouri to clean up the lingering stench at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation after a series.. The young person’s guide to conquering (and saving) the world. Teen Vogue covers the latest in celebrity news, politics, fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and entertainment. This is the promise I want to see Donald Trump keep more than any of the other great promises he At NTEB, we have always reported and written about news on the political scene because politics..

But as president, he has done the exact opposite. Thanks to his massive tax cuts for the rich and a spending bill that significantly increased the defense budget, Trump has already added trillions to the long-term deficit. Indeed the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office now predicts that the annual budget deficit will reach $1 trillion by the end of this fiscal year. Less than two years into the job, Trump has already increased the national debt to $21.6 trillion.It’s not clear what H&R Block did to earn Trump’s enmity, but the tax preparation company became the heel in his tax reform routine. “Put H&R Block out of business,” he promised in a 2015 interview, with a vastly simpler tax code. This continued after his inauguration: “We’re going to simplify very greatly the tax code. It’s too complicated. H&R Block probably won’t be too happy. That’s one business that might not be happy with what we’re doing,” Trump told CEOs in Feb. 2017. “Other than H&R Block, I think people are going to love it.”Dishonest media says Mexico won't be paying for the wall if they pay a little later so the wall can be built more quickly. Media is fake!


Despite controlling both the House of Representatives and the Senate for the first two years of Trump's presidency, Republicans were unable to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act. Efforts to pass a "skinny repeal" of the legislation failed in the Senate twice. But lawmakers were able to repeal one key provision of Obamacare when Trump signed the GOP tax reform plan, which eliminated the individual mandate that required people to buy health insurance or pay a fine.Then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly declared on a visit to El Paso, Texas, in April, “We have ended dangerous catch-and-release enforcement policies.” club. cnn.com. Donald Trump

He promised to back the Republican party's eventual nominee. Back when GOP delegate counts It was just one instance of Trump promising a more presidential pivot. He's since sworn to Fox News.. Like phone calls that Trump had with Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and Russia, records of the phone call with Xi were also reportedly transferred to a highly-classified, codeword-protected system.In one of the most blatantly racist and horrific moments of the election season, the Trump campaign released the following statement in December 2015: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” This statement came shortly after the shooting in San Bernardino, California. His talk of the Muslim ban continued into 2016 when he said, “Look, we have to stop with political correctness. We have to get down to creating a country that’s not going to have the kind of problems that we’ve had with people flying planes into the World Trade Centers, with the — with the shootings in California, with all the problems all over the world. … We have to find out what’s going on.” His comments linking Muslims to all terror attacks have been endlessly alarming and a direct reflection of the Islamophobia that our country faces. It is clear that we have a great deal of work to do in order to reverse the hate that has been spread throughout this campaign – and that work must be done for any of us to begin healing. Donald Trump claimed the mantle of the Republican candidate for the White House with a highly charged speech in which he promised to be the voice of disenfranchised Americans and the.. He is the first presidential candidate (now president) from a major party to refuse to release them since the 1970s. Trump also asserts things about his personal finances that cannot be verified by the one disclosure form he has released. Often, those assertions have direct bearing on policy matters — such as the claim that he has no financial interests in Saudi Arabia or Russia. The public has no idea how much his finances — deeply tied to his businesses, which he still owns — would be impacted by changes he makes to the tax code. There’s also the compelling evidence, revealed in a bombshell New York Times investigation, that Trump likely engaged in tax fraud to siphon half a billion dollars from his father’s company and pay almost no taxes on the amount.

Kaitlin Collins from CNN noted that his father told the Washington Post that the initial call lasted for about fifteen minutes before Trump made the promise to send over a $25,000 personal check for.. Two days after taking office, Trump pledged a “major investigation into VOTER FRAUD.” After losing the popular vote in 2016 by nearly 3 million votes, Trump and his allies needed to soothe the president-elect’s massive ego, and they latched onto the idea that the only reason he lost the popular vote was because of voter fraud. There was no credible evidence that significant voter fraud took place, aside from signs Russia meddled in the election to favor Trump’s win.

Trump has been rolling back regulations that seek to limit pollution by coal companies. The deregulation has not, however, had much significant impact on the coal industry, which is still in decline, because demand for coal continues to shrink, coal production has been steadily decreasing, and no new coal plants are being constructed in the United States. This month, Westmoreland Coal Company, one of the nation’s biggest and oldest coal companies in the country, filed for bankruptcy. Trump's promise, which was not part of his written speech, came soon after he was endorsed by the NRA for his stand in favour of gun lobbying groups. That wasn't part of my speech, I must be honest..

The signature promise of the 2016 Trump campaign — the one that his supporters screamed about at almost every rally — was that the Trump administration would build a massive wall along the nation’s southern border and that the wall would be paid for entirely by Mexico. Back in 2015, he said that he “would do something very severe unless they contributed or gave us the money to build the wall.” A year later, he was asserting that Mexico would be “thrilled to be paying for the wall,” though Mexico made it clear they would do no such thing. Trump said the process would be quick, under budget, and totally not imaginary. “I would say it’ll be complete within two years from the time we start. We’ll start quickly. We’ll start quickly. And it’ll be a real wall. It’ll be a real wall,” he told Sean Hannity. He said its construction would start on “day one” of his presidency. Donald Trump vows as president to confront and repel multiple threats facing the US, in his speech accepting the Republican nomination Multiple 2020 surveys have indicated that Trump is in danger of being defeated by several Democratic candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. Internal polling by the president's campaign, which was leaked to ABC News over the weekend, showed him far behind Biden in battleground states like Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Donald Trump made a string of promises during his long campaign to be the 45th president of the United States. Many of them made headlines - from banning all Muslims entering the US, to building a.. On Jan. 31, Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch, described  by the New York Times as “a conservative in the mold of Antonin Scalia.” He was confirmed at the start of April on a 54-45 party-line vote after a bruising political campaign for and against his nomination, and the removal of the judicial filibuster and its 60-vote threshold in the Senate. This was the easiest campaign promise for Trump to keep — thanks to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusing to open the confirmation process to an Obama nominee throughout 2016 — and Trump kept it. www.investing.com/analysis/trump-promises-tax-cuts,-improved-jobs-and-wages-for Asian stocks are up today as investors were relieved President Trump's Congress address contained no calls for..

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