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vebian Sep 17 2015 6:08 am Finally i can saw he again on drama. I like him more since kill me heal me. He really suit with drama genre comedy. I looking forward for his chemistry with Uhm jung hwa in she was pretty. His character look pittyfull with this actres on Kill me hill me. As a man he can't express his love to her. Lol... Fighting oppa! unnie! :D really like this couple. haha... JD Apr 14 2020 9:24 am I really liked how PSJ worked on his movies. You can feel the passion in acting. The cool looks makes me "kilig". Mostly the movie that he been doing has a lot of lessons to impart for all the audince and fans across the globe.

[trad ita] 180605 post instagram DI park SEO joon*: Che caro amico, grazie mille e ti voglio bene.. ma sappi che non trarrai nessun beneficio da questo #PeròTiVoglioBeneLoStessoTaeTae ❤️. (N/B: *Attore coreano che ha recitato con V nel drama 'Hwarang') (N/B: Taehyung ha comprato.. Maya Apr 17 2014 12:03 pm This guy can break through any cold woman's heart so Uhm Junghwa, I FEEEL YOU! He rocks the combination of cute and sexy as hell. But most of all DAT VOICE! Definitely going to follow watching Witch's Romance bc it looks so promising!! Can't wait for more xo eila sa Jan 31 2016 12:32 am I never thought that he played in dream high 2 before as nana's boyfriend. I didnt recognized him at first cause he looks way younger now. Lol

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  2. Leah from Philippines Jun 29 2017 9:46 pm Hello Mr. Park Seo Joon! I love your roles in hwarang and she was pretty, wow i am empr
  3. Saffire Jan 31 2015 5:00 pm Seo Joon Oppa acting is so good in the Korean Drama Kill Me , Heal Me he is too cute an.d really talented ..He is like my ideal type his chatacter in the show is someone I would love to date bur anways fighting oppa ! Can't wait to see you in more dramas
  4. anna0325 Nov 05 2016 1:18 pm hmmmm park seo joon is so cute!. ive just finish watching she was pretty & i love it!. waiting for his new drama. luv u seo joon!!!...hahaha #fangirlingmodeon
  5. bella Jun 15 2014 9:36 am i totally fall in love with Yoon Dong Ha . he so handsome . the most part i love about him is his smile . when he smile . i'ts over . my heart beating very fast . also when he cry . it make me suffer you know ? i hate his eye drop . because it were precious to me . Park Seo Joon . fighting . saranghaeyo . muahhh :*

Очень харизматичный актер, в любую дораму добавит изюминку. Собираюсь посмотреть все фильмы с его участием...Ах, да еще он дико красивseon Mar 15 2017 12:37 pm Among my best korean actors, he's really tallented and charismatic actor.. Excellent in every drama he acts , the last drama i've seen is Hwarang , He was so impressive in this drama , i don't know why it gets low ratings !!! i will watch all your dramas and movies... you really deserve to win the Grand Prize ... you will win it belive me in the near future , because you really work hard ... good luck for you Park Seo-Joon :) Park Seo-joon, Kill Me, Heal Me, Parazit ve Dream High 2 yapımları ile tanınan Oyuncu. Adı Soyadı Park Seo-joon. Ülke Güney Kore. Doğum Tarihi 16 Aralık 1988. Favorilerime Ekle Favorilerimden Çıkar Algunos de los enlaces son de afiliados, lo que significa que, sin costo adicional para ti, Fandom ganará una comisión si haces clic y realizas una subscripción. Park Seo Joon berperan sebagai Moo Myung, seorang pemuda yang kemudian menjadi pejuang Hwarang legendaris. Kemudian terungkap bahwa Moo Myung adalah putra dari Pangeran Hwi Kyung yang kemudian menjadikannya sepupu Raja Jinheung yang berkuasa saat itu

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  1. QueenAce Mar 01 2012 11:49 am i look at him first than JB, i like him. he made a cute couple with Sistar's HyoRin. :)
  2. Etiquetas 'Park Seo-joon'. The Divine Fury (2019) BluRay 720p HD
  3. Park Seo Joon (December 16, 1988) is a South Korean actor. I watched him I Summon You, Gold and realized that he was going to be a person to watch. Since then I have watched a lot of his dramas and I can recommend Witch's Romance and Hwarang. You can see a complete list of his works at http..
  4. Csiro May 20 2014 9:24 pm I keep on searching his news update all the time , so handsome , deep and warm-heart , he is my last crush.
  5. Tag: Park Seo-joon. 112 March 25, 2020March 25, 2020. Park Sun-ho talks drama recommendations, singing, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video

carol de jesus Oct 18 2015 9:49 am love him! his so natural !. ....more project to come ! bebskie88 Feb 23 2017 8:23 am congratulation. Hwarang is a big hit. I wish you all the best. Good health. Happiness. More blessingssss to come

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thechocolatelover Jan 03 2018 11:33 am i was so shocked when i found out that he starred in bang youngguk's mv I remember Park Seo Joon 'Itaewon Class'taki Rolünün Hayatının Dönüm Noktası Olduğundan Bahsetti. Park Seo Joon, Esquire Korea'ya popüler dizisi 'Itaewon Class' ve rolünün hayatını nasıl değiştirdiği hakkında konuştu. Aktör kısa bir süre

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micha Jul 24 2014 1:41 am Omg! this actor has really a magical charm!..First time to watch him in a kdrama "witch's romance"..He's really good in acting and I like his natural funny side..His smile with a cute dimple that could melt you down..I admire his sweet,deep voice and personality..Hope to see him too in a historical tv kdrama.Love this guy so much! Park Seo-joon (Q5116234). From Wikidata. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Also known as. English. Park Seo-joon. South Korean actor INSTAGRAM. ซึ่งหลังจากที่ข่าวลือออกมาอย่างหนาหู ทั้งคู่ก็ออกมาชี้แจงดังนี้ ด้านของหนุ่ม Park Seo Joon ได้ให้สัมภา. ษณ์หลังจากที่ซีรีส์จบลง มีคนตัดต่อภาพมาเทียบกันเยอะมาก การที่บอกว่าเราไปเที่ยวด้วยกั

Just finished Itaewon Class? We have more recommendations for you Ruski Mar 11 2017 5:38 pm He is good talented actor, tries his best in what he loves to do "acting". Amazing work from him, from all his dramas, I will continue to watch all his dramas that he will be featured in as he is brings content to all. Keep up the great work, loves from Europe!

Sheena Nov 19 2017 2:41 am I am looking forward for his movies and dramas in the future!!!!! ?????? Seo-joon masuk wamil pada tahun 2008 dan selesai di tahun 2010. Mengikuti wamil di usia muda, yakni 20 tahun (berdasarkan umur Korea), ia wamil sebelum melakukan debutnya sebagai aktor di tahun 2011. Jadi buat para penggemar Park Seo-joon, jangan takut 2 tahun ditinggal doi ya Các con dân của Thư Ký Kim chưa hạnh phúc được bao lâu thì Park Seo Joon đột nhiên gây tai nạn chết người. Điều này thể hiện rất rõ ở tập 5, khi mà tất cả khán giả đang dồn hết công lực vào nụ hôn đầu tiên của Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) và Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) thì đùng một cái..

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fry Oct 31 2015 6:07 pm i love him since witch's romance, but i didn't like the woman bcz too old for him.. i watched KMHM and it's kinda strange when he and jung eum been pairing as a lovely siblings, eventho he has one sided love.. but... omoo after each episodes was airing, the chemistry between them really strong, just too strong.. btw i like his role in KMHM, a comical and serious one.. Angel Mar 31 2020 10:24 pm He is the best! stay healthy oppa! looking forward to your new movies/series. Cristal Jean Lozada Oct 03 2018 10:44 am Since i am 8 years old you are my idol.. i love u so much. ema Mar 31 2020 4:06 pm When talking about range, absolutely seo joon will pop up in our minds! what I like about you is that you always choose the right projects whether they are movies or dramas. You always portray your characters so well. You are very talented. I always make sure that I wont miss any drama that you you're going to lead. I hope that always walk on the right path <3 with love.

jamyang lhamo Oct 22 2015 2:59 am love him love him love him( though lil lesser than kang mon ho{falling for innocence} kekeke.... woah that low husky sexy voice.... you makeme swoon...lol... having great time with she was pretty...love it,,, Klover Jun 14 2018 12:08 am OMG, two of my favorite actors/actresses together???????? and I only just realised ????thank you asianwiki this one could have slipped pass me Category:Park Seo-joon. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Park Seo-joon (es); 朴敘俊 (yue); Pak Szodzsun (hu); Park Seo-joon (ast); Пак Со Чжун (ru); Park Seo-joon (de); Park Seo-joon (sq); پارک سئو-جون (fa); 朴書俊 (zh); Park Seo-joon.. Cecille Oct 14 2018 8:19 am Seo joon, you are the king of korean rom-com. You've got a happy face which makes your fans love you most. You always make my day!

I literally love him so much and I love all the dramas he’s in. He really is an amazing actor who stars in good K-Dramas gizibe Aug 06 2018 6:58 am I love PSJ!!! I love you! and I love you more! :)) such great talent!!!! I want to see plenty of you! Park Seo Joon disandingkan bersama Hyorin 'SISTAR' untuk berperan dalam drama musikal Dream High Season 2. Chemistry keduanya sebagai Bahkan pada 3 April lalu, Hyorin mengunggah fotonya bersama Park Seo Joon di Instagram ketika keduanya bertemu di Los Angeles, AS The reports had earlier claimed that Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young were meeting secretly and that they had even met each other abroad. She even said if she had a secret relationship with Seo Joon, why would she upload their pictures together on Instagram

Park Seo Joon's Instagram. Keywords: parkseojoon, seojoon, instagram. Related Links. Park Seo Joon Posts Handsome Snapshot With Hwarang: The Beginning Co-Stars. Watch: Park Seo Joon Makes Fans Swoon With Intimate Kisses rskdrama Oct 02 2015 8:13 pm Like your acting. But its so unfortunate that you always have to romance a older woman! Your best was in Word from a Warm heart!

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Maine Gracia Casablanca Aug 11 2017 10:52 pm Park Seo Joon stands out from the rest of actors because physically, he is a clean-cut guy in hairstyle, in fashion, and in fitness. He is tall, handsome and has a good voice for speaking and singing. He continues to improve in his acting and can now compete in the best actor level, shown by his facial expressions and body moves. He is always down-to-earth and is kind to his fans even without publicity. May he appear in more movies and dramas. His latest,"Fight For My Way" is a fresh approach to romantic comedies and with Kim Ji Won he has found chemistry with a first-time lead actress. They became a favorite drama couple with potential for this year's awards. I wish them luck both in career and personal life. You're great!! Which is your Park Seo Joon favorite role? Do you know more facts about him? Feel free to comment below. It can help new fans find more info about him. 🙂Hanee1 Mar 28 2015 6:56 am You've done alot pretty good production I hope soon that you'll have your own drama with a good actress. Fighting OPPAAAAAAAA :D

cahaya Sep 19 2015 12:26 am best couple park seo joon and baek jin hee . Success to carier and personal life. Wish you all the best. Indonesia fans. Star Jun 10 2014 7:10 pm I love your character in Witch's romance -fantastic! you are a terrific actor - keep it up!! also you have a wonderful voice ..love the song 'Come in to my heart' in Witch's romance Leah from Philippines Jun 29 2017 9:53 pm Hello Mr. Park Seo Joon! I love your roles in hwarang and she was pretty, wow! You're really my favorite korean actor, i have read your profile, being an actor, singer and host plus with your neat looks. Wow! Hope to see you personally. Park Seo Joon tái xuất màn ảnh với vai cựu tù nhân trong Itaewon Class. Park Seo-Joon của Đời tôi hạng bét sẽ lên màn ảnh rộng với Midnight runners

Dizi Takvimi. İnstagram. Twitter. İletişim Ericka Nov 28 2015 7:35 am Jjang! Congratulations on your newly finished drama series, "She Was Pretty" You did a very good job. I wish I could find someone as gentle and as loving as Ji Seung Joon kekekeke I hope you'll have tons of projects in the future. Make sure you take care of your health. Eat well. Sleep well. Haha got to go! Saranghamnida Seo Joon :) 아이린 Feb 01 2016 6:06 am The best was in witch's romance! But I really enjoy your acting oppa. I am waiting for your next drama. I hope I can meet you in person. Next month Seoullll~~~

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  1. matra Jan 26 2017 3:18 pm I saw PSJ in the Witch's Romance first, and except Mama, I watched all dramas since 2015. It caught my eye, how comfortable he plays with anyone. His acting is great and very natural; and I think his character is also great. From these 9000 kms he seems to have a really nice personality (with a widely open heart for anyone). ^^
  2. Sapphire Oct 20 2014 2:09 pm One of my favorite actor! I was so psyched when he appeared as the older geu ru in Mama and he portrayed GR so well. keep up your good work!
  3. Junie Jun 03 2014 2:27 pm I loved his character on One Warm Word and he's the reason why I started watching Witch's Romance (my fav M/Tu drama!). He's a terrific actor with an infectious smile who can pull off drama and comedy scenes! I hope to see him in many more dramas in the near future! And Seo-Joon, if you like noona's in real life... ^u^
  4. - В 20 лет играл в пепперо игру с Шин Бон Сон. - Принадлежит к PlayBoy (южнокорейская команда артистов бейсбола). Пак Со Джун (Park Seo Joon) список дорам
  5. Park Seo Joon isn't your typical brooding male lead in K-dramas, but his unique charm and talent have made him a household name. He's always played goofy, cheerful, and playful characters, which makes him seem very relatable to viewers of any age. His new rom-com Fight My Way with Kim Ji Won is..
  6. MAYA Sep 26 2017 11:50 pm I love your persona in Hwarang long hair 'ruggedly handsome' with a big good HEART.

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Пак Со-джун. Park Seo-joon. Главные фильмы актера ☝️????? Sri May 08 2020 10:41 pm I love ur movies and acting ...the first movie I saw urs is divine fury ..I saw it like 10 times I wish u and yoo seung hoo would do a movie....I am from India and I am learning Korean language by seeing ur movies and yoo seung hoo’s dramas And I always wish to be ur friend ?.........can I be ur friend??

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Nữ diễn viên Park Min Young (vai thư ký Kim Mi So) thừa nhận có hai cảnh khiến cô thích thú nhất. Đó là cảnh nụ hôn hụt đầu tiên với chàng phó chủ tịch Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon đóng). Thời điểm lãng mạn đã bị gián đoạn bởi hồi ức đau thương của Young Joon, và ký ức về nụ hôn đầu tiên.. saddix Sep 09 2018 10:52 am you are so HANDSOME..woooh..I really love the way you act..I'm you Fan....:-):-*

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Marie Joy Atipen Nov 13 2015 7:48 am His a perfect actor i really love the way he act, his smile makes my heart melt whoooaaa falling in love to this guy so much ^_^ Раздел: Музыка Кореи / Музыка Китая / Музыка Японии / Свободное общение / Все темы форумаzifacattleya Jan 31 2017 12:29 am I really love his character in hwarang and its make me come to here..He is totally different with his true attitude outside eapecially in variety show... Hope to see more of his acting soon....Fighting oppa.

Rosel Nov 05 2015 9:06 pm I super LOVE this guy! ever since I saw Park Seo Joon in Witch's Romance I fell in love with him, then after Kill Me, Heal Me and now in She Was Pretty I just couldn't get enough of him...Hope to see him in person when I go to South Korea. ^^ park seo joon hay nhất, chọn lọc, tuyển tập park seo joon. Tag: park seo joon. HD VietSub Thuyết Minh. Cảnh Sát Tập Sự me_nina Dec 06 2015 1:19 am congratulation..Par Seo Joon shi~ i love you from 'a word from warm heart' SBS Drama~ love your act.. thanks for your great work. it's coloring my day :D

Park Seo Jun for @kb_kookmincard . . . . Picuki.com. Instagram editor and viewer Dalam akun Instagram @bn_sj2013, Park Seo Joon menggunggah video saat Parasite dinobatkan menang nominasi Best Picture. Park Seo Joon juga menggunggah foto yang memperlihatkan Choi Woo Shik yang hadir ke acara Oscar, lengkap dengan setelan jas

roo Dec 27 2015 6:03 am LOVEE ur acting in kill me heal me and she was pretty. I've been adoring u since dream high. U've changed a lot and grow so much. I bet im not the only one who tells u this, i think u have lot potential. Keep on working, smiling, ect. I hope u'll always happy. Hope u enjoy ur career now and in the future. Hope u'll always feel the warmth in the location and also in ur heart. Even tho i dont know who's ur girlfriend (or maybe u dont have :>) i really hope u'll fine someone u love and love u back forever. Have a good day Park Seo-Joon <3 Keep on smilling :))) Namgil Jan 01 2018 2:33 am He's born 1988? Wow i think he's same age with nam joo hyuk. What a baby face ❤️ My fave role of him will always be his role in Witch’s Romance but Young Joon from WWWSK comes in close second

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Jenny Jan 27 2012 6:50 pm U r so cool i love dream high n i hope this one is goin to be better n u r s handsome fighting! фильмография. Пак Со Джун. Park Seo-joon. 박서준 Потрясающий актёр. Впервые увидела его в дораме "Что случилось с секретарём Ким?" и просто влюбилась...Тема: Читать японские, китайские, корейские романы на английском. Студия "Хэндянь"

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Seo-joon Park, Actor: Cheong-nyeon-gyeong-chal. Park was born on December 16, 1988 in Seoul as the oldest of three brothers. After graduation from An-Nam high school, he attended Seoul Institute of the Arts and enlisted for mandatory military service in 2008 wish him all the best !! ^^ Monica May 07 2014 12:35 pm Let's just say.....I am im love with this man!!!!! He is also an awesome actor!!! ♡♥♡ Anna Abat Aug 31 2015 1:10 am I was looking forward for his new drama series ..ahhh finally hell be paired up with actress hwang jeum eum ..cant wait what their chemistry is !! A romance Fighting oppa seo joon park_seo_joon streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community secret admirer Apr 22 2016 9:23 pm Oppa!!!!!! I love youuuuuuu notice me pls haha ❤️ you're so handsomeeeee pls be mine

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vincent Mar 02 2018 8:05 am idol you so very strong nice and a good fighter idol i hope you and kim ji won is couple in your many movies thank you... Berita Park Seo Joon - KapanLagi merangkum 5 penampilan terbaik Park Seo Joon di drama. Apa saja ya? Karakter Park Seo Joon dalam drama ITAEWON CLASS, Park Sae Ro Yi, memang bikin gagal move on. Ada yang sudah kangen

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lailamajid Dec 21 2018 4:14 pm He is a great actor. The way He act is so natural and amazing. Aigoo, he has a fluterring smile. My fav actor? Park Ji Bin (박지빈) @impactorpjb. Park Seo Joon (박서준) @bn_sj2013. Situs SNS Instagram membolehkan penggunanya untuk mengganti nama akun. Apabila dari daftar akun Instagram di atas ada yang sudah tidak aktif karena aktor atau aktris yang bersangkutan mengganti nama akunnya, dan.. Невероятный актёр! Шикарный! Прекрасный! Я не знаю как описать свои эмоции, которые появляются у меня от просмотра дорам с ним! Пак Со Джун отлично играет свои роли! Настолько харизматичный, настолько он вживается в свою роль! Нужно смотреть дорамы с ним, чтоб понять мои чувства!Любимый актёр! However, Park Seo Joon gained more popularity in succeeding dramas like Kill Me, Heal Me and She Was Pretty in 2015. The latter made him a lovable modern rom-com leading man. Park Seo Joon loves posting about Simba, his cute white dog, on Instagram Ynah Sy May 22 2017 10:49 pm Te amo mucho, Dog-Bird! I hope you'll do another Korean Drama with Go Ara! I so love your chemistry along with King Jinheung!!!

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Shellie Dec 03 2018 5:34 am He's so funny and cute in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim. One of the best comedy-romance dramas I've seen. The support cast was really funny too. Great ending!! Actor: Park Seo Joon. Beauty Inside. Country: South Korea Confirmed now is earlier rumored male lead Park Seo Joon playing a chaebol heir with Park Min Young in talks for role of the titular secretary who takes care of the chaebol's entire life. Park Seo Joon is going to portray the character similar to the one he played in She Was Pretty

junara shipper May 07 2017 9:01 pm Dog-Bird, you're amazing in hwarang! I hope you'll work with go ara again in the future. Hopefully in a rom-com drama because you two had such an amazing chemistry in hwarang! :) Park Seo Joon Profile: Park Seo Joon Facts and Ideal Type Stage Name: Park Seo-joon (박서준) Birth Name: Park Yong-gyu (박용구) Birthday: December 16, 1988 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Nationality: Korean Height: 185 cm (6’1″) Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs) Blood Type: AB Instagram: @bn_sj2013 Facebook:  SeoJoon Twitter: @BN_SJ2013Kpop Girl Group Profiles Kpop Boy Group Profiles Kpop Polls Kpop Quizzes Kpop – Who wore it better? Kpop Ships Kpop Facts SuggestionsNoua Dec 20 2015 9:04 am Watched, kill me heal me, she was pretty and witch romance. Love him. But witch romance was simply the best. The chemistry was too good there. Cuteness overload

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Quynh Apr 16 2012 7:14 am Oppa please debut as a singer and dancer you would make it big!!! Always supporting oppa!!! FIGHTING!!! Tshering Feb 28 2018 7:24 am I love u sooo much..you are awesome...i love everything about u..you have got great skills...that u capture everyones heart...you are just WOW...m new to watch the korean dramas..and my first time watching korean drama is HWARANG...it was really amazing..oh my god...cant stop falling for u..ur smile..oh my goodness...looking forward to watch more dramas...PARK SEO JOON..Saranghoe...means i love u...am i right.. Love from...BHUTAN.. Lar Nov 29 2016 8:09 am I love you Seo Joon oppa. <3 <3 <3 I just can't get enough of you. :)

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Halimah Apr 30 2019 2:06 am You acting is so amazing and i like your smile and your cute face i cant stop seeing your drams there are so amazing ? my fav? actor. Supporting you from somalia ?? shakira May 24 2014 10:00 pm I really like this drama! Ahhhh....Park Seo Joon! I was already digging you but know that you sing so well, tattooed your name on my heart's wall!!! Yet another beautiful flower in my flower boy garden!! Rose Jan 02 2016 2:24 pm just by acting i can feel how warm park seo joon as a person... i hope i can meet you in person..

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Nini Feb 18 2020 12:33 pm I have been a fan of Park Seo-Joon oppa since Dream High 2. I always knew he is going to be a star one day. Имя: Пак Со Джун | Park Seo Joon | 박서준 Профессия: Актёр, модель, певец Дата рождения: 16.12.1988 Место рождения: Южная Корея, Сеул Рост: — 185,6 см Вес: — 69 кг Знак зодиака: — Стрелец Группа крови: — AB (IV) Семья: — Родители и два младших брата SNS-аккаунты.. Are Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon dating? That's the rumor that has 'What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?' fans buzzing. Friend Sets Record Straight On Romance Rumor. Courtesy of Instagram

Actor Park Seo Joon&#39;s Interview: &quot;I&#39;m Close with SISTAR&#39;sThe Cast Of “Fight My Way” Enjoys The Sun And The Sea“Itaewon Class” Starring Park Seo Joon And Kim Da Mi HintsPark Seo Joon And Ahn Sung Ki Join Forces Against Woo DoDrama Baru KBS2, &#39;Fight My Way&#39; Rilis Poster Park Seo Joon

Пак Со Джун раскрылся в совершенно ином свете.Он не только милашек и недотрог может играть!Шикарный актер! #Park Seo Joon Opens IDclips Channel To Share More Intimate Look Into His Life With Fans# On July 27, Park Seo Joon took to his Instagram account and wrote, I've started this to communicate more with fans and repay you for your interest in me Lala Nov 16 2017 8:58 pm I really love Park Seo Joon!! He is so handsome, cute and lovable!!! I really want you to come here in the Philippines!!!! PLEASE!! Learn about Park Seo-joon: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. In 2012 and 2013, he played the role of Cha Seo-joon in the KBS2 series Shut Up Family mAY Apr 08 2018 12:39 am First of all, I love Seo-Joon so much!! IVE seen all his bop dramas and damn he never fails to impress me. Recently I saw his movie ‘Midnight Runner’ and holy wow thats the same guy from She Was Pretty :’D. Anyways, he’s a amazing actor! I love his acting so much and I’m excited to see more of his future projects! Fighting! >////< natassha Apr 03 2015 8:19 am He acts so well! I hope he would have a new drama soon with him played as the lead actor. hope you all the best!! Oppa jjang

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