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yunnan The weather of Yunnan Province is as varied as its terrain, with a temperate/mountainous zone to the north/west, a tropical zone to the south, and a subtropical zone in between. About Yunnan, China. Clickable map of Yunnan; districts for which we have single-origin teas listed and/or dedicated pages are highlighted in green. This map is our original work, © All Rights Reserved Wilayah Yunnan terbentang seluas 394.100 kilometer persegi atau 4,1 persen dari total luas daratan AJI CHEN Penganan di salah satu toko di Yunnan Ethnic Village yang rasanya persis sama dengan..

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  1. g was known as Dian
  2. Yunnan remained relatively autonomous throughout the late twentieth century, with varying degrees of influence by the local warlords and the Republic of China government. After the Chinese Civil War, the Republic of China's Nationalist government fled to Taiwan, and the People's Republic of China was established in 1949. The Chinese communist party regained full control of Yunnan in 1950.
  3. Учтите, что билеты на многие виды транспорта лучше покупать заранее, за несколько дней до необходимой поездки. В противном случае могут произойти «накладочки» и придется подождать время отправления вашего транспорта.
  4. Юньнаньский университет (Yunnan University). Город : Куньмин
  5. Following the collapse of the Qing Dynasty in 1911, Yunnan came under the control of local warlords, who had more than the usual degree of autonomy due to Yunnan's remoteness from the Republic of China's capital of Nanjing. They financed many of their regimes through both the harvesting and trafficking of opium.
  6. Yunnan is home to rich historical sites, various ethnic groups, and diverse landscapes. Its major attractions are:

Yunnan has sufficient rainfall and many rivers and lakes. The annual water flow originating in the province is 200 cubic kilometers, three times that of the Yellow River. The rivers flowing into the province from outside add 160 cubic kilometers, which means there are more than ten thousand cubic meters of water for each person in the province. This is four times the average in the country. Along with rail, road construction in Yunnan continues to increase. Over the last few years, the province has added more new roads than any other province in China. Today, expressways link Kunming through Dali to Baoshan, Kunming to Mojiang (on the way to Jinghong), Kunming to Qujing, and Kunming to Shilin (Stone Forest). The official plan is to connect all major towns and neighboring capitals with expressways by 2010, and to complete a high-speed road network by 2020. Провинция богата на полезные ископаемые, здесь работают достаточно большие заводы и предприятия и проходят значимые транспортные пути. Но несмотря на это сельское хозяйство занимает далеко не последние позиции в экономике. Именно здесь произрастает рапс из которого изготавливается биотопливо. Yunnan Red Earth Tour - 5 Days. Shilin Luliang Dongchuan Yuanmou Dali Lijiang Shangrila Tour - 14 Days. Dongchuan Redsoil Land Zhaotong Tea Horse Road Tour - 8 Days Yunnan's four pillar industries include tobacco, biology, mining, and tourism. The province mainly exports tobacco, machinery and electrical equipment, chemical and agricultural products, and non-ferrous metals. In terms of agriculture, Yunnan's major crops are rice, maize, wheat, tuber crops, peas and beans, rapeseed, peanuts, tobacco, tea, cotton, sugar-cane, and various fruits.


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  3. istratively, Yunnan is divided into 16 prefectures
  4. На самом деле в Китае огромное количество достопримечательностей и мест достойных внимания туристов, давайте рассмотри некоторые из них.
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  6. 83 290 000. Юньнань. Yunnan. 云南省. Куньмин

The sixteen prefecture-level divisions of Yunnan are subdivided into 129 county-level divisions (12 districts, 9 county-level cities, 79 counties, and 29 autonomous counties). Those are in turn divided into 1455 township-level divisions (567 towns, 677 townships, 155 ethnic townships, and 56 subdistricts). Not only are they plentiful, but the ethnic groups in Yunnan are also widely distributed. Some twenty-five minorities live in compact communities, each of which has a population of more than five thousand. Ten ethnic minorities living in border areas and river valleys include the Hui, Manchu, Bai, Naxi, Mongolian, Zhuang, Dai, Achang, Buyei and Shui, with a combined population of 4.5 million. Those in low mountainous areas are the Hani, Yao, Lahu, Va, Jingpo, Blang and Jino, with a combined population of 5 million, and those in the high mountainous areas are the Miao, Lisu, Tibetan, Pumi and Drung, with a total population of four million. According to statistics taken in 2000, there was a total of 24 institutions of higher learning in the province, with an enrollment of over 90,400 students and a faculty of 9,237. Along with this there were 2,562 secondary schools with an enrollment of more than 2,137,400 students and 120,461 teachers, and 22,151 primary schools with an enrollment of 4,720,600 pupils and a faculty of 210,507. Yunnan is divided into 16 prefecture-level divisions, including eight prefecture-level cities and eight autonomous prefectures: Largely due to its isolation from China's political and economic centers along the coast, Yunnan is one of the country's most undeveloped provinces with more poverty-stricken counties than any of the others. In 1994, about 7 million people lived below the poverty line of less than an annual average income of 300 yuan per capita. They were mainly distributed in the province's 73 counties and financially supported by the central government. With an input of 3.15 billion yuan in 2002, the absolutely poor rural population in the province has been reduced from 4.05 million in 2000 to 2.86 million. This poverty alleviation plan includes five large projects aimed at improving infrastructure facilities. They involve soil improvement, water conservation, electric power, roads, and "green belt" buildings. Upon the completion of the various projects, the province should be able to solve its shortages of grain, water, and electric power, and substantially improve its roads and ecological conditions.

Yunnan Baiyao powder or Yunnan Paiyao, is a hemostatic over-the-counter medicinal product Based in Hong Kong, we have been selling original Yunnan Baiyao products to our customers all over.. Technology For Display. Yunnan OLiGHTEK Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as OLiGHTEK) was. established on May 12, 2008. It is committed to providing excellent AMOLED.. Yunnan (n.) 1.a province of southern China. Advertizing ▼. definition (more). definition of Wikipedia. synonyms - yunnan. report a problem По территории «Поднебесной» так же можно передвигаться разными способами, в зависимости от необходимого расстояния. Существует возможность внутренних авиаперелетов, передвижения на автобусе и поезде. Небольшие расстояния можно преодолевать прибегнув к услугам такси. Yunnan Province is endowed with abundant tourist attractions, and its regions attract visitors with their unique features:

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Yunnan Tourism: Tripadvisor has 100,432 reviews of Yunnan Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Yunnan resource The Wujiaba Airport in Kunming is a first-class national airport, with flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Haikou, Chongqing, Shenyang, Harbin, Wuhan, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guiyang, Changsha, Guilin, Lhasa and Hong Kong. In addition, the airport has about eight provincial air routes to Jinghong, Mangshi, Lijiang, Dali, Zhongdian, Zhaotong, Baoshan and Simao. Internationally, there are nine air routes, including flights to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Yangon, Singapore, Seoul, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Kuala Lumpur. Despite the large number of flights, a new airport for Kunming, built east of the city at Dabanqiao began construction in 2006, but is not expected to be completed until 2015. Эта провинция расположена на юго-западе Китая. Ее границы соприкасаются с 3 странами Азии: Лаосом, Вьетнамом, Тибетом и Бирмой. Такое расположение на карте делает Юньнань поистине уникальным местом. Из-за того, что здесь пролегают торговые пути объединяющие приморские районы и внутренние области, оно считается стратегически важным. Yunnan Maps include Yunnan China Map, Yunnan Province Map, Yunnan Tourists Map, etc to help you know better about Yunnan and major attraction cities of Yunnan

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In Jingpo Minority areas:

Welcome To Our Site! Yunnan Yuntianhua International Chemical Co., Ltd ( YTHIC for short) is a holding subsidiary of Yuntianhua Group Co., Ltd (YTH Group for short) Yunnan Province is in central south China, bordering Sichuan Province to the north, Guizhou Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to the east, Vietnam to the southeast, Laos to the south, Myanmar to the west, and Tibet to the northwest. Yúnnán Shěng. Куньмин. 45,9 млн. чел

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  1. Лес можно разделить условно на два уровня: подземный и надземный. В подземном находится две пещеры, в одной из которых происходят необычные явления в виде образования вихря в подземной речке. Надземный состоит не только из скалистых образований, а из озер и водопада. А в некоторых местах скалы расположены настолько густо и высоко, что создается эффект лабиринтных проходов, в которых можно потеряться. Для того, чтоб это предотвратить в проблемных местах были расставлены телефоны.
  2. g, Yunnan, China, 650011 Kun
  3. g to Dali, with the stretch to Lijiang nearing completion. Plans are underway to extend the old line to Vietnam, while a new and very ambitious plan to link from Dali to Ruili has been announced in 2006. Another proposal is to extend the railway line from Kun
  4. g 昆明. Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in southern Yunnan
  5. Yunnan Normal University. Confucius Institute Scholarship
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Meaning of yunnan. What does yunnan mean? Information and translations of yunnan in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web They found market in West Yunnan and Burma and Southeast Asian countries. The area is the origin of R. giganteum forest at Tagg (a special rhododendron species) and Yunnan camellia Yunnan Baiyao pills are rumored to have first come to the attention of the United States during the Yunnan Baiyao is one of the most famous herbal medicines in China and the secrecy surrounding its.. Here is your guide to backpacking in Yunnan, including costs, places to see, and accommodation. It's not an easy place to travel, so you'll need the help Yunnan is notable among the Chinese provinces for its very high level of ethnic diversity. It has the highest number of ethnic groups among all of the provinces and autonomous regions in China. It is so ethnically diverse, that of the country's 56 recognized ethnic groups, 25 of them can be found in Yunnan. In total, about 38 percent of the province's population are members of minorities, including the Yi, Bai, Hani, Tai, Dai, Miao, Lisu, Hui, Lahu, Va, Nakhi, Yao, Tibetan, Jingpo, Blang, Pumi, Nu, Achang, Jinuo, Mongols, Derung, Manchus, Shui, and Buyei.

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Things to do near Yunnan University. Yunnan University, Kunming: Hours, Address, Yunnan University Reviews: 4/5 Lijiang Yunnan China-Naxi-people-with-drums-01 - Category:Quality images of China - Wikimedia Photograph-Night view of traditional Chinese wooden building in the Old Town of Lijiang, Yunnan.. Yunnan Tourism: Tripadvisor has 100,294 reviews of Yunnan Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Yunnan travel resource

Transliteration of Mandarin 雲南/云南 (Yúnnán). Yunnan. A province in southwestern China, bordering Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. yunnanensis. yunnanozoan. Kunming. Iunã. Borrowed from Mandarin 雲南 (Yúnnán). (Brazil) IPA(key): /ju.ˈnɐ̃/. Yunnan m. Yunnan (a province of China) Эта достопримечательность входит в список ЮНЕСКО. Туристу предстанет возможность увидеть одновременно протекающие в ущелье параллельно друг другу три реки (Янцзы, Меконг, Салуин).Юньнань является китайской провинцией, которая считается одной из самых красивых. Перевод названия звучит как «облачный юг», что объясняется тем что вершины и горные склоны окутаны туманной дымкой. Нигде больше в Китае не встречается такого разнообразия природных ландшафтов, достопримечательностей и многовековых традиций культурного наследия. Благодаря эксклюзивному сочетанию всей этой красоты, даже самый требовательный путешественник получит незабываемые эмоции от поездки. Ни одно туристическое направление не сравнится с поездкой в Юньнань.

Find Yunnan Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Yunnan and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM Yunnan Normal University, as the English Teacher Training center in southwest China established by UNESCO, is one of the two universities in Yunnan that is eligible to enroll Hong Kong, Macao students In the Records of the Grand Historian, Zhang Qian (d. 113 B.C.E.) and Sima Qian (145-90 B.C.E.) make references to "Shendu," which may have been referring to the Indus Valley civilization (specifically the Sindh province in modern Pakistan which was originally known as "Sindhu" in Sanskrit). When Yunnan was annexed by the Han Dynasty, Chinese authorities reported an Indian "Shendu" community living there.[2]

Yunnan Tin Company Group Limited (YTC), a century-old industry, is the largest production and manufacturing base in the world for metal Tin and the largest production center for tin profiles, tin.. Yunnan travel information about location in China, ethnic minority groups, pictures, climate and attractions in cities like Kunming, Lijiang, Dali, Shangri-La and Xishuangbanna

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Founded in 1951, Yunnan Minzu University is a higher education institution located in the large city of Kunming (population range of 1,000,000-5,000,000 inhabitants), Yunnan The Naxi, with their unique Dongba culture, recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage, inhabit the area in and around the city of Lijiangespecially. Yunnan (Simplified Chinese: 云南; Traditional Chinese: 雲南; pinyin: Yúnnán; literally "south of the clouds") is a province of the People's Republic of China located in the far southwestern corner of the country. Yunnan borders Tibet to the northwest, Sichuan to the north, Guizhou to the northeast and Guangxi to the east. It also contains China's borders with a number of southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. The provincial capital city is Kunming.  Factory:Erjie Industry Zone, Jinning Town, Kunming City, Yunnan P.R., China  Office :Tiley Central Plaza, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, China Yunnan is a province of the People's Republic of China which is located in the southwestern corner of Yunnan shares. a border of 4,060 km with Myanmar in the west, Laos in the south, and Vietnam..

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Yunnan Xingzhong Administration was established in the region in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and Yunnan Province was formally proclaimed here Yunnan's cultural life is one of remarkable diversity Есть несколько способов, которыми можно добраться до Китая. Это может быть как полет на самолете, так и рейс на автобусе или поезде. Все зависит от вашего предпочтения и мест, которые вы хотите посетить. Естественно, что самый простой вариант это полет на самолете. Это может быть как прямой рейс, так и с пересадкой, к примеру, в Дубае. Yunnan University · Yunnan Key Laboratory for Palaeobiology. Xiangshu Dong. Yunnan University · National Center for International Research on Photoelectric and Energy Materials Провинция Yunnan на карте Китая In 221 B.C.E., Qin Shi Huang of the Qin Dynasty unified China and extended his authority southward, establishing several commanderies and counties in Yunnan in the process. An existing road in Sichuan known as – the "Five Foot Way" – was extended south to present day Qujing (曲靖), in eastern Yunnan. In 109 B.C.E., Emperor Wu sent General Guo Chang (郭昌) south to Yunnan, establishing the Yizhou commandery and 24 subordinate counties. The commandery seat was at Dianchi county (present day Jinning 晋宁). Another county was called "Yunnan," which marked the first use of the name in Chinese history. To expand the burgeoning trade with Burma and India, Emperor Wu also sent Tang Meng (唐蒙) to maintain and expand the Five Foot Way, renaming it the "Southwest Barbarian Way" (西南夷道). By this time, agricultural technology in Yunnan had markedly improved. The local people used bronze tools, plows and kept a variety of livestock, including cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs and dogs. Anthropologists have determined that these people were related to the people now known as the Tai. They lived in tribal congregations, sometimes led by exiled Chinese.

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Around the third century B.C.E., the central area of Yunnan around present day Kunming was known as Dian. The Chu general Zhuang Qiao (庄跤) entered the region from the upper Yangtze River and set himself up as "King of Dian." Afterwards, both he and his followers initiated the influx of Chinese influence into Yunnan, which led to a long history of migration and cultural expansion into the region. Yunnan Paiyao (literally, the white herbal medicine from the province of Yunnan) is the most famous of the The correct pinyin spelling of the name of this product is Yunnan Baiyao, but the package label.. Do you like this article and want China Highlights to reward the author? If so, choose the amount below:

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Yunnan was first connected by railway not to the rest of China, but to the Vietnamese port of Haiphong by a French engineered narrow gauge railway completed in 1910. It took another 50 years for the province to be connected by rail to the rest of China with the completion of the Chengdu-Kunming railway line. Later on, a line connecting Kunming to Guiyang was built, and two further lines have been added recently: a southern line connecting to Nanjing and a north-eastern line connecting to Sichuan. Respect local customs and traditions. Many inhabitants of Yunnan are minority peoples with a wide variety of beliefs and traditional rules. In order to respect the traditions and customs of the local people, please remember the customs listed below. Yunnan Province is situated on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in China's south-western frontier region, with Yunnan has more minority nationality groups than any other province, including nationalities of..

Yunnan Baiyao Capsules is a popular traditional Chinese herbal medicine in mainland China used to control bleeding and support healing in humans and dogs

© Yunnan Life Want to discover Yunnan — the most ethnically diverse province in China, with awesome scenery? Tell us your interests and requirements, and we will help you to tailor-make a Yunnan tour. Asia > East Asia > China > Southwest China > Yunnan Численность населения по последним официальным данным около 46 млн. человек. Большей частью являются китайцы, которые проживают по большей части на северо-востоке от речки Юаньцзян.

Yunnan. niedopuszczalne w grach (i). Yunnan. występowanie: Słownik ortograficzny: rejestr wyrazów występujących w języku polskim - Muza SA 2001, 2005, 2006 - T. Karpowicz 云大首页. 云大新闻. 学校概况. 学校简介. 历史沿革. 现任领导. 历任领导. 大学章程. 识别云大. 全景云大.. qMenu Free online ordering website. Browse local restaurants, delivery menus, coupons and reviews. Sushi, Chinese, Pizza, Indian, Thai More than 150 kinds of minerals have been discovered in the province. Some 13 percent of the proved deposits of minerals are the largest of their kind in China, and two-thirds of the deposits are among the largest of their kind in the Yangtze River valley and in south China. Yunnan ranks first in the country in deposits of zinc, lead, tin, cadmium, indium, and thallium. The potential value of the proven deposits in Yunnan is 3 trillion yuan, 40 percent of which come from fuel minerals, 7.3 percent from metallic minerals, and 52.7 percent from nonmetallic minerals. The rich water resources in the province also offer abundant hydro-energy resources. Юньнань является самой многонациональной провинцией «Поднебесной», здесь проживают люди 56 национальностей. В их числе один из древнейших народов — наси, который населяет предгорья Гималаев. Их главарем является шаман, у них и по сей день сохранился матриархат. Еще одна народность Гималаев — мосо, у них нет понятия об официальном браке, отношения строятся исходя из личных симпатий. А народ — ва до сих пор практикует анимизм и культ предков, имеет репутацию «охотников за головами».

Yunnan, sheng (province) of China, a mountain and plateau region on the country's southwestern frontier. It is bounded by the Tibet Autonomous Region to the northwest, the provinces of Sichuan to.. Yunnan. Learn about Yunnan China, one of the most biologically diverse and culturally significant regions in all of the country of China

Yunnan Baiyao (云南白药), atau yang juga dikenal luas dengan nama Yunnan Paiyao, merupakan salah satu obat yang ditemukan oleh Dr. Qu Huangzhang pada tahun 1902 di daerah Yunnan.. Yunnan Seyahat: Tripadvisor, mükemmel bir tatil için, Yunnan, Çin - gezilecek yerler, restoranlar ve konaklama yerleri hakkında 100.459 yorum ve Yunnan rehberi sunuyor Yunnan Province is in central south China, bordering Sichuan Province to the north, Guizhou Yunnan, home to 25 ethnic minorities, is a place to experience the unique cultures of China's ethnic..

The province is drained by six major river systems. The Yangtze, known as the Jinsha Jiang (River of Golden Sands) in Yunnan, drains the province's north. The Pearl River, with its source near Qujing, collects the waters from the east. The Mekong River, which flows from Tibet into the South China Sea, forms the boundaries between Laos and Myanmar and Laos and Thailand, and eventually flows through Cambodia and Vietnam. The Red River has its source in the mountains south of Dali and enters the South China Sea through Hanoi, Vietnam's capital city. Finally, the Irrawaddy River has a few small tributaries in Yunnan's far west, including the Dulongjiang River, and a few other rivers in the prefecture of Dehong. Кроме лечебных процедур здесь можно отдохнуть и полюбоваться красивой природой и живописными пейзажами. 5 Boxes Yunnan Baiyao Capsules 16 Capsules/box Free Shipping 5 boxes price Ship Method Process Day Delivery Days 35USD Free Ship from China warehouse by China Post ePacket 1 business day.. Generally speaking, the weather in most areas of Yunnan is mild in winter and cool in summer. It is suitable to visit Yunnan all year round.

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Yunnan перевод в словаре английский - русский. en Of the 22 provinces and 5 autonomous regions, only 3 provinces (Yunnan, Guizhou, Qinghai) and 1 autonomous region (Xinjiang) have more.. In addition to the nation-wide roads, county towns are now accessible by paved, all-weather roads from Kunming. As of now, all townships have a road connection, and about half of all villages have road access. Yunnan's ethnic diversity is reflected in its linguistic diversity. Languages spoken in Yunnan include Tibeto-Burman languages such as Bai, Yi, Tibetan, Hani, Jingpo, Lisu, Lahu, Naxi; Tai languages like Zhuang, Bouyei, Dong, Shui, Tai Lü and Tai Nüa or northern lao dialect; as well as Hmong-Mien languages.

Yunnan Province is believed to be one of the areas of present-day China inhabited by the earliest Prior to the find of the fossil remains of Yuanmou Man in Yunnan Province, the oldest known Chinese.. Yunnan on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more, Sign up and share your playlists Yunnan is a city in the region Yunnan, in China Yunnan has earned fame for the natural beauty of its setting from the 1936 book Lost Horizon by James Hilton. The beautiful mountain setting with meadows and fields make the location a place of peace and tranquility. Tibetan monks have practiced their religion in Shangri-la, establishing the Gedan Sumtse Ling Monastery in 1679 as well as Tibetan villages throughout the region. Yunnan enjoys independence by virtue of its distance from the centers of power in China. Bordering Tibet, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar, in addition sitting in proximity with India, opens the province to migration of people and ideas. The disadvantage of remoteness from the capital of China is neglect. Yunnan suffers for dire poverty in a number of its districts.

Yunnan Baiyao was invented in 1902 by a Chinese herb collector named Dr. Qu Huanzhang. He was said to walk the land in Yunnan, tasting thousands of herbal medicines. Its effectiveness became well.. Yunnan. [ yoo-nan, -nahn; Chinese yyn-nahn ]. Example sentences from the Web for yunnan. A day later, Naw Kham was executed in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province in China Category:Yunnan. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. English: Yunnan is a province of the People's Republic of China

Yunnan is a province in Southwest China. The province spans approximately 394,000 The capital of the province is Kunming, formerly also known as Yunnan. The province borders the Chinese.. Generally, rivers are obstacles to transport in Yunnan. Only very small parts of Yunnan's river systems are navigable. In 1995, the province invested 171 million yuan to add another 807 km of navigation lines to its river system. It built two wharfs with an annual handling capacity of 300,000 to 400,000 tons each, and four wharfs with an annual handling capacity of 100,000 tons each. The annual volume of goods transported was two million tons and that an additional two million passengers were transported. Yunnan was settled by several local tribes, clans, and cultures before the 8th century. In 738, the western Yunnan was united by Piluoge, the fourth king of Nanzhao, who was confirmed by the.. Yunnan Tourism: Tripadvisor has 100,270 reviews of Yunnan Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Yunnan resource New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. This article abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3.0 License (CC-by-sa), which may be used and disseminated with proper attribution. Credit is due under the terms of this license that can reference both the New World Encyclopedia contributors and the selfless volunteer contributors of the Wikimedia Foundation. To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats.The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here:

Yunnan, literally meaning "South of the Clouds", attracts a large number of visitors with its diverse cultures, rich history, and spectacular landscapes. One of Yunnan's famous products is Pu-erh tea, named after the old tea trading town of Pu-erh, as well as the Yunnan Golden Needle tea.

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The most prominent are the Yi (their most distinctive celebration is the Torch Festival) and the Bai (the March Fair being their main celebration), and the Dai (the Water Splashing Festival, a.k.a. Spring Festival, being their main celebration). Government of Yunnan Province, PRC Weather in Kunming, Yunnan, China. ◢ Yunnan University Source Wikipedia Yunnan University is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in China. Its main campuses are located in the.. Yunnan's nominal GDP in 2006 was 400.2 billion yuan (US$51.7 billion), with an annual growth rate of 11.9 percent. Its per capita GDP was 8,961 yuan (US$1,160). The share of GDP of Yunnan's primary, secondary, and tertiary industries were 21.1 percent, 42.8 percent, and 36.1 percent respectively. In 2002, its total two-way trade (imports and exports) reached US$2.23 billion. In 2002, the province also signed foreign direct investment contracts involving US$333 million, of which US$112 million were actually utilized during the year. Yunnan has trade contacts with more than seventy countries and regions in the world, and it also plans to establish the Muse border trade zone (located in Ruili) along its border with Myanmar [1], which should boost the provincial economy and increase economic ties between the two countries.

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What does Yunnan mean? Yunnan is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A province in southwestern China, on the border with Vietnam, Laos, and Burma (Myanmar); capital.. Yunnan has not only been important to China's individual history, but it has also played a significant role in the history of human civilization. The Yuanmou Man, a Homo erectus fossil unearthed by railway engineers during the 1960s, has been determined to be the oldest known hominid fossil ever found in China. Along with this discovery, it has been discovered that by the Neolithic period there were human settlements in the area of Lake Dian in Yunnan. Through more close investigation it has also been found that the civilization that grew in that area was fairly advanced, with evidence that they used stone tools and even constructed simple wooden structures.


Yunnan sends another 355 medical workers to Hubei today. Yunnan to provide free health examination for migrant workers. Wildlife trading case busted in SW China's Yunnan Big savings on hotels in Yunnan, cn. Book online, pay at the hotel. Read hotel reviews and choose Hotels in Yunnan, China. Enter your dates and choose from 3,768 hotels and other places to stay After the fall of the Ming Dynasty in northern China, Yunnan became the last Southern Ming regime headed by Zhu Youlang. Supported by rebel loyalists, he employed a policy of resistance against Qing Dynasty conquest even after the Qing had captured the capital city of Kuming. Once the Qing established control over the area, they officially made it into a province in 1659. The time to visit Yunnan largely depends on what you want to see, and which part you want to go to. Spring and early summer are the best times to see the flora and fauna. Fall and winter are the best times to see snowcapped mountains and peaks.

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