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THE BEST GUN DEALS AND HANDPICKED GEAR RECOMMENDATIONS Subscribe to our Newsletter Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em Shooters tend to either be Glock fans or detractors – not much middle ground there. I am one of those rare birds who is in the middle with my opinion of Gaston’s wunderkind. I owned a Model 30 .45 ACP for a good while and had an aftermarket barrel for it so I could shoot my cast bullet handloads. It performed well without being overly showy. Gun eye candy it wasn’t. I called Glocks in another article I’d written the Chevy Impala of the pistol industry. The Impala is a good, mid-price car that is a popular choice among car buyers – reliable and well-designed without being overly showy. The Glock suffices for its intended purpose without costing an arm and a leg. It will get the job done in an utilitarian manner, just like the Impala. They are not glamorous, if such a term could be used to describe a lethal weapon. As stated above – they suffice for their intended purpose and tend to be very reliable. All those police agencies buying into the Glock system is a pretty good endorsement.The Glock 19 was the first Glock 9mm compact. It was geared for concealed carry, but also for duty use by plainclothes officers or police that wanted a slimmer, easier-carrying gun for service use. It has proven itself in every role.These sights are extremely easy to install, but you’ll want to make sure you have the Glock front sight install tool in order to make installation easy.  It’s been reported that the OEM metal sights provide a nice improvement in the overall sight picture.DPM Systems Technologies' recoil reduction system is a worthy addition to any Glock.

Glock 9mm found in: Promag Glock 17/19/26 Magazine 9mm Flat Dark Earth Polymer 32/rd, Hogue Handall Full Size Grip Sleeve Aqua, Blackhawk! for Will fit 9mm For Glock models 34,17,19, and 26. All ProMag magazines include a lifetime warranty on manufacturers defects. OAL 210mm Weight.. All ammo test that I have seen rate stopping power. I would like to see a test rating control vs stopping power. My wife shoots a Ruger LCR. Using standard 38 loads in this light piece she can't hit the side of a barn. I loaded some 110 grain wadcutters with 3 1/2 grains of Bullseye. She can group this load in a teacup. I think 2 or 3 hits with this light load would do more to discourage an attacker than all the sound an fury of bullets whizzing past his ears.Thanks for your comments, Dan. We are trying, through this website, to get info out that truly helps shooters. I know, from my 40-plus years as a shooter, that I benefited from reading what others who knew more about it than I did wrote in gun magazines when I was starting out. I welcome your comments and hope that you get to shoot that 17L a lot…it IS a heck of a gun! You will find that, as you can afford to, you will add to your collection hopefully. Don’t ignore revolvers – they can be a lot of fun… Read more »In the daylight, the shooter aligns the rear green line with the green fiber optic front sight for quick shooting. For longer range, more precise shooting, the shooter will align the front sight between the rear sights in a traditional manner. Glock Magazines by ETS, some of the best translucent Glock magazines on the market today. Elite Tactical System. ETS Translucent Glock 17 9mm 22rd Magazines. In an effort to be more competitive, we are moving from our free shipping policy, to a weight & destination-based shipping..

It's the most recent addition to the Glock compact lineup, perfectly suited for concealed carry and the CCW market has taken to it like a duck to water. Handle one and you will see why. It's ultra-slim and light, so it's easy to carry all day on the waistband, in an ankle holster or however you might want to.The Ameriglo ProGlo utilizes a simple, affordable, and effective sight system. The Ameriglo ProGlo sights are night and day sights that combine tritium and fiber optics for a bright sight picture for any shooting encounter.If you use Hornady Critical Duty, as do I ... wondering why it wasn't included in recommended ammo. It certainly has all the right test data numbers ....OK…now let’s look at a compact 9mm. Being the best-selling Glock made, the Model 19 has its share of enthusiastic users out there. Also, let’s not forget the after-market parts industry. The Model 19 probably has more third-party parts available than any other Glock. That said, the Model 19 is just about perfect for IWB- or OWB-concealed carry with its 4-inch barrel, slim inch-and-a-quarter width and 15 rounds in the magazine. I wrote before about how this pistol is the mirror that other compact 9mms are held up in front of to see how they measure up.It’s not as simple as in the continental us. Here on the island we need a license to have a handgun.Now a new law was passed to simplify the process but the regulations hasn’t been finalized yet.

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The only complaint I’ve heard about the Gen5 Model 19 concerns the cutout at the front bottom of the frame – some shooters say it hurts their hand, as it lies at the point where their hand’s heel and palm meet the frame. The sharp edge is the culprit, they say. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Model 17 due to its longer grip frame. This issue was addressed in the new Model 45 (below). Other than this issue, the Gen5 Model 19 has been well received.For those of us who are into handguns and have not been living under a rock for the past 3 decades or so, the name Glock has come to be a household word in the shooting universe. People who may have never held a gun (let alone a Glock) recognize the name. It’s a brand that has grown to be very successful. It is estimated that sixty-five percent of U.S. police agencies use some form of Glock or another. The Glock 19 Gen 4 comes from a reputable manufacturer, known for pushing the envelope with each new model. With a caliber of 9 x 19 mm, this model is 7.28 in long and 1.18 in wide. The handgun trigger pull weight is 5.5 lbs. We consider this to be ideal for a serious handgun - falling right between.. Yes, you can shoot 9mm in 40 Glocks using conversion barrels. I use KKM/Lone Wolf 40-9 conversion barrels in my G22/G23/G27. The added weight will reduce the recoil when shooting the 9mm, making follow up shots a little quicker. It also makes it potentially less comfortable to carry

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They are equipped with Tritium dots that glow green in low light and are set with white dots to maximize daytime visibility. Being made by Glock gives them an obvious advantage when it comes to engineering.Copyright © 2020 Alien Gear Holsters. All Rights Reserved. Glock 9mm Drum 50 round mag 17 -18 - 19 - 26 - 34. Tactical Glock drum magazines are molded from composite/glass-filled polymer, ensuring reliable feeding and extreme durability. Fits Glock 17, , 18, 19, 26 and 9mm double stack models. KCI manufactured polymer drum. Extremely easy to load Today's Glock 26 lineup includes the classic model, the streamlined Gen 4 and the deluxe Gen 5 version. Any one of them would be a great fit in a concealed carry holster.

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Ethan, thanks for the info…I learn more with every article or review I write. Thanks for writing!I agree, as a recently retied Deputy from South Florida and a big agency they decided to jump on the FBI train and make switch to 9mm. Saw many females along with smaller stature men not be able to make the 80% qualification score. I have carried a 40 S&W since 1998 and never had an issue with quals and classes taken. I personally like loads at higher velocities Corbon, Double Tap have always performed very well for me. Imagine if we could bring some of the Old West gun fighters and they saw all the nonsense over caliber, they'd probably take out their single action pistol and Pimp Slap you to death with it at tell you to quit your crying . Glock Weekend adjustable rear sight. Glock 9×19mm Parabellum 17-round magazine. Compact models are slightly smaller with reduced magazine capacity and lighter weight while maintaining a The Glock 43 is the first Glock pistol to be manufactured with a single-stack 9×19mm Parabellum.. The Glock 19 wasn't the first Glock 9mm pistol, but it has become THE Glock 9mm pistol by which most other guns are judged. It is the standard by which others are measured, which is why it is the single most popular pistol on the market today.To reduce the overall cost of the sights the front sight is the only one that is illuminated. The rear sight is almost entirely blacked out except for a small line of green material in the middle of the rear sight. This is directly below the cut in the rear sight.

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  1. HST 124, 124 SIG V-CROWN, CRITICAL DEFENSE(you get 5 extra rounds), 124 Standard Pressure Gold Dots, and Gorilla Ammo Inc. makes some gangster wickedly awesome stuff in both 115 and 135. It's pricey but go big or go home. Hope that helps ya Bennett.
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  3. (On Target) Sig Sauer P365 9mm: In a Class of Its Own. (Ammoland): SIG SAUER P365 High-Capacity Micro-Compact Pistol Review. (GunsAmerica) 9mm Micro Shootout - Sig P365 vs. Glock 43 vs. S&W Shield
  4. Why did you leave out critical duty 135 flexlock . How about some American gunned +p . It seems like you don’t know what good 9mm ammo is. I like the hst but the other three shouldn’t be in this list. Seems like you left slog of good stuff out. Please rewrite this article.
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Its minimum weight and legendary GLOCK reliability are unsurpassed. GLOCK 19 The all-round talent The GLOCK 19 is ideal for versatile use through reduced dimensions compared with the standard pistol size Capacity is 6+1, but extended magazines can bring that up to 8+1 if desired. You won't find a more comfortable concealed carry Glock.I recently purchased the CPX-3-.380 pistol. I have also signed up for practice at a local gun range. My questions are, What is the best bullets to use at the gun range for shooting target's and also what is the best bullets to use for self defense and protection for my self and family. Is there any difference between the two?What makes the blazer brass harder to reload? Just picked 2000 rounds and was curious as to what I've gotten myself into

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Glock 26 9mm pocket pistol. The Glock 26 comes with hard plastic case, 2 magazines, cleaning brush, and mag loader. Test gun was equipped with a good set of night sights, as any Ejector is robust and reliable. The Glock 26 is about the same size and weight as the Walther PPS, but is much thicker I'm really curious why the author was so focused on velocity and penetration and completely ignored energy. This is much more of a factor in defensive ammo selection than penetration. I'd much prefer a round that will penetrate 12" and delivers an extra 100+ foot pounds of energy over a round that penetrates 18". This article is in bad need of a re-write.Generally speaking, energy isn't as important when you're looking at rounds within the same caliber when they are at similar weights. Using the first 3 ammo types listed in the table, Federal HST 124gr, Federal HST 147gr, and American Eagle 115gr - the energy difference between the highest and lowest is only 38 ft.lb or 51 Joules. That is incredibly low.Ive been carrying this baby Glock around lately in a new holster made by Bob Mernickle. Similar in concept to a small-of-the-back holster, this Mernickle holster is designed to be worn to the side a bit. Centered in the back is not an ideal place to carry a handgun, but does offer good concealment. Just as concealable, but moved to the strong side a bit, the Mernickle holster allows the weapon to be drawn with the shooter's palm facing outward, meaning that the muzzle never sweeps past the owners body. It is quick to get into action, easier to reach even while seated, and very well concealed under an unbuttoned shirt or jacket. Bob Mernickle makes top quality leather holsters, and I highly recommend this new design shown here.

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  2. If you loved the originalyou'll love the Generation 4. Whether it's personal defense, plinking cans or competition, you'll appreciate the easy handling, light weight, and smooth-shooting performance of the Glock 19 Gen 4 Semi-automatic 9mm Handgun. It features the new Modular Back Strap which lets..
  3. Trijicon is the maker of some of the finest combat iron sights in the world. Trusted by police and military units worldwide the Trijicon HD Night sights are some of the most dependable and reliable sights on the market.

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The Trijicon HD night sights are a mixture of both high tech polymer and aluminum. The use of polymer keeps the sights nice and lightweight, as well as affordable. The Trijicon HD sights are designed for both day and night shooting. The front sight features a small Tritium vial inserted in the center of the sight. Around the tritium lamp is a red fiber optic circle. The Tritium lamp is of course designed for night shooting and the fiber optic material is designed for daylight shooting.In general, here is a quick, condensed listing of most of Glock’s models and Glock’s MSRP prices. Real-world pricing will be somewhat lower. How to Properly Zero a Rifle Scope for Target Shooting and Hunting bullseye Best Rimfire Rifle Scopes for the .22LR: Leupold, Nikon and Other Optics Reviews bullseye Best Mosin Nagant Scopes: 91-30 & Scout Rifle Optics Reviews bullseye Varmint Hunting Optics: Equipping Your AR-15 To Hunt Coyote & More Advertisment Recent Posts gun Best Full-Size 9mm Pistol Handguns gun Guide to the Different Types of Pistols and Handguns gun Best Guns for Bear Defense and Protection gun Best Browning Hi Power Accessories To Improve Your Pistol gun Top Beretta 92FS Accessories That Will Enhance Your Handgun gun Best CZ75 Accessories To Elevate Your Shooting Experience gun Best HK VP9 Accessories To Overall Improve Your Firearm Advertisment Amazon Associates Program GunBacker.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

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Note: This takes Glock patterned magazines. For Virtual Patent Marking Information Click Here. Owner's Manual. Each of our Radial Delayed Blowback platforms are tested and designed to work with our matching components. The MkGs is designed to work with the 9mm or .40S&W uppers or.. Curious why Hornady ammo not considered. My favorite for "defense" purposes in ..45 APC, .9 and .380. A bit costly for range use. DISCLAIMER: GLOCK is a federally registered trademark of Glock, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by Glock Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H. Neither Glockmeister nor this site is affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H. The use of Glock on.. Will, whatever works for you is what you should carry. Who cares what anyone else (including me) thinks? You are the guy behind the trigger. You and a WHOLE lot of others like the 19, in whatever generation (although Gen 4 seems to be probably the most popular) – that could be why the 19 is Glock’s best-seller. Thanks for writing!

Nah, those old fools would get decimated by any young gangbanger with higher capacity semi-auto gear.I'm a diehard .40 S&W guy, but not for the ridiculous "energy transfer", "hydrostatic shock", and "knockdown power" myths you are espousing. No pistol round (save maybe hot 10mm and .454 Casull) has "knockdown power" or "hydrostatic shock" potential. That's what a rifle is for. Regardless, your meandering rant avoids the actual mechanism through which handguns incapacitate/kill quickly: central nervous system damage, or severe damage to crucial organs. Velocity is practically irrelevant until you get over 1500fps (preferably 2k). Shot placement + sufficient penetration to reach vital organs + max expansion is all that matters. In that order. Shot placement with handguns trumps all. 12-18" in gelatin does not directly translate to that same distance in living tissue; that number was decided upon based on comparison of the cartridges used in real life debilitating shots then being tested in gelatin. The gelatin exists to provide a COMPARISON medium between different rounds, as it is neither practical nor ethical to test competing cartridges on living targets. 16" gelatin penetration should not be taken as a guarantee of it's practical human penetration; it should be taken to indicate that with proper shot placement, it will do the job on a grown man.Outside of the sights on a Glock, any other customizations (and there are many, including custom backstraps) are just personal preference.  You have a wide variety of different options for sights. This is due to the Glock’s popularity. The aftermarket is massive, and the you have dozens of different options. The three following sights are what we consider to be the best Glock sights for 9mm handguns on the market today.Thank you for the kind words. We're all bad-asses until were not. I used to sneer at war movies when I'd see a solider acting out of character, but will now see past that. Why I couldn't bring myself to deliver a second shot will haunt me for some time, but I learned from it. And while some will surely say, "Dude, it was just a cat let it go!" they too, will one day have a reckoning when they least expect it. That's just the way it is. For me, my soft spot happens to be dogs and cats. And yes, I am now studying up on "better" 9mm ammo. Thanks for the advice.The XS Big Dot sights are easily the most impressive set of sights on the market. XS makes sights from just about everybody and the sights they produce are top-notch in terms of quality. They are also very unique and very effective.

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Have you tried the 9mm from USAC? They are cleaner and more accurate than Blazer ... though Blazer is my backup ammo. They are also hard to find in stock :) - Added: AR-15 9mm and Glock Mag 30 rnd (thanks for model by CJ Berlin). Without creating a new model, this reduces the weight of the mod. (OPS-Core Helmet, IBH Helmet, WAR Belt, Face Mack, ESS Ballistic Goggles, Gas Mask III M6800, Gas Mask M04, Gas Mask M50, Tactical Mask, Altyn.. 9mm Ammo : Find out which online Ammo Shop has the best price, in-stock, right now. Whether you want to buy a box of cheap .22lr ammo or a 1,000 round case of bulk 5.56mm ammo, visit our website to see what's currently in-stock at several online retailers Eric, what is the difference between a 9mm round and a 9mm Luger round? I'm a few weeks away from attaining my first 9mm Glock. Thanks

Caliber 9mm. Barrel 4.49 in. Action Semi-Automatic. Color Matte Black. Weight 1.38 lbs. Mags 2. Capacity 10. Product Type Gun. Product Reviews. (No reviews yet) Write a Review. Write a Review. ×. Glock. Glock 17 Gen3 CALIFORNIA LEGAL - 9mm Glocks Model 26 has been around for many years now. Commonly referred to as the Pocket Glock or Baby Glock, it is Glocks smallest pistol that is imported into the United States. Compact in size, and relatively light in weight, I qualify the term pocket Glock with the Model 26 with the prerequisite that the little Glock be carried in a good pocket holster, and not just loose in the pocket. Its short-pull trigger really needs to be covered in a pocket, and a pocket holster also keeps the weapon properly positioned in the users pocket for quick retrieval. While it will ride comfortably in a pocket, it is even better suited to concealed carry in a good belt holster. More on that later.

I have been using this ammo for about 3 yrs, it has alway worked in all of my pistols and it seems to run cleaner than other ammo I have tried but I keep going back to S&BSeen a lot of shootings at the biomedical lab, have ya? You're a funny guy! Also funny is how you seek to belittle folks and projectile vomit generalities, but offer zero examples of what works better and why. Must be some REALLY good science happening in your lab. A lot of vicarious shooting anecdotes and recreational pharmaceuticals floating around? Very direct and to the point you are- NOT! Go take a hike, Brian- men are talking here.what is your opinion about Fiocchi ammo, I like it because it has less of a kick. it seems to be more accurate, I use to use Federal American Eagle 124 grn. but it started to get vewry dirty,It seems snapier than the Fiocchi. I am having a hard time finding ballistics on the Fiochhi.You might look at the Glock 19X and think "With that extended grip and magazine, it can't be too easy to conceal" or something. Actually, not by as much as you'd think. The Glock 19X stands only 5.47 inches tall, which isn't outside the norm for a lot of carry pistols. Plenty of folks out there carry a Commander 1911 on the daily and that's the height for that gun.

ammo_9mm. weapon_glock18. glock I think you left off 3 brands that outperform all of the 5 you selected. First, the Fort Scott brand has a large wound channel and great penetration through denim and solid objects such as wood, glass or metal. These are my current CCW load. Prior to this I carried the Winchester Ranger T. Ammo Quest on You-Tube did a great 9mm comparison and the Ranger T outperformed the Speer, Federal HST, and all the Critical Defense/Critical Duty line. With the leaps in technology the Ranger T are probably a bit outdated, but they are definitely a great round in the 147gr size. Lastly, and I am less knowledgeable on these, but the Lehigh Defense rounds perform well and are similar to the Fort Scott in technology. I would choose any of these 3 over the 5 in the article. Regardless of what you choose in the end, and even though it will be expensive, shoot a box of your carry ammo at the range. It would be unfortunate to carry quality ammo that the gun doesn't feed well and to find that out when you need your firearm the most. Practice, practice, practice.

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Glock-18 | Death Rattle skin prices, market stats, preview images and videos, wear values, texture pattern, inspect links, and StatTrak or souvenir drops Here is a general overview of what goes into changing a pair of Glock sights and what you should expect a competent gunsmith to do. This is a method that works without a sight pusher tool, which you most likely won’t have unless you’re a gun smith, it’s expensive and highly specialized tool.In low to no light situations the sight glows green. This makes them easy to pick up regardless of where, or when you are. The wielder of the weapon only sees the glowing nature of the sights. Anyone on the business end or to the left or right of the weapon cannot see the glowing sights.  For the concealed carrier they make an all-around great set of sights. Their versatility is their key to success. They are also rounded and all corners have been trimmed to reduce snag.

Narrowing it down a bit, let’s look at Glock’s best sellers. In terms of caliber, the 9mm rules the roost for Glock. And, of over fifty pistol models Glock sells, their very-best-seller is the 9mm Model 19. This compact pistol packs 15+ 1 rounds in a smallish package. I know of many people who carry this model, as it seems to hit the optimal middle ground between conceable size and capacity. Glock makes twenty different 9mm model pistols. I put together a chart comparing specifications for the most popular models as well as an extended version comparing all twenty, for all you detail-oriented shooters. To be sure, some of these models are pretty scarce in gun shops as they tend to fulfill a very specific purpose (example: long-range competition, which the Model 34 excels at). So, before we crunch all the chart’s numbers, let’s look at the most popular Glock 9mms in some detail.FPE is the most overrated statistic talking SD ballistics. You can talk weight, expansion, and penetration all day but it’s the energy you put into your target that’s gives you that “knockout” punch. It’s what makes a 7mm rifle round so much more devastating than a 9x19 from a handgun. It’s why I carry Liberty Civil Defense in my EDC. I’m not interested in poking the biggest or deepest hole. I’m interested in stopping the threat immediately.Chris Frenchak has over 20 years of firearms experience between sporting and responsible concealed carry applications. Chris is a member of multiple pro-second amendment organizations including USCCA, NRA, and just as importantly, his local range. Chris is continuing a legacy of support for our rights by working with his family to increase firearms education and awareness as the lead editor of GunBacker.The rear sight is all black and has two small tritium lamps in the night sights. These bright tritium lamps are ultra-bright at night and make sight alignment very easy regardless of the situation. The rear sights are also serrated.  This serration reduces glare during brighter days. Lack of serration can cause glare in brighter lit situations. The rear sight is not a square cut but features a U shaped notch. This round profile matches directly to the front sight which increases the user’s ability to see the front sight and target.

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Categories gun Firearmsgun Pistolsgun Riflesgun Shotgunsgun Ammobullseye Opticsbullseye Pistolbullseye Riflebullseye Handheldbullets Gearbullets Apparel/Bodybullets Firearms Maintenancebullets Storagebullets Otherglobe Newsshield Safetyshield Gunshield Medicalshield Other videos Videos forums-iconAsset 1 Forums shop-iconAsset 2 Shop Online backgroundLayer 1 GunBacker Giveaway logo-icon logo-text Categories Close gun Firearmsgun Pistolsgun Riflesgun Shotgunsgun Ammobullseye Opticsbullseye Pistolbullseye Riflebullseye Handheldbullets Gearbullets Apparel/Bodybullets Firearms Maintenancebullets Storagebullets Otherglobe Newsshield Safetyshield Gunshield Medicalshield Other videos Videos forums-iconAsset 1 Forums shop-iconAsset 2 Shop Online backgroundLayer 1 GunBacker Giveaway logo-icon Best Sights for the Glock 17, 19, 26, 34 and 43 (9mm Sight Reviews) in 2020 bullseye Advertisment The Glock 9mm (specifically the 19) is the most owned Glock model in the United States. The Glock 9mm pistol sees service with home defenders, concealed carriers, and even police and military units worldwide. It’s a well-made, and the compact/subcompact models are both easy to carry and use. The GLOCK 17 (G17) 9 mm Luger pistol is safe, easy, and quick. Buy now from an authorized dealer. With the signature Safe Action trigger system, the GLOCK 17 9 mm Luger pistol is safe, easy, and quick - precisely what you need in critical situations Any gun used for self-defense, and especially conceal carry, needs to have night sights. However, those night sights need to be a self-illuminating technology like tritium. Tritium sights are easy to find and are made by almost all major manufacturers. There even companies making combination fiber-optic tritium sights is that you can see fiber optics in complete darkness.Mike has been a shooter, bullet caster and reloader for over 40 years. Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, he is often found at his reloading bench concocting yet another load. With a target range in his backyard and after 40 years of shooting, his knowledge of firearms and reloading is fairly extensive. He is married, with four sons and daughters-law and 8-and-counting grandkids.

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Small and light enough for daily carry, big enough to work as a duty gun, reliable, accurate and holding a generous 15+1 capacity. You really couldn't go wrong with one. These micro 9mm options are more than ready for everyday carry and backup-gun duty. Nothing beats a micro 9mm pistols and revlovers when it comes to capacity, concealment and power. Richard Mann gives us his top 6 picks when it comes to these small and stout self-defense guns

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Worse, you could be under a streetlight and your target could be in the shadows and your sights will not be illuminated. You be able to see them because you’ve got light, but you won’t be able to make out your sight picture against a dark backdrop. Tritium night sights fix this by always blowing no matter what lighting condition they’re in.Just don’t cheap out on these, the vials that hold in the tritium gas need to be rugged enough so that they don’t break if you drop your gun or slam it against a door frame or furniture while carrying.This pistol lower is amazing. Worth every penny. So many good things to say. The last round bolt hold open is one of the best features about it. I paired it with my Palmetto State Armory 8in upper and it works like a charm. The large magazine release is easy to reach and won’t drop mags without a good hard press. The takedown pins and the safety are a little stiff but not in a bad way. The trigger and reset are excellent right out of the box. The shipping was fast and it even came with a couple pieces of swag: an Angstadt Arms patch and a sticker. There are just so many good things about this lower and Angstadt Arms. Well done.The below pictures and data are from a super in-depth post from Lucky Gunner plus a few of our personal criteria.  Here are some details of the test which closely mimic FBI protocol:

In fact, the LOADED weight differential between the Standard and Subcompact frame 9mm Glock 17 and Glock 26 is only six ounces. The basic caliber choices, chambered in most Glock frame sizes, are 9mm, .40, .357 SIG, 10mm, and .45 ACP. Too many new shooters—cops included—feel that.. I love my GEN 4 19. That and my GEN4 26 are the best shooting glocks I own at any range. I had GEN 5 19 For a week before traded it in for a GEN 4 MOS. It just wouldn’t group for me. Got a good deal on a 19X and won a G45 so maybe I’ll get the feel of the GEN 5’s. I put metal night sights on all my glocks.

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  1. Jeff with DPM Systems Technologies' Dimitrios Mantas (left) and Eleni Chroni (right) at SHOT 2008.
  2. Glock 9mm 33/.45 Auto 26 Round Extended Magazine | RWB This is a Glock extended magazine with a 26/33-round capacity for Glock .45Auto/9mm pistols (Glock 17, 18, 19, 26 & 34). RWB extended magazines deliver high capacity and impressive quality for the world's most popular pistols—all at a..
  3. Expect to spend over $150 in most cases. The only two piece of the gun you actually interact with are the sights and the trigger. No other part of the gun requires your input to get a round on target. Take your sights seriously and you’ll be alright.
  4. Before we look at individual models, a little explanation is needed. If you glance at the table below, you will see “MOS” and “FS” listed after some models. MOS stands for Modular Optic System. On these guns, the frame has been modified by milling a slot in front of the rear sight to accept a red dot or other sight’s mounting plate; it is covered with a filler when not being used. FS means the guns includes Front (slide) Serrations. Those pistols marked FS have serrations on the front part of the slide to aid in manipulating the slide, in addition to the standard rear serrations. (An interesting side note…many shooters had asked Glock to include front serrations on all their newer guns, but it was only applied to those guns that are marked FS).
  5. um. Trigger Pin Diameter MIL-SPEC .154. Weight 13.9 oz

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I didn't include Fort Scott in my test list because it hasn't had enough time to really prove itself. But sitting by me right now where I sleep is 15 rounds of 115gr Fort Scott. When it gets more "experience" under it I think it will be One of the three best absolutely and I am the one who left you the plus review I was surprised to see you knew what Fort Scott Was I seriously doubt the writer of this post has a clue what it is lol. It is fairly new to his defense but it's tumble Upon impact it's not just a Gimmick it actually works every single time regardless of caliber. The way they make the round is amazing all from one Copper StrandFind out the best 9mm ammo for self-defense based on ballistic gel tests that cover penetration depth and expansion.

9MM 80% Lower Receiver Stripped Made from 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum billet This receiver takes Glock Magazines easy mag swaps Precision machined magazine well with 9MM 80% Lower Receiver- Black. Rated 4.60 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings. Additional information. Weight Great article, very informative and useful. But you forgot the 17L, the target model that’s even longer than the 34! The 17L is slightly too large for many competition classes, and when the 34 was introduced (same overall dimensions as a 1911 for those competition classes) it took much of the 17L’s user base. That’s not to say the 17L is obsolete, though. It was produced with designs from Gen 1 through 3, with a few Gen 3 guns still made every couple years for target shooters. Due to internal cutouts, the slide has so much metal removed that a… Read more »This Lower is amazing. The Mag Release is nice and wide. Easy to press but low profile to prevent catching on anything. Just finished My build after performing a Distressed Gun Kote.The Model 26 weighs in at about 21.5 ounces empty, is about six and one-half inches in length and four inches high. In overall size, it is about the same as a pocket .38 Special revolver, but offers over twice the loaded ammunition capacity. The 26 holds ten shots of 9mm ammo in its magazine, for a loaded capacity of eleven.We will look at sights that are great for both night & day, as well as sights that should be able to fit your Glock, no matter how tight of a budget you are on.  Many of the models below have been tried and tested out in the field by many different types of firearms enthusiasts.

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In addition to the availability of Gen3, 4 and 5 Model 19s, the fairly-new 19X is available now as well. That’s a Model 17 frame mated with a Model 19 slide and barrel. For the first time, a slide color other than black is used – the 19X has what Glock calls a “coyote” (tan) colored slide and frame. Other differences include an nPVD (physical vapor deposition) finish to prevent corrosion and the Gen5 Marksman barrel. These models incorporated some of the Gen5 updates in order to be submitted for military trials. The Army adopted the Sig P320 instead of the Glock as we know, but Glock kept the gun for commercial sales and called it the 19X. The 19X was billed as a “crossover” pistol for using a full-size frame and a compact slide/barrel. So, if you want a longer grip frame to hang on to but still want the compact Model 19-length barrel and slide, the 19X is for you.If customizing your handgun is something that you enjoy doing to make the firearm perform better to your own personal shooting style, any one of these sights should dramatically improve the performance of your sidearm.

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Thanks for reading! And of course I can go over why I prefer 9mm over .45... -Price per round: Roughly 2-1 ratio which means I can buy much more ammo to train with at the range -Recoil: I'm definitely better at follow-up shots with a 9mm when compared to a .45 even in my heavy 1911's. Plus now I'm recently married...the wife can shoot the Glock 17 relatively easily while she hates the .45. -Technology of new hollow points: The results of the HST speak for themselves. -Capacity: 17 for my Glock 17 vs 13 for the .45 Glock I'll be writing a .45 self defense ammo article soon...but it will almost likely lean towards Federal HST as well.I've used it but very limited amounts. Not remotely worth the price from what I saw, there are a number of better defensive round options at half the price. I'm not a fan of super lightweight ammo though.Not likely... it's the same old argument of .45 ACP vs. 9mm... which the 9mm has won both times. The 10mm is "superior" to the .40 S&W... and the .50 caliber is "better" than that... but, a rifle caliber pistol is even better... so, carry a 5.56 X 45... no, make that a 7.62 X 51 FAL pistol... where does the "size is better" argument get stupid? "I can scare them to death with the mere size of my gun !"? My friends have all poo-poohed my 9mm as a girl's gun... I love the look on their faces as I out-shoot every one of them with their own guns, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum... I am not the least-bit recoil shy, but, I actually PRACTICE regularly. The 9mm was designed to emulate the .38 Special, which was designed to penetrate, and kill. The .45 ACP was designed to "STOP"... not kill... the Moro, Muslims we were fighting in the Philippine-American War, because of the .38 Long Colt's failure to do so. If I have to empty 15 rounds into my opponent's chest to stop him, at least I will be able to do so.Now we come to the only single-stack 9mm that Glock makes. Here we have a gun that will just about fit in your pocket yet has the ability to put 6 + 1 rounds on a target very quickly and accurately. With a loaded magazine aboard, the gun only weighs about 21 ounces. This is a gun you can carry all day and forget that it’s there. I have a friend on a local police force who traded a Beretta to acquire a Model 43. He told me he’s had a little trigger work done on the gun, but that’s the extent of his mods. He carries it daily. I’ve had the chance to shoot with him and his partner at my backyard range and … well, let’s just say that I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of his Model 43’s muzzle. He is good with it, to put it mildly, because he practices with it a lot.photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge QuinnFebruary 18th, , 2008      Click for video! (WMV format, 1.27 MB)

The Glock 19C Gen4 might just be the ultimate Glock 9mm pistol. This has all the bells and whistles you could possibly get, short of getting a red dot installed by the factory.Let’s be honest, the stock sights included on Glock pistols from the factory aren’t perfect. They are can be unusable in all but the closest of “bad breath” encounters. For starters, they are plastic with painted on epoxy. This isn’t the epitome of durability were talking about.

IMO Hornady is overrated, overpriced and over-marketed to gun owners who otherwise don’t know any better. Suggest you lookup Lucky Gunners handgun defensive ammunition ballistic testing reviews for 9, .357, ,40, and ,45 calibers and properly educate yourself—link below. You’ll see that the Hornady is low on the list. There’s a reason Federal Premium HST 124 and 147 gr loads are consistently rated 1-2. (You can also find a 50-round box of HST for the same price as a 25-round box of Hornady.) https://www.luckygunner.com/labs/self-defense-ammo-ballistic-tests/It’s generally considered one of the best first handguns for a concealed carrier and a home defender. By simply swapping the sights you can completely customize the look, feel and performance of your handgun. This huge magazine weights two pounds (unloaded) and holds 100 rounds of 9mm Luger/Parabellum. Solutions have developed a range of magazine adapters that allow the 100 round 9mm Beta C-MAG to work with the Glock 17, 18 and 19 and unlike the Glock C-MAG, is available now The idea is that as a shooter you focus so much on the front sight the rear sight doesn’t need to glow. Because the rear sight is blacked out in the middle of the night if you can’t see your front sight your sights aren’t aligned anyway. The Glock 19 RTF (Rough Textured Frame) offers a texturized combat grip for a more comfortable and secure grip. Action: Double Caliber: 9mm Luger Barrel Length: 4.01 Capacity: 10+1 Safety: Trigger/Firing Pin/Drop Grips: Black Polymer Grip/Frame Sight Configuration: Night Weight: 20.92 oz..

Make sure if you plan on using a suppressor or a micro-red dot you buy suppressor height sights. They’re taller so you can still use them when your red dot right or suppressor is installed. Also, make sure your holster will work with your new sights. Standard sights you’ll rarely have a problem, suppressor sights you certainly will.My father in law swears by it, but it is pricey! I have seen testing of the 9mm and it rips right through IIIa... but then, if you get any round going fast enough it will too Weight: 24.7 oz / 700.2g. Caliber: 9mm. Capacity: 17+1. Barrel Material: Stainless Steel - Armornite® Finish. Caliber: 9mm

My police officer friend Austin tells me he loves the little gun, as do many police officers who carry them in pockets, on their ankles, inside their waistbands, or anywhere else. It’s the de facto designated go-to backup gun for law enforcement personnel and that is recommendation enough for others to carry it as their main CCW.This makes drawing from concealment simple and easy to do. It reduces the risk of the gun being snagged on clothing, which could prevent or delay a draw stroke. Although the sights have a rounded profile they can still be used against a belt to cock a weapon one handed.

FirearmsMDP-9UDP-9 & UDP-45Receivers for GLOCK®LegacyShopAllApparelComplete GunsLimited ReleaseLower Receivers & SetsOpticsParts & AccessoriesSuppressorsNewSale ItemsDealersFind a U.S. DealerFind an International DealerDealer SignupDealer Support TicketHelp & SupportCustomer Support TicketDealer Support TicketInstructionsKnowledge Base & FAQsWarranty ActivationInformationContactCareersGalleryLaw Enforcement & MilitaryLead timeReviews Caliber / 9MM0940 Lower Receiver for GLOCK® Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 9 customer ratings(9 customer reviews) $279.00The front sight has a tritium lantern in the very center of the sight. This tritium lamp glow very brightly in low light and is easy to pick up with the naked eye. Around the tritium dot there is a splash of white paint. The white paint is designed to make the front sight bright and crystal clear during the day. The rear sight is also a night sight. In the very center of the rear sight there is a tritium lamp, surrounded by white paint.Here are our recommendations for each of the most common weights of bullets: 115, 124, & 147 grain. The Glock Micro Compensator is threaded in the standard 1/2×28 thread pitch. It will work on most 9mm Glock barrels threaded in that pitch, including most 40-9 conversion barrels! The Micro Comp only adds about .45″ to the end of your threaded barrel. Our comp was designed for the Glock 19 and.. Hammer, You can be sure he pulled that little bit of "wisdom" right from Marshall and Sanow; that's the sort of lingering damage those guys have done to discussions of terminal ballistics. The real question is, what did Marshall and Sanow have to do their data to make claims like that in the first place! One of them knew just enough stats to be dangerous. Too often, we still have to shovel their cherry-picked and mis-conceived work out of the way before any real discussion can start. You and Conner H did just that! But I am sure you both had a lot more to add if this discussion hadn't required putting M&S (once again, sigh) to bed. It is a shame to see people wasting their time on junk "science".

Search results for 'glock 9mm'. Sort By. Relevance Name Price. GLOCK Perfection Armorers Apron Black It is a bit of a rare bird, though it does pop up from time to time in stores. I’m a beginning shooter and the 17L is my first center-fire pistol. It’s pleasant to shoot and its long sight radius is sensitive, helping me build good techniques. I’m also enjoying reading the articles here–there is truly a wealth of knowledge on this site. Goodness knows I have a lot to learn. This is just a topic that I happen to know a little about, so I thought I would chime in for the other readers here. Thanks for the kind… Read more » Are you wanting to shoot major with the 9mm? For me I am just getting back into shooting and I was wanting to get some pointers on ammo gr. and brand for my Glock 17, without eating up a Power factor is figured by multiplying the grain weight of the bullet times the velocity and dividing by 1000 Glocks, in particular the Glock G19 in 9 mm Luger, just keep grabbing headlines and contracts within the military and law enforcement communities

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Is the much difference. Between Federal and American eagle., I'm there standard ie cheapest rounds since they are the same company? Ford vs Lincoln Samonabíjecí pistole Glock 19. Pistole Glock Compact jsou o něco menší a lehčí než modely v základní řadě Standard, jsou proto vhodné pro běžné nošení a jako služební zbraň The Glock SUB2000 is limited to Glock magazines, however the Multi-Mag SUB2000 can take any mag catch available in our store. The semi-automatic SUB2000 is designed to be the most convenient 9mm or .40 caliber rifle available. Weight Unloaded. 4.25lbs. 1.9kg. Magazine Capacity The Glock 19 was the first Glock 9mm compact. It was geared for concealed carry, but also for duty use by plainclothes officers or police that wanted a slimmer Unloaded weight - sans magazine - is barely changed at 16.4 ounces. The 43X, of course, does receive Glock's new Silver PVD finish 9-мм пистолет Glock-17 (6 фото)

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Sarah shooting the SCCY CPX2-CB 9mm Pistol. The gun was shot several hundred times for the test and Barrel Length 3.1. Weight Empty 15 oz. Sights 3 dot rear adjustable for windage white dots. Any brand gun is going to have it's favorite ammo Be it Glock,S & W , SCCY or any other brand Try.. Please read all before thinking I'm knocking your list. I mean no disrespect or maliciousness. Your wrong with the Gold Dots. The rest is pretty much on point. The one thing you HAVE to include in your testing and that's pork ribs( they are the closest thing to human bone) You MUST as with any test I do using Clear Ballistics 10% gel. As you know the first 3-5 inches of Ballistic gel is considered to be the epidermis. You wrap the pork ribs in a piece of sweater or sweat shirt & a piece of denim. Shooting through the material and busting through the bone THEN see the how the bullet holds up after busting through clothing Bone and traveling through the epidermis and tissue. And THE best round OR the round that causes the most lethality in 9mm # 1) Federal 147gr HST + P the same in 124gr HST + P.... A 1.A)-1.B) #2) Barnes 115gr TAC-XPD + P 3) Winchester PDX1 Defender 124gr + P 4) Federal Premium 124gr Hydra Shock + P 5) Hornady 135gr Flexlock Critical Duty/ as with #1. There is a # 5.B) 5.B) Corbon 125gr JHP + PThis lower reciever is only getting 5 star reviews and it is not hard to see why. This product is well made, has clean lines, and works fantastic in a PCC build. The tolerences are perfect for milspec parts and the pre-installed mag release saves the user time. Even when I ran into trouble with my build, Angstadt Arms was quick to respond and my issue was resolved in just a few minutes! I am very pleased with the quality that this lower offers and cant wait to brag about it to others!Construction of the sights is impressive. They are made from bar stock steel and use Swiss-made tritium lamps. This makes them quite tough and very rugged, way better built than stock Glock sights.From a veterinarian--one other reason to go for a head shot, particularly on severely wounded animals. There is not telling what the current chest cavity configuration may even look like. Beleieve me, I have seen lungs and hearts back in the abdomen and intestines up where the heart should be in many hit by car cases. Go for the head shot--the brain is either there or not.

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Should diehard Glock jocks and pocket-carrying newbies hold a grudge or buy a 43? It's not so much a matter of Do you take this Glock to have and to hold as the fact that there are lots of other compact single-stack 9mm fish in the Glock 43 unloaded weight 16.19oz. Kahr CM9 loaded weight 18.3oz Love it! Build is not quite finished, I already had a PSA upper with last round hold open, but I removed those pieces as the Angstadt system is far superior. Love the minimal utilitarian look too. Can’t wait to finish the build! Product Description. The JR Carbine Glock 9-mm Semi-Automatic Rifle features an ambidextrous stock with telescoping six-position collapsible buttstock. Weight. 9mm. 34-1/2. 18-1/2 Thanks Mike really enjoyed your article on the Glock models. It was very informative. Once again thankyou. It cleared up some confusion I had of Glock models.The Glock 26 comes with hard plastic case, 2 magazines, cleaning brush, and mag loader.

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  1. I would like to see ARX added to the review's. I have shot it in most calipers it is available in and I like the way it reacts in every gun I'v tried. Reduced recoil in small guns is especially good and getting off a second shot is much easier.
  2. The GLOCK 19 Gen4, in 9x19, introduces revolutionary design changes to the pistol that has found worldwide acclaim with security services both The G19 Gen4 9x19mm retains the GLOCK accessory rail for your attachments. Weight: 23.65 oz. # of Mags: 3. Additional Info: Interchangeable Backstrap
  3. Glock 19 is effectively a reduced-size Glock 17; it is called the Compact by the manufacturer. The Glock 19 has a shorter barrel (by about half an inch) Both these semi-automatic pistols use 9mm cartridges and were designed by Gaston Glock. Another advantage of Glock 19 pistols is that they..
  4. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more.

Just as with the Model 17, there are several variations available for the Model 19. Depending upon your need, there is a configuration that should work for you. For competitors needing a red dot sight, the MOS models are indicated. You get the added benefit of forward slide serrations with those models, as well.Posted October 31, 2011 in Pistols, Shooting Accessories by Steve Johnson with 57 CommentsTags: 9mm, glock, handguns, magazine

It is sad that magazine technology has come so far in the past few decades, but magazine loading technology has not caught up. This magazine is crying out for a robotic magazine loader 🙂Horsesqueeze, handgun bullets DON'T put people down..Been hearing that crap about "The .45 will knock you down" Bs for over 30 years. What stops an attacker is shot placement, pure and simple. There are slews of reports of suspects hit multiple times with big stuff that keep fighting. And I have seen victims hit in a sensitive area drop with a .22. So go ahead tell your loved ones..."HARUMPH you need a bazooka of a handgun". I will tell my friends "I would rather you hit 5 times with a .22 than miss 6 shots with a 454 . If the punishment the shooter gets make them not want to practice or worse, not want to properly aim..its worthless. As for ballistics its getting real close in depth. Yeah 9mm was garbage in the 1980s. But the improvements with powder and reliability has more than made up for it.If you can see your front sight at night on your target you are likely aligned or close enough to hit your target. The entire focus is on the shooting theory of front sight press. Get the weapon up, front sight on the target and pull the trigger.The Glock 43 is great and all...but the 43X is a little better. If you wanted a Glock 9 smaller than a 19, but bigger than the 43...the 43X takes the cake.I have been shooting the .40 cal since the early 90’s when it first arrived on the market , my first handgun was a S&W 411 , I own 2 other .40’s one Beretta Px4 Subcompact and one Smith M&P . I recently about 2yrs ago got a Beretta Px4 Storm Compact 9mm . It has become my Primary EDC. I still enjoy the 40 but as I get older the shootability of the 9mm has its merits. As info I use 124gr Federal HST in my 9mm and 165gr Federal HST in my 40’s. I do not feel under gunned or underpowered with either.

Other, legendary sights like Meprolight or Trijicon HD’s are what most people would recommend for a first-time shooter. Their squared off front and rear sight match up well and their overall style lends itself well to fast, but precise shooting. Three dot varieties are almost always best for concealed carry guns.The Glock 26 is about the same size and weight as the Walther PPS, but is much thicker.Any shooting done at night is bound to be done at close range with a pistol, so precision comes second after speed in a defensive situation. When shooting for center mass hitting to the left and right of the front sight isn’t a major concern because you are still hitting center mass. Glock 17 9mm semi-automatic pistol - firing a single shot ping 02. + more info If you just, have to have a fiber-optic sight, look for products and companies like Hi-Viz which use a fiber-optic plastic that is much more durable than others. Make absolutely sure you check your front sight often for signs of wear and tear.

So, you want to get a Glock 9mm...which one is best? Well, that depends a whole lot on what you're going to use it for. All Glocks are good, but some are good for some purposes and some are better for others.The green fiber optic material catches the eye and allows you to rapidly get on target. In the middle of a gunfight getting your front sight on target is critical, and the faster you do the faster you can shoot. The faster you shoot, the faster you can put a target down and retreat to safety. TruGlo bright sights are designed for rapid and accurate shooting. Outside of a combat situation these sights are perfect for competitions like ISPC, 3 Gun, and USPSA.

And you're wrong. The FBI performed extensive testing with Ranger T ammo and found both the HST and Gold dots were superior in penetrations, expansion, and bullet retention. The other two are too new to say they're superior. Dead is dead. At some point you're splitting hairs.What about underwood 9mm xtreme defender 90 gr ? The would cavity and penetration seem to our perform the other bullets.Hi Eric, Really great site!!! we are of the similar mindset with our passion for firearms. I recently purchased a S&W M&P .45 and really like the way it shoots. I put 100 rounds through it at 10 yards and was pleasantly surprised at the the accuracy of the groups and mild recoil, but wow what a powerful firearm. I am going to equally enjoy this along with my modest collection of 9mm. Very insightful information that the novice and expert can both understand. Keep up the good work!!! DM Glock 19, 9mm. Glock 21 .45 caliber. Foam Baton 37 mm Black Powder. O.C. MK 3. 519 CS Handtoss Grenade. Weight Belt. Emergency Oxygen Kit. Diver Recall System Hey how are you, I'm surprised not to see my favorite on your list ( hornady critical duty) 135, is it that it is not as good as the others.

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  1. The Glock 26 shown here has the two-tone finish, wearing Glocks tough Tennifer metal coating, contrasting with the Olive Green frame. As should any defensive pistol, the Glock shown here is wearing the optional tritium night sights, which allow accurate shot placement in dimly lit situations. The Glock 26 comes in a hard case with two magazines and a magazine loader, which is a welcome tool when trying to fully load the magazine. The frame is contoured and textured for a good hold, even with wet hands or while wearing gloves.
  2. SGMT Drum mag for Glock 9x19, 50 rounds capacity (G 50rnd) is a magazine in Escape from Tarkov. High capacity magazine for Glock family of pistols holding up to 50 rounds. Made in Korea, imported by SGM Tactical. Loading more than 50 rounds is not recommended by the manufacturer
  3. This way you can shoot the same weight of bullet as your more common range ammo.  And because these are self-defense rounds, they are all jacketed hollow points (JHP) for reliable expansion.
  4. From 539 USD. The Glock 45 improves upon the crossover design with its Gen5 flared magwell, and forward slide serrations. Following the release of the 19X, the Glock 45 is the second Glock handgun in the Crossover style. Combining the 19X design with a true Gen 5 frame and forward..
  5. Weight:100g. Fit for:9mm Glock. CQC Double Stack Magazine Pouch Holster Magazine Holder for Glock 9mm To .45 Caliber Magazine for Hunting Accessories
  6. What I’ve shot the most previously.  Always goes bang and the brass is great for reloading.

The Glock 19 is the 9mm compact-sized smaller sibling of the Glock 17. The trigger weight for follow-up shots is less than that of the Glock 19, which can enable faster and more precise shooting. The drawback is that the shooter must manage the transition from a heavier trigger pull to a lighter.. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. You do not pay anything extra and your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles.In 2009, the Model 22 RTF2 (.40 S&W) was given a rough, textured finish and fish-gill-shaped slide serrations and new checkering around the grip. Other models to be made available with the RTF2 treatment included the 31, 32, 23, 21, and 19, although not all had the fish-gill-shaped serrations.Glock's modular backstraps are included with this Glock 9mm compact. You also get the additional refinements of the Gen4 trim level, but also with a ported barrel and frame. With these additions, you get a more comfortable gun that's able to get back on target like nothing else. If rapid fire is the name of the game, this may be the closest you get to a Glock 18.

"Control" is a subjective term. I find .380 in most blowback snappier than 9mm in most subcompact locked breach firearms. The reason you don't see tests like that is because of the difficulty of testing felt recoil. Unless you have the exact same gun as the tester, the results may or may not be accurate. If she's fixed on a revolver, the 357 LCR weighs a good bit more, and loaded with .38 would be more controllable. However, a semi-auto pistol will ALWAYS be more controllable than a revolver, because the slide soaks up a significant portion of the recoil. I might suggest a Ruger EC9S or S&W Shield, both have notably lower recoil than my LCD, even with stronger rounds. Magazine: Accepts any Glock style small frame pistol caliber magazines in 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and other calibers. Weight: 13.3 oz. Other Specifications and Features of the C-9 Stripped AR-9 Lower Receive What works better, Nigel, are facts and science. Examples? Easy. HSTs and Gold Dots pretty much own a majority of the the police market due to their excellent street performance, as was predicted in the lab. (NYPD and some of the French just fully jumped on board.) Civilians can safely buy either, or even the top performers from Winchester or Remington. Marshall and Sanow continue to slide further into a well-deserved oblivion. Your attempt to earn points by juvenile name calling should follow suite, because it just shows you to be an idiot.I'm sorry you had to go through that, I actually had to deal with almost the same situation a few weeks ago minus the storm. This might seem cold but this is actually a great learning opportunity: what kind of ammo you use depends on what you need it for and not all meat targets are made the same. I haven't used that ammo before because I flatly disagree with pistol ammo that tries to deliver damage through hydro-shock. The speeds required for that to work effectively is almost impossible to reach in a pistol, especially in 9mm. While it works in a rifle, I have yet to find a pistol ammo that relies on it and delivers remotely close to what the marketing departments say it will. While a lung/heart shot is what you normally choose for a clean animal kill, such as hunting game, it probably isn't the best for putting an animal out of its pain. In that case, I would have to agree with the manufacturer you spoke with and go for a base of the skull shot. That said, even though it didn't go as planned - you still did the right thing and at least shortened the cat's suffering. If you're still looking for a defensive ammo, I recommend Hornady Critical Duty. It's what I load in my 9mm, 45ACP, and .38 Spl. guns.There's something to be said for the classics, and the Glock 17 is the one that started it all. Not just the first Glock 9mm, the first Glock pistol. It is the first gun they ever made, after Gaston Glock decided he'd tired of making folding shovels. It introduced...well, it actually wasn't the first polymer-frame gun, and not even the first polymer-framed striker-fired gun, but it is definitely one of the best to date.

If it's concealed carry you want, there are several Glock 9mm compact models that are perfect for it. If you want a range gun or competition gun, there are better choices for that.Shooting the 43X is more pleasant to shoot than the standard 43 as the slightly fatter grip allows for a firmer hold. You can also add any of Glock's factory upgrade sights if you want. Sure, the Glock 43 is a great pistol...but the 43X is just a little better. Definitely one of our favorite Glock 9 pistols. Model C9 Camo DD (9mm). Hi-Point® Firearms 9mm Handgun Specifications. Barrel length: 3.5. Weight: 29 oz. Capacity: 8-shot mag standard (10-shot avail)

Penetration in the sweet spot zone, great expansion, and good velocity for the bullet weight.  My personal favorite since I like the shooting impulse of 147 gr bullets.With twenty different 9mm models to choose from, the Glock pistol buyer today has a lot of homework to do. How are you going to use your new gun? Concealed carry? Target/Range? Competition? Law Enforcement? The answer to that question alone should guide you in your selection. But, what if you will use it for more than one purpose? No problem – Glock has you covered. Glock does not make rifles or shotguns, and only make one type of pistol but they have been doing it for over 35 years and seem to have the process down. You can spend more (or less) on a pistol, but, like with the Chevy Impala, you pretty much know what you’re going to get when you plunk down your hard-earned dollars. Consistency and reliability are what you pay for and consistency and reliability are what you get. After all, all those law enforcement agencies, including the F.B.I., know what they want and Glock delivers for them. We might take a lesson from that. So, if you are in the market for a 9mm Glock, check the following table out and maybe it will help you narrow down your prospective choices. Have fun shooting and be safe!Hi John, they are the same round. You'll see it as 9mm, 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, or 9x19mm. There's other rounds with 9mm projectiles, but chances are if you see a bare 9mm...it's the one we listed above.

9mm rounds offer an excellent balance of penetrating power and expansion, while their small size allow for high-capacity magazines. Unfortunately, the popularity of the 9mm has led to such a wide variety of ammunition that it often leaves consumers scratching their heads when it comes to choosing the.. Glock 17 vs 19, who is the ultimate winner? It also needs to be of an operation, capacity, weight, and size favoring its user at all times. Some think that 9mm is an anemic personal protection template. Personally, the parameters are so numerous that it seems difficult for us to give a definitive.. The first thing to remember is that the XS Big Dot sights are designed for concealed carry and combat shooting. The XS Big Dots are not your traditional iron sights and are designed solely for close-range combat shooting. The XS Big Dot sights feature a massive front sight and a smaller, more subdued rear sight. The term Big Dot is truly an accurate representation of what the sights really are. The front sight is easily twice the size of normal front sights.The only way some people think the Glock 26 could get better is if it was made into a Glock 9mm single stack. As it happens, they did: it's the Glock 43.Hi Eric, really like all your gear reviews! I used to shoot the “White Box” 100 round .45 ACP box from Walmart. Cheap and not super reliable, and that’s exactly what I wanted for practice; every once in awhile I’d get a stove pipe or other jam. So that gave me practice in learning to clear the jams and I never know when it would happened, so I liked that it wasn’t that reliable! But, sadly, they don’t sell them anymore. Keep up the good reviews, I’m learning a lot, thanks!

The 0940 is a dedicated GLOCK® magazine fed AR-15 lower receiver set configurable in 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG. It features last round bolt hold open.I know several people who carry a Model 19 and love it. It is no coincidence that Glock chose to release the Model 17 and the Model 19 first in their Gen5 configuration. They evidently reasoned that the 17, with its law enforcement following was a natural to get out to the public. The Model 19, being the best-selling Glock, was another sure bet in Gen5.New to your site and enjoying the articles. I was looking for informational videos for Glock mods when I came across PPT. You have tested and recommended what you consider the best 9mm SD round. I am curious to know which 45acp rounds you would recommend and why you didnt mention the 45 for sd? (I realize the 9 would be easier to handle for a beginner shooter and I do have a Taurus PT 92 that was my duty weapon and has never failed me.) My edc and primary home defense is the Glock 30SF. Not criticizing whatsoever, I am enjoying your info and just curious to hear your ideas on the 45. Thank you.

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