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Born and raised in upstate New York.Attended Syracuse University, where he was the first undergraduate to receive a combined Directing degree from the Theatre and Film schools.He is involved with several charitable organizations including Oceana, The Humane Society, and The Creative Coalition.He ... While Carnage was in federal custody, the super-villain Wizard attempted to break him out to make him a part of his new iteration of The Frightful Four. However, during the ensuing chaos, Wizard discovered he couldn't control the monster's mind, because of Kasady's lobotomization. Thankfully, Wizard's longtime ally and fellow member of the Frightful Four Klaw attacked the symbiote with a sonic blast, preventing the symbiote from killing Wizard.Carnage appears in the 2011 musical as a member of Green Goblin's Sinister Six. In this reality Carnage was created by Green Goblin in a lab.


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  1. Carnage can fight, run, and perform other physical activities that will allow him to physically exert himself at peak capacity for about 24 hours on end before the build up of fatigue toxins in his bloodstream begins to impair him and affect his overall capabilities. Carnage can withstand high caliber bullets, falls from a great height of over several stories, enough volts to fry a normal human in seconds and powerful energy attacks while sustaining little to no pain or physical injury as well as also withstanding powerful impact forces and blunt force trauma from direct physical blows from superhumans as strong as Spider-Man, Venom, or Toxin with far less physical injury than that of what would instantly kill normal humans or what lower level super humans would receive.
  2. The song "Carnage Rules" by Green Jellÿ, which is featured as the first song on their album 333, is written about the character and is used as the theme song for the Maximum Carnage video game.
  3. ed to drive Spider-Man over the edge...
  4. In the comics, Carnage is an alien symbiote (or parasite) that is the offspring of Venom. When Venom bonds with Brock, he is in prison along with his cellmate, Kasady. The Carnage symbiote bonds with Kasady after Venom/Brock escape prison, setting up the long-running conflict between Venom and Carnage, in which Spider-Man has regularly been caught.

After the events of Superior Carnage in which the symbiote healed Kasady's mind, Carnage is back on one of his murderous rampages in which he attacks a small café. After believing its his destiny to defeat Carnage, Deadpool goes after him. Although his first attempt would have been a success, Shriek prevents Wade from completing his mission but, after a couple of attempts, Deadpool is finally able to beat Carnage with the help of four other symbiotes. At the end of the series, Carnage swears he will get his vengeance.Hey you! Yes you, hot stuff. Like my article? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Also, don’t forget to share it with your buds. And if you’d like to talk movies you can hit me up here: @cinesam

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Moviedash.com was forged in the scorching fires of Mount Doom for one reason: To share our passion for movies with fellow movie lovers. Yeap, we're weirdos, just like you! We're your brutally honest and unfiltered source of movie news, reviews, and editorials.Developer Note: Again same as before with a juuuust a bit more Critical Damage Rating, this is the go to Special Attack for DPS once Carnage has all of his Buffs built up, especially with a Critical Rating Buff or 2, and some Furies locked in to make the most use of the bonus Critical Damage Rating.Carnage was one of several super villains trying to escape from The Raft in New Avengers #1-2. However the Sentry flew Carnage outside the Earth's atmosphere and ripped him apart. According to Iron Man 's computer Kasady might not have been inside the symbiote."I don’t think we wanted Eddie to go to jail at the end of our movie," Fleischer said. "That would’ve been a bit of a bummer. But we did want to have them in jail cell proximity and so we left the door open for how Venom can spawn Carnage and how Cletus might someday become that character." The Venom after-credits scene features actor Woody Harrelson as the serial killer Cletus Kasady, who in the comic books becomes the Spider-Man/Venom foe, Carnage

Developer Note: Couple of changes here, the Armor Breaks replacing Bleeds when the opponent is immune makes Carnage better at overcoming the Bleed Immunity of Robots who he should have the Cosmic over Tech advantage against. The Bleed refresh shifts more of Carnage’s Damage potential into his Bleeds, and makes him work even better with Deep Wounds (more time to land that Bleed Refresh), It also allow him to keep his Power Gain flowing without needing to thread in Heavy Attacks or Special 3’s nearly as often. Special note for the Beta Players, apologies for the bug on the info page, you were playing Carnage with the Bleed Reset Chance at 20% for your reference.Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved.Shriek appears startled at first, but she may just be shocked that Cletus Kasady may still be alive. Wondering if maybe they will offer her the symbiote suit because of her having been near it longer than anyone else (besides Cletus Kasady) without being ripped to shreds. But so far, they are using Shriek to "feed" the symbiote her hate and lust for destruction, which she has the ability to do emitting and inducing in others. (like how she did in Maximum Carnage to drive the whole city insane with blood lust)

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Carnage was actually not the first choice of names from his creators, as revealed in the trade paper-back Spider-Man: Carnage, his original name was Chaos, but due to a DC character sharing that name, it was rejected. The 2nd choice was Ravage, but due to concerns of him being tied to Ravage 2099 that name was also rejected, Carnage was actually the third choice when it came to naming the character.If you’ve stayed until the mid-credit scene of Venom, you’re probably wondering who’s the guy with the insane red hair getting the Hannibal Lecter treatment. That would in fact be one of Venom’s greatest enemies, Cletus Kasady aka Carnage. We’ve already broken down his appearance in the film and what it means for the Venomverse but this time around we’re taking a look another important question. Is Carnage stronger than Venom? In the world of comics, the rivalry between these two symbiotes is a classic. In 2004, we got one of the best written runs revolving around the two simply entitled Venom Vs Carnage. And now we’re going to get a chance to see these two juggernauts go mono a mono on screen.The "Venom" movie alludes to the idea that there are hundreds more symbiotes from their home planet, and that we only saw a sliver of them. Whether a sequel sticks to the idea that Carnage is an offspring of Venom or an entirely separate symbiote remains to be seen. Hailee Steinfeld was born on December 11, 1996 in Tarzana, California, to Cheri (Domasin), an interior designer, and Peter Steinfeld, a personal fitness trainer. She has a brother, Griffin. Her uncle is Jake Steinfeld, a fitness trainer, and her great-uncle is actor Larry Domasin. Her father is of ... The two sides immediately attack each other, with Carnage slaying the spider-minions and then goes after Spider-man himself. During the fight, Spider-man throws Wizard out of the window and out into the street below. Now free from Wizard's control, Carnage attacks Klaw, temporarily disposing of him while he goes to kill Spider-Man. During the fight between Carnage and Spidey, Klaw recovers and attacks Spider-man to protect his friend Wizard. While Klaw is blasting Spider-Man with his sonic scream, Carnage stabs Klaw through the back with a vibranium blade. This pierces his suit and causes him to explode into a sonic boom

Ужасы, фантастика, боевик. Режиссер: Энди Серкис. В ролях: Том Харди, Мишель Уильямс, Вуди Харрельсон и др. Продюсер: Ави Арад, Келли Марсел, Эми Паскаль и др The Ultimate universes version of Carnage came into being when Curt Connors combined the DNA sequences found in a sample of Spider-Man's blood with DNA sequences found in Richard Parker's research (presumably on the project that created the original Venom symbiote). However, it had to drain all fluid from its victims to stay alive. When Carnage escapes from the lab it begins making its way towards Peter Parker's home. In it's wake it leaves a trail of corpses that have been completely drained of their blood. Upon finally confronting Peter Parker, it begins to take a new shape, revealing a face that is not unlike Peter's.Carnage can morph sections of his body, such as his hands or feet, into bladed weaponry and blunt instruments such as spikes, blades, shields, swords, giant talons, harmers or claws, or axes from his own mass and using them to stab or shred any innocent person he sees. This is shown on several occasions when Carnage mutates his fingers and arms into what look like large swords. Unlike Venom, Carnage can also detach parts of his symbiote at enemies in the form of solid weapons such as darts, spears, knives, axes, etc., if he chooses to. For example, Carnage has often forms spikes that he expels from his body. Whatever the weaponry, however, they will disintegrate into dust after being separated from his body after a period of about 30 seconds after leaving Carnage‘s body. Carnage has also shown being able to infect others, taking over their body against their will. After consuming all the meat of over four thousand head of cattle and the staff in the local meat packing factory in small American town. Carnage almost took over a small town including Captain America, the Thing, Wolverine, and Hawkeye all becoming infected with the bloodthirsty symbiote copes after increasing it’s size, and all being used as puppets against Spider-Man.Developer Note: Increase to Damage and Duration, of the Bleed, makes this the way for Carnage to get a Bleed in place if you can’t easily land a Heavy Attack (eg Stun Immune Fights). The duration is also long enough that it tends to be relatively easy to keep refreshing it for most of, if not an entire, fight.

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Cletus was later hauled off to get cured from the alien symbiote which lived in his blood. He later escaped by scratching his tongue against a tooth which he filed down to a needle point in order to release the alien. Spider-man later shows up to stop him with a sonic gun, however Carnage uses two near by cops as a distraction to take out the gun for good, and shortly after kills the cops. Carnage then takes the police car and drives off to visit Billy, his first and maybe only friend of his life to kill him. Carnage figured that people would never expect him to go after a specific target, since all he does it random murder, this makes it all the more fun for him. Carnage told Billy about their first meeting and tells him why he is going to kill him. He says that "In a world of carnage and chaos there can be no enemies, only victims, making this the perfect example". Spider-man tracks Carnage down when a battle to the death ruptured. Carnage nearly defeated the Web-Slinger, when Billy distracted him and trick him out of using his symbiote. Spider-man landed a punch square in the jaw which knocked the killer out cold. Kasady went back to Ravencroft, and as he sits in his cell he waits. He figures they expect him to escape, which is why he does the exact opposite, because doing the unexpected is what makes him free.Carnage was once a serial killer known as Cletus Kasady, and became Carnage after merging with the offspring of the alien symbiote called Venom during a prison breakout. The symbiote amplified his psychotic nature making him even less mentally stable than he had been previously, and therefore even more dangerous. An interesting note is that, unlike Venom, Carnage is a singular entity, referring to himself as "I" instead of "We", because the symbiote has actually merged into Kasady's bloodstream. Carnage is also the "father" of Toxin. A note on his childhood: Cletus' father killed his wife (Cletus' mother) because she tried to kill Cletus. Cletus then testified in court against him, saying that he killed her for no reason, causing him to die by electric chair as means of punishment. It is also unclear on Cletus' relationship with his mother, as he seems to have feelings for her, causing him to dig up her grave at the end of his massacre through New York. He also revealed that he killed his grandmother when he was younger, pushing her down a flight of stairs. Since the alien symbiote adapts to the host's personality, the Carnage symbiote is affected by Kasady's insane mind and lust for destruction.

Developer Note: These effects are only active while the Klyntar Mutation Buff remains active. If the Buff is removed for any reason, all these bonus effects are lost until the Buff is re-activated.It’s unclear whether Carnage and Cletus have already bonded when Eddie meets Cletus in the Venom film. It’s possible that Venom will spawn an offspring during Eddie’s visit to the prison, which will later worm its way into Cletus’ cell.But even fans were likely taken aback by who portrayed the character in the scene: none other than Woody Harrelson, complete with a curly red wig. The scene features journalist Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, visiting a prison to interview Kasady. When Brock arrives, Kasady has written "Welcome Eddie" in his own blood on the wall, and proclaims that when he escapes, "there's gonna be carnage." Carnage defeats Venom, he's stronger than Venom by a large degree. But Venom isn't dumb So Carnage, using the generation rule is more powerful than Venom. Another reason is because..

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  1. Special 2: Rabid Onslaught – Carnage uses his tentacles to suddenly propel himself towards his target while he strikes with his claws.
  2. Developer Note: Same as before, but slightly more Critical Rating. The combination of many hits, and the Critical Rating bonus makes this attack the way to try and refresh Bleeds.
  3. The sonic boom from Klaw's explosion caused the Symbiote to abandon Malus and attach itself to Wizard. Given the power of Carnage, Wizard goes on a rampage and throws a car at Spider-Man and the now powerless Dr. Malus. Spider-Man stops the car and fights the new Carnage one-on-one! This new Carnage taunts Spider-Man by telling him that he knows he is really Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man continues to fight Carnage, trying to buy Dr. Malus time to escape, but Malus is handicapped and can't even walk. So Carnage "helps" his former host by ridding him of his pesky legs, ripping them off of his body.
  4. g Carnage! Playing as Venom you must battle it out with Carnage. After a long fought battle Carnage is cornered in a room where the R.H.I.N.O suit was being designed. Venom and Carnage continue to fight while maintaining life by feeding on the various guards in the room. Venom finally beats Carnage and immediately feeds on him, stripping Peter of the Venom particles in his system and giving Eddie control of the Venom suit.
  5. g threats. It's a lot more efficient than Spider-Man’s spider-sense because it takes less time to sense the danger, and Kasady’s reflexes are faster than Spider-Man’s, because they are enhanced by the alien costume for instance Carnage can dodge a gunshot or a barrage of bullets.
  6. With his breakthrough performance as Eames in Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller Inception (2010), English actor Tom Hardy has been brought to the attention of mainstream audiences worldwide. However, the versatile actor has been steadily working on both stage and screen since his television debut...

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Special 3: Hide-And-Seek – Venom’s body writhes and mutates into a creature of nightmares as he plays a twisted game of hide-and-go-seek with his prey.The symbiotes go rogue, and manage to find zoo animals that escaped from a private reserve and bond to them. The Venom symbiote bonds to a gorilla, while the Carnage symbiote bonds to several monkeys, a few giraffes, and even a lion. Meanwhile, Cletus's bionic legs fall apart due to the glass tank affecting the symbiotic circuitry. Flash and Cletus have a brutal fight, impaling each other with meat hooks and glass. With help from the Avengers and Scorn, the Venom symbiote gorilla makes it's way back to Flash, leaving the gorilla and bonding to him again. Flash takes advantage of Cletus's lost limbs and easily wins the confrontation, but doesn't kill Cletus.Later, Cletus Kasady makes a return. When the symbiote takes over Tanis Nieves it goes on a rampage, not bonding with her, still sensing Cletus Kasady's presence. Spider-Man and Iron Man believe it to be going for revenge to kill the man who kept it locked up, but instead it went straight for Kasady, who has new bio-mechanical legs from being ripped in two. The bond between the symbiote and its host was so strong that the symbiote almost died in space just to keep Cletus alive. The symbiote bonded to Kasady once more and Carnage went on a murderous rampage after Michael Hall, but the security of Royal Blue and the rest arrive to stop Carnage. It is later revealed that Michael Hall used parts of the Carnage symbiote to build their suits. Carnage used a mental link to snap the bones and kill the wearers of the suits then he began to merge with the suits just as he did in Planet of the Symbiotes, growing larger and far stronger. Spider-man and Iron Man showed up, but by then it was too late.Carnage starred in the miniseries Venom vs. Carnage, in 2005. The Carnage symbiote spawned a "child" symbiote, which he tried to kill without success. The "child" later bonded with police officer Patrick Mulligan, which was the host Carnage chose because he was nearest at the time. Carnage had the opportunity to kill the symbiote child then and there however Carnage was exhausted because he tried to kill his offspring before it got birthed. Carnage felt nothing but hate for the young creature and attempted to kill it, while Venom defended it (oddly enough feeling protective of his "grandchild"). Venom named the new symbiote Toxin. Later Carnage yet again tries to kill Toxin and almost gets away till the Black Cat notices Pat Mulligan screaming hanging with an inch of his life on a building with Carnage veering close. Black Cat later stops Carnage and saves Pat Mulligun. Carnage yet again tries to kill Toxin and the Black Cat when Pat Mulligun's symbiote starts to go over him and he stops Carnage. When Toxin realized the power he has, he went off to kill Cletus Kasady and almost succeeded but stopped because he didn't want to sink to his levels. Venom then teams up with Carnage to kill Toxin once and for all, but are both stopped when Toxin, Black Cat, and Spider-Man team up to defeat them. Mulligan has since attempted to steer the symbiote towards heroism instead of murder.

Later, Venom and Spider-Man had to team up to stop Carnage. During this time it was revealed that the symbiote had become a part of Kasady's blood and was irremovable from him. Kasady only needed to be cut for the symbiote to flood out to become Carnage once again. Unlike Venom, Carnage had become less vulnerable to the high-pitched sounds which would normally stop Venom, however he was still vulnerable to intense heat. While living in Atlanta, Georgia, Nadji's family discovered that he had a talent for dancing, acting, and music. Nadji's talents caught the eye of several A-list entertainers, giving him the opportunity to perform for Usher's New Look Foundation Gala in New York City in 2005. In 2010 Nadji was ... "Venom" is a surprise box-office hit, smashing expectations in its opening weekend with $80 million — the biggest October opening of all time. It's also made over $225 million worldwide. With a production budget of $100 million, it's safe to say that there will be a sequel to "Venom."When the Venom symbiote returned to bond with an imprisoned Eddie Brock again, it unwittingly left behind the symbiote's offspring (The symbiotes reproduce asexually, once per generation. The children are then of no consequence to the parent. Thus, the Venom symbiote felt no need to inform Brock of the existence of the new symbiote). This Venom offspring got into a cut on Brock's cellmate Cletus Kasady, an insane serial killer, thus bonding with his blood and transforming him into Carnage (also causing his symbiote to turn red). He escaped prison, and began a series of murders, and at the scene of each crime, he wrote "Carnage Rules" on the walls with his own blood.Although it's widely known that the Symbiote can stretch and deform itself, recently it was able to perform this ability during bonded with a human host allowing Carnage to be able to stretch his limbs and once sent his symbiote costume through a telephone line by reducing it to a cellular level. After consuming all the meat of over four thousand head of cattle and the staff in the local meat packing factory in a small town. Carnage was able to infect the town by making the symbiote find its way through the sinks and drains.

The Ultimate version of Carnage appears in an episode of the same name. In the show, the Carnage is created after the Green Goblin kidnaps Peter Parker (who he does not realize is Spider-Man) and forcibly bonds him to the Venom symbiote. Carnage battles Iron Fist, White Tiger, Nova and Power Man before the creature leaves Parker and bonds with Harry Osborn. At the end of the episode, the symbiote is removed from Osborn and taken by Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. for examination.In this reality the Carnage symbiote bonded with Silver Surfer. The Surfer fought Spider-Man, the Avengers and Firestar. When she managed to injure the symbiote, Norrin gained enough control of himself and realize what is happening. When he knew that the Carnage symbiote will likely to control him again, he flew towards the sun, destroying them both.Cletus Kasady only appears in a small cameo here. He is never seen as Carnage. During the second season, he is at Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane in a group seminar with other super villains such as Electro and Doctor Octopus.

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An alternate reality where following discovery that Chameleon had being manipulating him with robotic versions of his parents. When Spider-Man was at his lowest ebb, he accepted the Carnage symbiote and bonded fully with it leading to him renaming himself The Spider and becoming a psychopathic killer. He was sentenced 67 consecutive life sentences in prison.Note that this page deals with the Carnage symbiote itself. For more information on the various hosts go to their respective pages.

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Two deadly enemies, brought together in an electrifying adventure that could mean the end of the amazing Spider-Man!Developer Note: Same Buffs, but bigger numbers, slightly larger buffs to the defensive Buffs to help him feel a little less squishy! Joseph David Keery (born April 24, 1992) is an American actor and musician. He is best known for portraying Steve Harrington in the American science-fiction horror web television series Stranger Things (2016), as well as a contributing musician for the American psychedelic rock band Post Animal....

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  1. Sometime later on one specific mission to kill Bruce Banner, where Spider had been placed in charge of keeping the soldiers from entering the facility while Ms. Marvel (who had replaced The Angel at some point during their journey) proceeded with killing Bruce Banner. Colossus protested against the killings and wanted to seek other options to complete the missions. Spider and Colossus began to argue over their way of doing things but both were stopped by The Vision, who ended the debate once and for all by stating that killing their targets was the only way to ensure that they truly completed their missions. As this occurred Gambit was comforting Storm; who had been mortally wounded during an earlier fight, and was desperately trying to keep her alive. But she soon gave into the darkness and with her last breath, asked to be buried in a forest and not left behind in the factory amongst those they had killed. With the crunch of Banner's skull, Weapon X was then spirited away to another reality to complete yet another mission, apparently leaving Storm to rot in the factory, not that Spider or anyone else other than Gambit cared.
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  3. So who would win a fight? In a straight-up battle with no preparation, Carnage would probably take the day. His unpredictable nature, lack of empathy and deadly abilities would overwhelm Venom, especially if it’s their first encounter. Taking into account that Venom does have moral boundaries and Carnage doesn’t, it’s completely possible that the latter would exploit the former’s altruistic nature. If he’s able to infect people, he could force Venom into a moral dilemma by possessing nearby civilians and making them fight him. Moreover, we’ve seen in the comics that it takes the combined effort of both Venom and Spider-Man to take him down. I’m sure in the sequel, Venom would probably find some way (most likely some weapon) to defeat Carnage. He may even exploit Carnage’s lack of experience and insanity. All that, however, relies on Carnage not taking him out in the first round, and Carnage aims to kill. So what do you guys think? Do you believe the black bruiser could stand a chance again the crimson crazy? Or is he just another victim? Be sure to comment down below to let us know!  
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  1. d to show him how he sees the world. As a result: Matthew Kurtz is driven mad and runs amok only to be gunned down by Ravencroft guards.
  2. Meanwhile the government send in soldiers who have been enhanced with symbiotes, and their mission is to stop Carnage and rescue the civilians before the town is bombed to save the world from Carnage's outbreak. Scorn is also deployed to stop Carnage, but she spends time in her base melding her symbiote with mechanical devices around herself. Spider-Man rallies the un-infected towns folk, they are going to make an attack against Carnage in a last ditch effort to save the town. The symbiote-soldiers are already in the town, fighting off waves of symbiote infected people. As they are running out of ammo, Carnage and the Avengers team he is controlling come out to face them. It looks like the soldiers are doomed, but Spider-Man and the townsfolk arrive and attack Carnage with more molotovs.
  3. Carnage appears as Cletus Kasady but is seen as a mad man more then a serial killer. He later gets sent to Ravencroft where he meets Eddie Brock who was in Ravencroft due to his actions as Venom. Cletus later witnesses the symbiote rescuing Eddie and turning him into Venom. Later on Cletus gets a visit from Baron Mordo who tells Cletus he will give him power like Eddie if he works from him in his efforts to free Dormammu. Cletus says yes and Mordo turns him into Carnage. Carnage then steals the life force of various victims and uses them to free Dormammu from his dimension. He later ends up fighting Spider-Man, Iron Man and Venom in which he is defeated by being thrown into Dormammu's dimensional portal along with Venom.

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The team tried hard to defeat Carnage but things got more difficult when Shriek and Doppleganger made it to the scene. Carnage seemed to not care much that Shriek was around and was much more focused on killing then thanking Shriek for saving him at one point. He almost killed Iron Man but was temped more to kill Spider-Man. He was stopped when a part of the symbiote took over Tanis and transformed into Scorn. Scorn made Shriek aim a sonic scream at Carnage, knocking him down. He was then beaten violently and torn into by Spider-Man attacking him with a street meter but managed to escape before Spider-Man could get through the giant suit.Eventually he got unhinged in time and placed on the Weapon X team by the Timebroker, because the original Weapon X members were killed. He was generally rude and very much disliked the team leader, Sabretooth. Carnage is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #344 (Feb 1991) This 1994 side-scrolling fighter for the Sega Genesis gaming system featured Carnage as the main villain, drawing its story directly from the comic book arc and featuring some of the comic book art. Players could play as both Spider-Man and Venom throughout the game.

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Intelligence and mental state aside, the arsenal these two warriors bring to the fight also count a great deal. Now, this can be a tad tricky, seeing that Carnage and Venom share a lot in common. So let’s just get the similarities out of the way. Both of them have superhuman strength and a rapid healing factor. They also share the ability to produce webbing, shapeshift and create constructs such as blades, tendrils and shields. Both symbiotes bear weaknesses to sounds between the range of 4000-6000 hertz and extreme heat like all symbiotes. That’s about where Venom’s abilities in both comics and film portrayals end. Carnage, on the other hand, that’s a different story. There, Brock meets a red-headed Woody Harrelson, who a guard helpfully informs the audience is a serial killer named Cletus Kasady.

A small-town girl born and raised in rural Kalispell, Montana, Michelle Ingrid Williams is the daughter of Carla Ingrid (Swenson), a homemaker, and Larry Richard Williams, a commodity trader and author. Her ancestry is Norwegian, as well as German, British Isles, and other Scandinavian. She was ... Peter then battles Carnage and eventually tricks Carnage into throwing itself down a smoke stack into the fire below. Carnage is not seen again until one of its victims, Peter Parker's friend Gwen Stacy is found alive again. With her reappearance, a series of Peter Parker clones appear. Nick Fury mobilizes the Spider Slayers to bring the situation under control and in the confrontation, the new Gwen Stacy reverts into Carnage and is shot by the Spider Slayers.

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The Amazing Spider-Man must go head to head with his most dangerous enemy: the psychotic murderer known as Carnage! A vicious serial killer named Cletus Kasady has had his body chemistry altered by an alien creature. Now, Kasady can transform himself into Carnage, who, along with his lethal, living costume, lives for chaos and random acts of senseless, brutal murder! Carnage has been returned to New York in chains, the subject of a daring attempt to reverse the effects of his metamorphosis. When the interference of a deranged scientist causes the experiment to go horribly wrong. Carnage is set loose upon the city once again! It's up to Spider-Man to stop his deadliest foe before he unleashes... Carnage In New York.After Peter Parker rejected a sinister alien symbiote, the extra-terrestrial threat sought revenge by bonding with Eddie Brock, ex-photographer for the Daily Bugle and Peter’s longtime rival. Fueled by their shared hatred of Spider-Man, Brock and the symbiote now use their immense strength and deadly abilities to gain revenge as the fearful Venom.When Kasady is a host to the symbiote, Carnage possesses a great amount of physical superhuman strength as originally he was strong enough to physical lift about 50 tons of weight as he has demonstrated being stronger than both Spider-Man and Venom combined. As of right now, Carnage can physical lift about 80 tons of weight. Carnage’s superhumanly strong legs allow him to run and move at speeds that are greater and superior to that of the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete and Carnage has stated that he is more than ten times faster than normal humans. Carnage’s reflexes, agility, balance,reaction time, and bodily coordination, are all enhanced to a level that is far beyond and far superior to that of the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete and are even superior to Spider-Man’s making him sufficient enough to dodge gun fire.In some interpretations, the Carnage symbiote is vampiric, feeding on and thus endangering his victims by mere touch. If Venom is a symbiote with a limited mass, Carnage on the contrary, constantly forms new molecules and so has inexhaustible reserves it finds in its victims, like a vampire, feeding on them with mere touch. Venom laughs. One night you run into a rampaging Carnage. Carnage is shellshocked by being called a thot and Venom clobbers the shit out of him

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Carnage can shoot strands of the alien’s substance in the form of webbing. Carnage can project this powerful, organic web-like substance similar to the webbing Spider-Man has which at high pressure can reach up to a distance of over 70 feet (21.336 meters) and the strands possess the tensile strength of over 125 pounds per square millimeter of cross section. Carnage typically uses this webbing to swing from building to building or as a means of immobilizing someone. The webbing is exceptionally strong, much more so for even the finest normal human athlete to break.The symbiote has also shown the ability to call back parts of itself back to the main symbiote, adding it to the parts that already make up the symbiote. It can also send commands that cannot be resisted to parts of itself that are in technology, used to break the bones of the Iron Rangers when they challenged Carnage while wearing symbiote enhanced technological exo-suits. Using these last two abilities, Carnage absorbed the five Iron Rangers, and consequently grew to an enormous size and assumed the color blue.The Universal Orlando Resort's 2002 Halloween Horror Nights featured a haunted maze entitled "Maximum Carnage". The maze was designed to be a trip through Carnage's hideout and contained all his henchmen and the remains of various superheroes. The house was located in "Island under Siege", formerly Marvel's superhero island. Carnage also was the icon chosen to represent that specific island for the event. The event's main icon, "The Caretaker," chose him based on his disregard for life and desire to see total chaos.After his escape, Kasady embarked on a citywide killing spree. Kasady is later found by Spider-Man, at the burned down remains of St. Estes Home for Boys. However though the hero proves to be no match for the power of Carnage In desperation, Spider-Man makes a truce with Venom to fight Carnage.

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  1. Special 3: Aberrant Soul – Carnage uses his tentacles to pin his opponent in place, allowing him to take the time to revel in the carnage he creates.
  2. Carnage is more powerful than Venom—in part because he has a psychopathic serial killer as a host rather than just an intrepid journalist. In the comics, Spider-Man convinces Venom to form an uneasy alliance in order to hunt down Carnage.
  3. Key Difference - Carnage vs Venom. Carnage and Venom are fictional supervillains that appear in Marvel Comics. Both these characters are amorphous extraterrestrial parasites; they envelop their..
  4. Carnage appears as one of the main villains in the series and is working with Venom. They had a plan to get the world infected with symbiotes. Later in the series Venom, and Carnage fuse together but are later beaten by Spider-Man. He was voiced by Michael Donovan.
  5. Following being experimented on by Hall Industries, the symbiote developed the ability to create duplicates of itself that could be controlled by its main body.
  6. After the government changes plans from bombing the entire town to a localized assault - killing the zoo animal Carnage symbiotes - Scorn collects the last remaining remnant of the Carnage symbiote for an unknown second objective. The assault on the zoo animal symbiotes leaves the town devastated. Meanwhile, Flash brings Cletus in alive. He tells Captain America that if he had killed Cletus he wouldn't be able to face Spider-Man, Cap assures him that Cletus was meant to be brought in alive. Cletus and the symbiote are then taken from the town and into custody.
  7. Without his symbiote. Kasady is just a normal human. However, the degree of fusion of Cletus Kasady and his symbiote is such that he has become physically dependent on the symbiote. Thus, when the symbiote merged with Ben Reilly, Cletus Kasady began aging fast and early as his body was rapidly deteriorating, being incapable doing the simplest actions such as operating a sink. Once the symbiote returned, Cletus found health. Subsequently, it appeared that this weakening of Cletus was linked to a stomach cancer which was held in check by the actions of the symbiote (as in the case of cancer Venom and Brock ) once the symbiote was fully treated, the cancer Cletus had, Cletus Kasady could survive without his symbiote, which is shown when Venom eventually absorb it.

Cletus Kasady is a Schizophrenic enabling him to activate extra-terrestrial episodes of paranoia and delusion to transform into the demonic alien symbiote of Carnage, converting negative emotions into biomass. It would also seem that when Carnage consumes or eats other symbiotes as he did in Planet of the Symbiotes storyline, Carnage would grow in size, growing gigantic as he devoured so many symbiotes, that his height grew up to 100 feet.Cletus and Carnage’s union gets a bit complicated. In the comics, Eddie Brock does a stint in prison and his cellmate is none other than Cletus Kasady. While in prison, Venom produces an offspring named Carnage. (He reproduces asexually, in case you were wondering.) Venom doesn’t tell Eddie about it, and Venom and Eddie escape prison. Once they’re gone, Carnage bonds with Cletus.A team of heroes; Captain America, Wolverine, Hawkeye and Thing - are lead by Spider-Man to make contact with Carnage. When they arrive, they find Cletus holding all the towns people hostage, and his symbiote wrapped around all their necks. When the Thing uses a sonic weapon on Carnage, it results in the heroes becoming infected with the bloodthirsty symbiote, and facing off with Spider-Man.Based on the limited time we had with Cletus Kasady, it seems that Sony will be staying faithful to the nature of the character. For those who haven’t gotten caught up in his history, Cletus Kasady is a bloodthirsty psychopath with one hell of a mean streak. When Eddie Brock escapes from prison using the Venom symbiote, an offspring bonds with Cletus. His insane personality fed over into the symbiote, creating Carnage. He along with his new symbiote would be a thorn in Spider-Man and Venom’s side for a long time. So much so that in  an issue of Spider-Man Vol.1, the two of them had to team up with one another just to stop Carnage.              

Due to the Carnage symbiote being a child of the Venom symbiote which Spider-Man was its first host, Carnage can't be detected by Spider-Man's sixth sense, his Spider-Sense. As such, Carnage is capable of attacking Spider-Man without alerting him, making Carnage a deadly foe. Carnage was once a serial killer known as Cletus Kasady, and became Carnage after merging with the offspring of the alien symbiote called Venom during a prison breakout And while, Eddie’s moral code might be a hindrance in battle, I believe Kasady’s insanity and disregard for life would be a greater disadvantage. Yeah sure, he’ll go all out in his insatiable need for murder and mayhem but that’s exactly the problem. Carnage’s singular mindset could lead to his downfall. Furthermore, Kasady isn’t exactly the smartest man in New York. So coupling Venom’s mentally stable host and extensive experience against Carnage’s unpredictable and violent host, I’d have to give it to Venom in this department.     

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Spider later reappeared at Hyperion's side, opposite of Ms. Marvel, along with the two newest additions to Weapon X: The Hulk and Firestar and commended Gambit for "seeing the light." As their journey progressed, Gambit started to lie to Hyperion about the mission objectives and tricked him into thinking that the worlds they had traveled to were not worth conquering thus compelling them to complete the missions. But Hyperion eventually caught on and blasted Gambit's arm off with his atomic heat vision in an attempt to take The Tallus for himself. When The Hulk tried to kill Hyperion, Spider managed to latch a web onto his arm and pulled his attention away from Hyperion long enough for the madman to recover. With Spider and Ms. Marvel's aid, Hyperion overwhelmed the two and then moved onto bigger targets like The Fantastic Five and The Avengers. Spider later built a large web in Times Square from which the corpses of Earth-4400's heroes and the semi-conscious Hulk and Firestar were strung up on for all to see and was then sent on a reconnaissance mission to find The Exiles. When The Exiles appeared, Spider rushed back to Hyperion's side and told him of their arrival. Later, when he learned that only six survivors would be allowed to move onto the next reality, Spider tried to kill Firestar despite Hyperion's protests and was incinerated. His ashes along with the corpses of Magik, Ms. Marvel, Firestar, Hulk and Hyperion were brought to The Panoptichron and sealed away inside a wall of crystal containing the bodies of every Weapon X and Exile member who had ever died or been rendered comatose such as Heather Hudson, Thunderbird and, surprisingly enough, King Hyperion).A deadly serum that causes anyone it touches to go violently insane has been stolen. Spider-Man must find the culprit before the serum is used to wreak havoc on the city. As if that weren't enough, someone has freed Carnage, the psychotic, super-powered serial killer, from prison-- and he's gunning for Spidey!Comic book readers were probably not surprised to discover who the "Venom" after-credits scene introduces to the Sony Spider-Man expanded universe: Cletus Kasady, the serial killer who becomes the symbiotic monster and one of Spider-Man's most popular foes, Carnage.Carnage is able to rapidly regenerate and heal damaged bodily tissues with much greater speed and efficiency than that of what normal humans are capable of allowing him to regenerate and heal from large amounts of damaged or even destroyed bodily tissue that would be fatal to normal humans within a matter of moments. Carnage’s symbiote has even shown the ability to repair brain damage, as it had done for both the Wizard and Cletus Kasady himself. However, it isn't known, although or not, if Carnage can fully regenerate severed limbs or missing internal organs although he has appeared to have regrown the lower half of his body and while in the Microverse, Carnage was capable of reattaching his severed head after being decapitated by Venom. However, should Cletus Kasady lose his limbs and not be able to heal them, the symbiote can also replace them by forming legs of its own as long as Cletus Kasady has his symbiote. Carnage’s regenerative healing factor extends to his immune system as well rendering him to be immune to the effects of all known Earthly diseases, infections and illnesses that even current human medical care cannot care such as cancer as long as Kasady remains bonded with the symbiote.

Developer Note: A big injection of Power at the beginning of the fight, as long as Carnage stays on offense. This is targeted at allowing Carnage to get his first 4 Mutation Buffs locked in much faster, and making it much less punishing if you have to build up to SP3 to get a bleed in place. Note: the bonus reduces by 25% per Mutation Buff, meaning at 2 Buffs the bonus is 25% and is entirely gone at 4 Buffs. If you were in Beta there was a bug with this ability we only found after the test which was cutting off the Power Bonus at 2 Buffs, so this should help Carnage ramp to 4 Buffs even faster!Special 1: Frenzied Assault – Carnage hurls himself at his opponent, rending with limbs and tentacles alike.Carnage was created by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley and first appeared fully in Amazing Spider-Man issue 361 (1992). He had however appeared before in a minor cameo one issue before, in Amazing Spider-Man issue 360 (1992).In the sequel to Maximum Carnage, the symbiote family teams up to defeat Carnage. The game's title is misleading, as the events more closely follow the Venom: Lethal Protector story arc.Recently, Carnage was one of many super-villains trying to escape from the Raft. He tried to kill couple helpless civilians who were there to meet another inmate called Sentry. Who then intervened and flew Carnage outside of the Earth's atmosphere, where he ripped him apart. Kasady was presumably killed and has not been seen since.

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With the heroes out of action, the government turns to its other contigency plans; Venom, Toxin, Hybrid, Scorn and Anti-Venom. Spider-Man escapes his symbiote infected allies, as Carnage uses them like puppets against him. He is rescued by the townsfolk who have avoided Carnage, and they use molotov fire bombs to make their getaway from the town center, to their base on a fenced in, private zoo.Ultimate Carnage is the final boss for the Ultimate universe. The level opens with Ultimate Spider-Man reaching out to SHIELD to see if they can help locate the last fragment of the Tablet of Order and Chaos. Instead, he discovers that Carnage has just escaped from the SHIELD prison and is using the fragment to turn SHIELD agents into symbiotic zombies. Spider-Man must pursue Carnage through the facility, fighting off Carnage's minions and the few SHIELD units that remain. During the initial fight with Carnage, it is revealed that the symbiote is vulnerable to fire. After dodging a crashing SHIELD helicarrier, Spider-Man must climb to the top of a tower for the final showdown against Carnage, where SHIELD units help by providing fire support. He was once again voiced by Fred Tatasciore.In Minimum Carnage, Carnage is made stronger (incorporating hybrid clones of himself and Venom from the Microverse into his symbiote). By the end of Minimum Carnage (Omega), the Carnage symbiote has full control of Cletus Kasady's body (because Kasady has become lobotomized). More details can be found on Kasady's page.Like with all symbiotes, Carnage possesses limited shape-shifting abilities which Kasady has full control over the size, shape, color (usually red and black), texture, and hardness of his symbiote (and any part thereof) and can use it in a verity of ways including: Is Carnage stronger than Venom? In world of comics, the rivalry between these two symbiotes is a classic. In 2004, we got one of the best written runs

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The symbiote is also able to rapidly adapt itself and its host to new environments. Carnage is capable of surviving in harmful areas for long periods of time such as being underwater or in toxic gases, by having the symbiote filter breathable air for Kasady and when Kasady was taken into space by Sentry, the symbiote was able to save his life by growing small sacks around his mouth that converted carbon dioxide into oxygen, allowing Kasady to stay alive long enough for him to be recovered. Bill Skarsgård was born on August 9, 1990 in Vällingby, Sweden as Bill Istvan Günther Skarsgård. He is an actor and producer, known for It (2017), It Chapter Two (2019) and Deadpool 2 (2018). Though he has had no formal training, the natural abilities granted to Kasady by the symbiote along with Carnage's homicidal urges make him an erratic and dangerous opponent who’s highly erratic and unpredictable. Even without the symbiote, Kasady is capable of killing people without hesitation.Cletus Kasady was a serial killer from Brooklyn, psychotic and depraved from an early age. As a cellmate of Eddie Brock’s, he bonded with a spawn of the Venom Symbiote during a prison break, and merged into a single twisted being. Kasady and the Symbiote would go on a killing spree, earning them their name: Carnage. With the Symbiote amplifying Kasady’s psychotic tendencies, there’s no telling how deep their acts of depravity will plunge.

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  1. The Carnage symbiote is capable of psychically detecting and tracking its offspring, however with effort this ability can be blocked So that Venom can’t track him.
  2. Developer Notes: This is a self synergy that automatically activates and does not require a different Champion on the team to activate.
  3. Fans who stuck around through the Venom credits scene saw Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock ride his motorcycle up to San Quentin prison for an interview with a prisoner. This is possibly the big exclusive he mentioned to his ex-fiancée Anne (Michelle Williams) at the end of the movie.
  4. g a part of him, not only can the symbiote not be separated from Kasady by traditional means, but it’s been shown that the Carnage’s symbiote can also hide in Cletus Kasady’s blood stream and that it even caused a mutation in Cletus Kasady’s blood so that when the symbiote was see
Marvel Comics Universe & Absolute Carnage #2 Spoilers: AMarvel Comics Universe & Venom #17 Spoilers & Review: Red

Who is Cletus Kasady?

Carnage and Cletus were always like minded; they both share a love of killing. Cletus Kasady is in complete control of the symbiote, unlike Eddie Brock who still puts up some fights with his own alien. Unlike Venom, Carnage refers to himself as "I" instead of "we" because Kasady and Carnage have become one being literally to the point that the symbiote lives in his blood. Perhaps due in part to his insanity, Carnage's strength and abilities far exceed those of his predecessors Venom and Spider-Man, and grows with his blood-lust.Cletus Kasady has been diagnosed with a severe mental illness called schizophrenia. Even without the symbiote, Cletus had insanity from his criminal ways...(Venom) и стал Карнажем (Carnage). В мультсериале Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Земля-92131) Клетус Кэссиди и Карнаж появляются в сериях «Venom Returns» и «Carnage»

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Later in the series when Spider-Man was on a mission to save Mary Jane with the help of Mysterio, Spider-Man was attacked by a robot version of Carnage which was easily defeated.In the fourth season, the symbiote bonds with Mary Jane Watson, creating a new villain known as Carnage Queen. The heroes are able to remove the symbiote and restore Mary Jane to her senses, but it's discovered that traces of it remain in her body. Using the remains of the symbiote, she becomes the heroine Spider-Woman.

How does Spider-Man fit in?

When Exiles discovered that the bodies can be released from the crystal wall, they sent all of them back to their own reality. Spider's body was buried in the prison graveyard.Perhaps the most famous storyline in which Carnage appears is the 1993 Spider-Man event Maximum Carnage. Carnage ends up escaping from an asylum and attacks the doctors and breaks out a super villain named Shriek in which the two start a romantic bond with each other. Later on, they get a whole Carnage "family" of psychotic super-villains (consisting of Demogoblin, Carrion and Doppelganger) and overtake New York in a twisted killing spree where he randomly kills hundreds if not thousands of innocent people and throws the city into mindless chaos. They are eventually driven back by Spider-Man, Venom, the Black Cat, Captain America, Nightwatch, Cloak And Dagger, Deathlok, Morbius and Firestar. His partnership with Shriek and the other villains would fade over time and later almost completely disappear in his big battle with Spider-Man and his allies. However, despite Carnage's apparent death at the hands of Deathlok using his "Magni Illuminizer", Carnage shockingly returns out of a lake just as Venom complains to Spider-Man that he wanted to kill Carnage himself. He had faked his own death (most likely by covering one of his victims in a mock symbiote outfit).Developer Note: Now a 100% chance, the point is to get the crits while the Bleed/Armor Breaks are active, and it didn’t feel rewarding to do that, and hit that unlucky 20%.Carnage was a playable character via downloadable content on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Carnage has many neat attacks in the game: he can throw axes, enlarge his head, and send tendrils out to attack enemies. You rank up for killing enemies. Carnage also had a rather animalistic semi-quadropedal movement style. As of December 31, 2010, Carnage will no longer be available for download because Activision allowed its rights to Marvel's intellectual properties to lapse. He was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

The Carnage symbiote once thought dead by the hands of Sentry is being held in a containment tank by an unknown organization, who kidnap Shriek and lead her to see it.Later it turns out Cletus is hiding in a beach house with Doppleganger watching TV and plotting a comeback.Since Kasady is a cold-blooded murderer, Carnage is more vicious than Venom, and hence doesn't have some of the barriers that Venom has shown in the comics and the movie. 

For non-comic book readers, the scene — like many world-building after-credits scenes in superhero movies today — may have been a tad confusing. Who is this guy and why should casual moviegoers care?When Spider and Weapon X arrived on the home universe of David Richards (an alternate version of the villain called Hyperstorm), he noticed that the Exiles had arrived there as well. Unlike those who comprised The Exiles, Spider was not shocked to discover that there was another reality hopping team like Weapon X, though he was surprised to learn that Sasquatch was a woman named Heather Hudson. He had no problem showing his identity as Peter Parker, as he was seen moving around without a mask. Spider helped the Exiles with rescuing this kid named David Richards. After they rescued the boy and all of the other children, Sabretooth was having a fight with Deadpool about killing David Richards. Spider told everybody that both teams will stay if they don't kill David Richards and it would be their best interest to kill him and get on with everyone's lives. When Sabretooth abandoned the team and killed Deadpool, Spider ordered the rest of Weapon X to kill him, which quickly erupted into an all-out battle between Weapon X and The Exiles. It was then that The Timebroker appeared, hoping to end the conflict, only to be assaulted by Spider. However, Mimic managed to halt Spider's attack before Spider could "kill" him. The Exiles then proposed a compromise; Sabretooth was to stay and raise David Richards in the hopes that he could prevent him from becoming another Hyperstorm and both teams move on with their missions.In terms of experience, it’s safe to say that Eddie, in the context of the film canon, has a lot more than Kasady. We’ve seen in the film that the man already has a working relationship with the Venom symbiote. Both of them being quite comfortable with each other, both on and off the battlefield. Why does this matter? Simply put that a symbiote is only as strong as its host. In Marvel Knight Spider-Man #8, we see that Venom bonds with a weak-willed and pathetic host named Angelo Fortunato. After getting his butt handed to him by Spider-Man, he cowardly flees the scene only to have the Venom symbiote abandon him. The mental and emotional state of a host could potentially sway the outcome of a fight.

While in prison, Venom produces an offspring named Carnage. It's unclear whether Carnage and Cletus have already bonded when Eddie meets Cletus in the Venom film In the small American town of Doverton, Colorado, Carnage returns. After consuming all the meat and staff in the local meat packing factory, the symbiote infects the town by making its way through the sinks and drains. Cletus makes his demands by carving them into a hostage - he wants the town to become a symbiote state, his own country.Towards the end of the last storyline in the series, in an alternate reality, the Carnage symbiote is seen escaping a dimensional portal and bonds with Ben Reilly creating Spider-Carnage. Eventually Spider-Men from different dimensions, including Peter Parker, are commissioned by the Beyonder and Madamme Web to go on a mission to defeat Spider-Carnage. They ultimately end up stopping the super-poweful Carnage possessed Ben Reilly from destroying all of reality with the help of Uncle Ben. Possibly out of grief, Ben Reilly jumps into the inter-dimensional vortex, killing himself and the Carnage symbiote, at the last second before the vortex disappears into oblivion. He was voiced by Scott Cleverdon, with Spider-Carnage voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes.Given that Carnage proves more powerful than even Riot in the comic books, Venom will have his hands full fighting Carnage on his own in the second film. A brief scene in Venom suggested that Anne can also carry a symbiote without meeting dire consequences. Perhaps Venom can reproduce again, Anne could pair with the new symbiote and the erstwhile couple could team up to defeat Carnage.

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Kasady has been separated and re-attached to the symbiote multiple times. The Carnage symbiote has occasionally attached itself to other hosts, including the Silver Surfer, Ben Reilly (a clone of Spider-Man), and Doctor Octopus. Venom later decided to absorb the Carnage symbiote "for good", during which Kasady retained the Carnage persona by costuming himself in red paint and continuing his killing sprees (albeit as a powerless human). This was short lived, however, as Kasady coincidentally found an exact replica of the symbiote in the Negative Zone. As to whether or not the symbiote is a separate entity, "permanently" bonded, or his own blood mutated, has not been revealed. The symbiote once chose to leave Kasady and bond with Ben Reilly. Kasady, without the symbiote, rapidly aged and his body quickly deteriorated. In this state, Kasady was barely able to function, having a hard time operating a sink, let alone being a threat. The symbiote bonded with him again in time to save his life, regenerating his health. When the symbiote abandoned him yet again, this time to join with the Silver Surfer(transforming him into the Carnage Cosmic), Kasady was left dying from an accelerated form of stomach cancer (apparently a side-effect of the symbiosis, also suffered by Eddie Brock, the original Venom). However, when Venom ate the symbiote, he did not deteriorate, indicating that perhaps some fragments of the symbiote were left behind (enough to sustain him but not enough to form the costume). This may be backed up by the fact that Kasady seemed to retain at least some enhanced strength.After attaching Kasady to a sound cage to prevent him from being able to morph into Carange, Klaw and Wizard decide how to control the beast: they will attach the symbiote to a mind the Wizard can control. The person they decide to use is Dr. Karl Malus, fellow scientist and fourth member of the Frightful Four. After dragging him from his wheelchair and forcing him to undergo a blood transfusion with Kasady, Malus morphs into Carnage and attacks Klaw and Wizard with the intent of killing them, thankfully for them, Wizard manages to take control of Malus's mind and make him his servant: The Superior Carnage!

While wrestling with Spider-Man, Carnage gains the upper hand and is about to carve out Spider-Man's eyes, when Venom (Flash Thompson) jumps in and rescues Spider-Man by shooting Carnage with sonic bullets. Venom is winning the fight against Carnage, and is ready to kill him until Spider-Man stops him and Carnage gains control over the Avengers team again. Venom and Carnage are ready to fight again, but suddenly an improvised truck, controlled by the Scorns' mechanically fused symbiote, catches both Venom and Carnage, and puts them both in a glass tank that removes their symbiotes. Flash recovers, and is left in his legless human form with Cletus Kasady standing over him with a shard of glass, ready to kill Flash.Special 2: Constituent Carnage – Eight repeated strikes tear at opponents with tendril and claw.Much like Spider-Man and Venom, Carnage has the ability to cling to virtually any surface by controlling the flux of inter-atomic attraction between molecular boundary layers. Carnage can rapidly crawl, walk, or run across even slickened surfaces. However, the versatile actor has been steadily working on both stage and Eddie Brock/Venom. Spider Man Second Mcu Trilogy Fan Cast(Venom and Sinister Six). a list of 7 people

As for the new Venom universe, Carnage will obviously play the villain in a sequel, should there be one depending on the film's box office success. And without Spider-Man in this continuity, it seems only.. An alternate reality Gambit was made the new leader of Weapon X, something that did not please Spider at all. Spider's next big mission was in reality where Iron Man ruled as a dictator. Their mission was to help Iron Man in destroying the Inhumans. The problem was that Attilan was protected by an energy shield and the only key to penetrate it was in the hands of Wonder Man. But the Wonder Man of this reality was far different from any other incarnation they might have encountered before, he had absorbed gamma particles when Hulk died and his strength grew enormously. Weapon X infiltrated his mansion and planed to steal the device to lower Inhumans' shield, but were discovered. A fight quickly broke loose; Spider thought to convince Wonder Man to surrender by threatening Scarlet Witch, his wife. That however made Wonder Man angry, and he Hulked-out. Now seeing no other option, Gambit activated portable Negative Zone portal. When Wonder Man still hanged on, Gambit ordered She-Hulk to push him in, reassuring that Spider will toss her a web. Spider however refused to do so, and both Hulks disappeared into to portal. When Gambit lashed out at him for abandoning She-Hulk, Spider defended himself by saying that the combined weight of She-Hulk and the hulked-out Wonder Man would have resulted in him being dragged into The Negative Zone as well. Spider also pointed out that it was Gambit, not he, who had promised to cast She-Hulk a lifeline. Following Spiders explanation, a new member arrived to take She-Hulk's place, namely Colossus, but the time for mixing and mingling would have to wait for they had a job to do. After handing the device over to Iron Man, they supervised the attack on The Inhumans, but did not see the trap that had been prepared for their arrival until it was too late. However, before any harm could come to them, Spider and his teammates were spirited away to another reality.

Venom may be an anti-hero, the sort of scary monster who only eats bad guys. But there are plenty of true villains in the Venom cinematic universe. Venom fought riot in his onscreen debut. And a teaser mid-way through the credits for the movie hinted that Venom would have to fight another Spider-Man universe baddie in a sequel.Fleischer also said that the ambition "was to show that there are legs for the franchise in that a fan favorite let alone played by Woody Harrelson would be something we could look forward to in the future."

With his Frightful Four finally assembled, Wizard storms city hall with the intent of killing J. Jonah Jameson and taking control of NYC. Once they reached the mayor's office, they discovered that the mayor was taken to a safe bunker and instead, they meet Spider-Man and his Spider-Minions.Developer Note: The Buffs that are converted into Fury Buffs are lost. It is best to use this ability when the opponent is low on health to finish them off before they can activate specific abilities. Works very well when combined with Venom’s True Strike and Unblockable Special Attacks listed above.The Carnage symbiote, like all others of its kind, is extremely vulnerable to both extreme heat (to a much greater degree than Venom) and sonic (to a much lesser degree than Venom) based attacks. They can cause the symbiote physical pain and discomfort, where as "more powerful" attacks might be completely ineffective, however Carnage doesn't mind the heat as long as he's the one making it as he has made a camp fire.If Venom gets a sequel—which will depend on whether the movie can overcome poor critical reviews and still dominate the box office—Carnage will probably be the main baddie.Like Venom, the symbiote possesses limited shape-shifting abilities in the sense that it is capable of immediately mimicking the appearance and texture of any form of normal clothing, or garment that Kasady wishes (which he has done on rare occasion), as well as camouflaging with its surrounding environment rendering himself almost invisible.

Let’s start with our main man first, Venom. We got a slightly different version of the character in the film. The main drive for Brock in the comics was to get revenge on Spider-Man for destroying his career and sending him into a downward spiral. It just so happened that the symbiote was also at the church when Peter Parker rejected it. Seeing a mutual hatred in Brock, it bonded with the disgraced journalist to create the villain Venom. While the disgraced journalist aspect was still kept in tact, just replace Parker with Carlton Drake, his primary motivation has changed. Eddie here isn’t so much a disgruntled, vengeful foil to Drake than he is a man with a genuine moral compass. Eddie brings out the best in Venom in lieu of Venom feeding on Eddie’s negative emotions.Judging this battle, we’ll be taking a look at their background, experience and power sets. Seeing that there isn’t a lot to go on for Carnage on screen at the current moment, we’ll also be analyzing aspects of their comic book versions to see how it could play out in the future sequel. This is it, folks! Place your bets and get your comic book collection cocked and ready because this is Venom Vs Carnage.     Главная » Комиксы » Marvel Comics » Venom Vs. Carnage. Venom Vs. Carnage - все выпуски комикса

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