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Author: 二层楼-执剑长老(Second Floor - Execution Sword Elder). Rank: 23897th. Summary: He was looked down on, forced to break off his engagement, he was murdered, maybe this is the life t.. 4Chan pranks 4Chan is infamous for being a website where almost anything goes. Some people even mistakenly believe it's a part of the deep web. One of the main reasons 4Chan is famous is because of it's many successful pranks played on celebrities and companies alike. Some 4Chan pranks have.. All Breaking. Today 20 percent of 4chan is dedicated to the type of anime content found on 2Channel, the site Nishimura founded but no longer owns operates. 4chan is no longer the Japanese cartoon community of the likes that both Nishimura and Poole once set out to build, but with the right.. Trust me, its a hard habit to break not hitting shift at the start of every sentence. what the ---- would you think you're a trap from visiting 4chan

"Ahh Gurk, I see you're admiring my equipment! What you see here is a model 101 Cybercock, one of the first of it's kind. I had the doctors modify it though, and I can directly control the size and speed of the piston, see," and as he said that, the Cybercock seemed to grow in size to nearly twice as big as it had been and became fully erect, standing nearly 15 inches long. Almost back to the dropship, Gurk suddenly found himself flying through the air head first as he entered one of the large cargo rooms from a side tunnel. He landed hard with a crash near the center of the room, and before he could even move, heard the telltale sound of pulse rifles charging up. He raised his head to look around, and only had a chance to see the butt of one of those rifles impact his head so hard everything went black. www.4chan.org. Community. Page transparencySee More. 4channel. Public figure. 4chan. Entertainment website Status: Online Saves Images?: Yes. 4plebs is shedding all full-sized images dating before April 2014, about 240GBs worth of data, due to storage limits. We need to retrieve this data and put it on the Internet Archive for safekeeping Do not post 4chan screenshots of Reddit account names. Do NOT include any requests to include me in the screencap. Do NOT forget to mark NSFW The overall subreddit is SFW, so people need to really know when a submission is legit NSFW. Do NOT break any rules that the mods might invent on..

Instead, it looks like 4Chan itself is down. Could Tumblr be behind it? As you can see, 4Chan is down for everyone, not just me. And it has been that way for at least the past 15 minutes. The timing is interesting since it was supposed to be 5 PM ET when the 4Chan DDoS attack was to begin — that.. For those uninitiated, 4Chan is a collection of different web boards where every user is anonymous. Over the years, 4Chan has become the internet's incubator of creative content, which is then filtered through Reddit and 9Gag until it is finally watered down into a forgettable Buzzfeed post How to Browse 4Chan. Browsing 4chan for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. Some boards, like the Random board, are filled with images and language that would offend or Generally 4chan is a very safe site as long as you don't click onto any unfamiliar sites linked by your fellow anons Warning: Some boards on 4chan/8chan might have content of an adult or offensive nature. Please cease use of this website if it is illegal for you to view such content. Boards and posts are user-created and do not represent the opinions of the administration, pursuant to 47 U.S.C. § 230

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Although 4chan is known for plenty of unpleasant incidents, including the recent case involving a teenager who uploaded her videos to YouTube (s 4chan is a _creation for all who wish to use but not chilins .i rarely see anything on that site that envolves childrn and when i do its nothing sexual. we are.. Best 4chan memes - popular memes on the site ifunny.co. Every day updated. #4chan memes. 1.3M results found If your code cannot be updated on some reason, just change your switch continue to switch break, as in previous versions of PHP it was meant to work this way Although these additions may not be unique anymore, plus4chan is still around thanks to its own, ever loyal community. plus4chan is currently managed by the Black Hand of the brotherhood of Nod

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Reddit and 4chan are probably the most important part of the information war, Collins said. There are no people being manipulated on these platforms, but they know that they can target people in manipulatable spaces. To me, these are much more important places to focus on One by one, the Space Marines violated Gurk's anus, some blowing their hot loads inside of him, some on his face after or before punching him, some shooting them on his back, and all the while Gurk enjoyed the fuck of a lifetime, even if they did have small cocks. After all the Marines had taken their turn, Gurk's face was covered in a film of white cum and a mixture of semen and shit dribbled from his anus, as he laid there on the floor. Behind him, he heard the distinct sound of metal on metal, like a tclink, clink, clinkv but he couldn't turn to see what it was as it approached. Closer the clinking came, until it seemed right on top of him. As a new figure stepped in front of him with each leg making a clinking sound as it struck the metal floor, Gurk realized that the person now standing in front of him must have metal legs, although he looked like a normal Space Marine, but older. 4chan can be a daunting place to visit. Here are the best 4chan boards and memes, as well as guide to help get you started. 4chan is also a staunch supporter of Rule 34, which states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject Read The Villainess' Slow Prison Life Began With Her Broken Engagement Chapter 2 online at MangaHasu

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Onii-chan is done for : Self Published WebManga Presented by Grinp-CircleA TS Slice of Life Comedy about a brother who was transformed into a girl by his little sisters strange drugs.RAW : https Read Manga Online » Onii-Chan Is Done For. Read chapter list 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Launched by Christopher moot Poole in October 2003, the site hosts boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics.. 4Chan was supposively going to launch an attack on Tumblr for Tumblr people stealing their memes. 4chan recently launched anti-piracy efforts, hiring a firm to look into sites that illegally share pirated movies and music

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4Chan could keep running because of many courtesies, users, volunteers, service providers giving us low rate, and advertisers. These are a kind of wheel. 4Chan stops without one of them, Nishimura told Gizmodo over email. Banner ads, it seems, were the spoke that has apparently broken Onii-chan Wa Oshimai Manga: Self Published WebManga Presented by Grinp-CircleA TS Slice of Life Comedy about a brother who was transformed into a girl by his little sister's strange drugs.RAW Onii-chan Wa OshimaiOnii-chan is done for; お兄ちゃんはおしまい In it, he breaks down the link between the now infamous imageboard 4chan to the state of online political discourse today. The majority of his new book is an expansion of that. If you're a normie who can't quite wrap your head around exactly why so many Internet goons have anime girl avatars, or.. 4Chan, a group of immature script-kiddies that anonymously post online and organize attacks against various groups, organizations, and websites, are it again. 4Chan has the uncanny ability to strike a nerve, driving even the most liberal of internet users to condemn their behavior as pure evil Be the first to know the next time 4chan goes down. 4chan comments Tips? Frustrations? Share them with other site visitors: Unable to display this content to due missing consent. By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here

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4chan discord for chatting, gaming, anime, music and many other things 420chan is financially supported with advertisements. Please consider disabling your ad blocking software or becoming one of our Patrons On the 18th, Stray Kids subunit 3RACHA consisting of leader Bang Chan, Changbin and Han performed their new track titled Zone on Mcountdown. Fans noticed Chans hairstyle, started questioning whether it was his choice or stylists choice and demanded an explanation. Som Some chapters are broken and we're working on fixing them. This site is not compatible with Adblock/uBlock. Please disable them before accessing the site. Do not use any manga reader apps, please use web browsers only. Please click here to report bad ads

He didn't know how much later it was when he woke up, but he felt green blood trickling down his face and dripping off his fangs. Trying to wipe the blood away only brought realization that this hands and feet were bound, and he was wearing a control belt. Now free to look around, he saw no less than 12 Space Marines surrounding him, all of them disrobed from the waist down with raging hard ons that made Gurk's own Ork cock flush with excitement, even considering his current situation. "All right boys! Have at 'em!" one of the Marines shouted, and Gurk found himself with his face on the cold metal floor and his ass in the air. He heard the pulse of a plasma rifle discharge, and felt the searing of his flesh as they melted the armor protecting his ass. He didn't shout or make any noise, even though there was pleasure mixed with the pain for Gurk. The 4chan Period. The server started around december of 2010. In summary, youtube changed 2b2t, but in the end, 2b2t will always be 2b2t. No outside force can break it or bend its ways. We are what we are Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Who Is This 4Chan GIFs I'm not about that life, and I'm also not about the direction that the new showrunners will take the site. And for your enjoyment? Well, I've compiled a mostly complete log of the janitor level channel for 4chan volunteers. The mod channel is separate, and the elevated admin channel is elsewhere 4chan is like — It's like a look at what the human race really wants to be, deep down inside. It's how we would treat each other if there were no such thing as restraint or empathy. Advertisement: I'm a big believer in this board. 4chan is one of the most important human achievements of all time

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No. 4Chan is like 2 blocks away from the Deep Web but claims it stays there because people on the other side of town don't know any better. It could seem like it at times, but 4chan is just a place where folks with questionable pictures/videos gather from time to time Few online communities have generated as much chaos as 4chan. Here are the biggest 4chan controversies you should know about. In October 2008, 4chan was responsible for Apple stock losing 10 percent of its value when its members successfully spread a rumor about the death of Steve.. 4chan Post Randomizer - Adds a button that redirects to a random post on a random board. 4chan Image Roll Script - I made this to roll for images in 4chan threads. Mainly for masturbation purposes. Author The 4chan homepage 4chan.org 4chan is an image board. This means that people post pictures related to certain topics - this is called 'to start a thread'. People can then respond with their own pictures and comments

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  2. Gurk only heard silence greet him in return over the comms. Something was definitely wrong. He quickened his pace, picking up in a slow trot with his long, thick Ork legs, heading back for the dropship. Whatever was going on, he knew it couldn't be good and just wanted to get out of there now. There would be other marines and other anuses to violate, and Gurk had a strong sense of self-preservation.
  3. #4chan | 62.3M people have watched this. Watch short videos about #4chan on TikTok. #4chan. 62.3M views. Discover
  4. g. The squad was lined up on the floor, face down and ass up, just like Gurk had been, and the Orks began ass raping them one at a time, running a rapetrain on each one of them in turn, letting all the others see what was to come. Some of the marines just passed out or died outright before the Orks even got to them, knowing full well what was going to happen to them from Eduardo's account. The Orks didn't care, they raped them anyways, having a good time using their bodies like puppets while their friends raped their still warm man cunts.
  5. 4chan is hell. The congregation of all assholes, pedophiles, creeps, hackers, and others on the internet. Memes spout from it, and spread quickly. 4chan is like a gigantic titan that should be either killed or locked away in Oblivion

Jump to navigationJump to search. A tripcode is a hashed password used on anonymous imageboards for a person to show identity. A simple tripcode can be broken fairly easily and so secure tripcodes can be used by faggots who think it matters To keep plot points hidden on 4 Chan message boards, you can use spoiler tags, which create a black background behind words and phrases. The effect of the black background combined with black text renders the spoilers unreadable unless you place your cursor over the text or highlight it 4chan was always dark and weird. One day the board might fill up with photosets of a man who lived with thousands of cartoon-themed sex dolls, the next it Though they tend to perceive their problem as simply economic, it is just as much a spiritual one, the broken lack of meaning at the center of.. All Breaking. Today 20 percent of 4chan is dedicated to the type of anime content found on 2Channel, the site Nishimura founded but no longer owns operates. 4chan is no longer the Japanese cartoon community of the likes that both Nishimura and Poole once set out to build, but with the right.. Anyway, this is why dumbasses on 4chan are eating raw onions now. As spotted by Will Sommer, creator of the Right Richter newsletter, which tracks the Once news broke of the onion-eating alpha males to rich, beta laughter worldwide, the manly men of 4chan began debating whether or not it was..

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3 ~Onii-chan to Go nin no Imouto no Sugoku! Ecchi Shimakuri na Mainichi~ by.. 4chan is broken. 4chan is better than 9gag. 4chan is banned in russia

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  1. 4chan is one of the major reasons of the internet censorship in China (I think). Click to expand... To those hatin'... Have you even been? Not all of 4Chan is trash. There ARE decent people, it's a FORUM like ours. It's not that different, to be PERFECTLY honest
  2. 4chan's roots date back to a pre-Facebook age on the Internet, where anonymity ruled and rules were few. On the other hand, people do break 4chan's rules, but in general the site is very skittish about taking down content, said And even if 4chan were to remove the photos, chances are they would..
  3. Eduardo pulled out and Gurk crumpled to the floor unmoving, most likely dead from the violation of the Cybercock. It was then that Eduardo noticed a flashing light on the shoulder of Gurk's Ork armor, but it was too late as a stun grenade detonated a split second after he came to this realization, and he was unconscious.
  4. 4chan and 8chan are hotbeds for racism, sexism, and white nationalism. CNN's Jon Sarlin explains how the sites became what they are today, and why there's no excuse for what's on them
  5. 4chan is an image-sharing board set up in 2003 to discuss Japanese comics and anime, which is now used by 27 million people every month. On the surface, it's not hugely different to sites like Reddit - except users never need to create an account, even under a random name. This means people can..
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4chan is made up of up interest based message boards where the level of moderation (or censorship to some users) varies from only removing obviously illegal content to... well, removing less obviously illegal content. Image caption Users of 4chan almost always post anonymously. Google+ was redesigned in.. Welcome to the 4chan Chronicle. This is a free textbook, reconstructing the decade-long history of 4chan, in collaboration with Bibliotheca Anonoma. The 4chan Chronicle presents the history of the 4chan community and includes a summary of the website's history and culture from its foundation on.. 4chan might have knocked out Hillary Clinton call centers yesterday. A DDoS attack used the same technology that shut down much of the internet a few weeks ago. 4Chan may have wiped Clinton campaign chief's iPhone. John Podesta's Twitter account was also compromised See, rate and share the best 4chan memes, gifs and funny pics. Memedroid: your daily dose of fun Not wanting to waste any more time, Eduardo moved in behind Gurk, and with a thought discharged a hot oil lubricant from his Cybercock and thrust it brutally into Gurk. This time Gurk did scream, a guttural "GGGGGGGGGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!" as the 15 inches of hot metal tore open his anus and green blood began to mix with hot oil lube and leftover manjuice.

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  1. 4chan is pretty much a destination for trolls, lulz-seekers and fapping idiots, given that everybody posts anonymously. 4chan was originally set up to share manga and anime. Photograph: 4chan/Strike Witches. It involves superimposing broken English written in multi-coloured Comic Sans on to..
  2. All the latest breaking news on 4chan. Browse The Independent's complete collection of articles and commentary on 4chan
  3. Последние твиты от Broken_Chan#NVR #NEWYEARSoverVD #BestMod (@BroknChan). Dancer,fairly quiet and friendly member of VRChat community. Happily eternally single IRL Engaged to the amazing @Kaizelot VRL PfP by @MB_St4lk

Chapter 4. 04. 「It seems you feel dizzy.」 When Nee-chan got up from the bathtub, droplets of water trickled down her skin. It's not only looking smooth. Her youthful skin that has a springiness to it is shown. 「What's the matter?」 「Ah, yeah The six-page handwritten letter, which appeared this week on website 4chan, contained language that would be construed by white supremacists as a call to arms. Christchurch mosque gunman Brenton Tarrant's 'hateful' letter from jail ends up on 4chan. The six-page handwritten letter, which appeared.. 4chan's domain name registrar account has been compromised, and thus our DNS servers and the integrity of 4chan.org (along with a few other domains) Sounds like something that should have been shut down by govement officals. One of the *chans was actually shut down. 4chan is monitored by.. BimboSissies - A subreddit made for sissies who are specifically devoted to the bimbo life. BDSLMR - A Tumblr alternative webpage for all things kinky and pornographic. NewFapChan Girly - 4chan style sissy board

#60 4chan broke thread downloading (Dec 2015). Milestone: v1.0_(example). Status: closed. This application is finally broken. Hiro did something last night now to finally break downloading threads, so nothing can be loaded inside the application 4chan's CSS seems broken for some reason, even when looking at 4chan-x's settings 4chan could soon be shutdown as the Internet's most notorious community goes broke. And this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 4chan — the internet's most infamous community message board

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Broken Bones 4 was made by Zaqullie. Game description Welcome to the fourth installment in the Broken Bones series. Continuing the ever-expanding quest to break every bone in your body. Ever wondered how twisted you truly are? Play this and find out.. In the case where site staff is not 100% sure on a judgement or there is disagreement between the staff, rule breaks may incur bans that prevent posting on specific boards, posting images, or a combination of the two. If you encounter a problem with the actions of the site staff, or on the site in general, please.. 4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. 4chan's collaborative-community format is copied Breaking the rules may result in post deletion, a temporary ban, or in some cases, permanent banishment. Understand the rules before you begin.. 4chan is what you get when people can say and post whatever they feel like. A lot of it is downright disgusting, vile and provocative content. But what many people forget is that it was the birthplace for several movements and action groups. Years back the posters were just, what many people call, nerds Is 4chan legal? Thread starter ManBearPig. Start date Sep 29, 2009. Its legal *well hasnt been shut down yet* since 4chan doesnt approve or support illegal stuff. The admins delete the illegal stuff and ban the posters

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  1. Study English through 4chan vocabulary in GochiUsa thread 【Sing for you】 - Продолжительность: 8:35 Daisuke Tashiro 2 231 просмотр. to be fair (Gochiusa) I break the pasta in 4chan part 1 - Продолжительность: 10:00 Daisuke Tashiro 854 просмотра
  2. 4chan is working on scripts to delete unnecessary HTML tags and images to reduce bandwidth cost at this time, he said. We [have] started to work with non-harmful ways for users 4chan is struggling to survive. Any help is welcome. Would anyone, apart from 4channers themselves, actually miss the site
  3. 4chan (formerly subtitled The Protocols of the Elders of Zion) is a popular electronation. It has a population of over 9000! citizens composed exclusively of young, white, anime-obsessed NEET males — a demographic widely considered the detritus of normal society
  4. A search engine for 4chan.org and 4chan archive sites. 4chan.org & archive sites 4chan.org archive sites
  5. Ah, 4chan. The home of the sickest, strangest, and most horrifying people on the Internet - and some of the funniest stuff to be found anywhere. Anything and everything can, and usually does, happen here. We have our very own unique culture, and there is no group quite like us anywhere out there
  6. 4chan is a very talented hacker from Cambodia. He is fluent in English, Japanese, African, and Spanish. He writes film scripts in his free time
  7. 4chan could greatly expand their use of ads, which generally come from non-reputable sources and could include malware. More users could support the site using 4chan Pass, a paid feature which makes uploading images faster, but which has not been successful at offsetting costs thus far

4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. Different boards are dedicated to different topics, from Japanese anime to videogames, music, and photography. Users do not need to register a username before participating in the community 4chan is not going to be shut down. You're the equivalent of the guy who got his ass kicked and believe he won the fight because the victor got bored and wandered off. Stop being oversensitive little babies who have the skin thickness of an overbloated water balloon just because you saw some mild-tier gore

When 4chan servers are down you will likely see a retry for live version message, which is due to the website using DNS services to help when 4chan is not working. Is 4chan down on Saturday May 9, 2020? If there's problems today, then let us know and what errors you are seeing 4chan is ephemeral in that posts (which are known as threads and always start with an image) are deleted within a few hours of creation. 4chan warns users to familiarise themselves with the site rules, especially before posting a new thread or comment. Breaking the rules may result in post.. 8chan was originally created to be even less restrained than 4chan, itself an incubator of harassment campaigns and a forum for hate, including white supremacy. But 4chan, which was founded in 2003, does have some rules. When the site's owners decided to ban some threads about the Gamergate.. I told Chan about this and the fact that the plugin completely failed the last time I tried using it. Now he's fixed it so it does still show and hide but it keeps the Show Press Release text regardless of the text I put in the quote marks. Chan's response: change the CSS code 4chan (site domain: 4chan.org) is the most popular English-language imageboard community with over 700,000 posts per day made by roughly seven million daily visitors. The site consists of 56 topical imageboards that are sectioned into six major categories: Japanese Culture, Interests, Creative, Adult..

New 4chan Banner Contest with a chance to win a 4chan Pass! See the contest page for details. Anyone else done with Wuhan optics? Just had another Vortex red dot break. Is buying American made the only way to go? Poorfags go cope in another thread Check whether 4chan.org server is down right now or having outage problems for everyone or just for you. The above graph displays service status activity for 4chan.org over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller 4chan is a simple but vast website where people can post anything they want, such as sharing images and posting comments etc. There are many boards in different topics such as games, Japanese anime, music and much more, and when the site goes down this can cause somewhat of a stir

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Announcement (May-06): Contest Vote: Spread The Love! Onii-chan is Done For! Title ID - Select A Reason - Images not loading Fake/Spam chapter Watermarked images Naming rules broken Incorrect group Group policy evasion Official release/Raw Other Spoilers Aggregator links Unwanted.. Pizza-Fueled Lizard Broke The Constipation Record, RIP. What we're about to tell you is literally going to make you want to lose your shit If 4chan is 'humanity unfiltered' a safe haven for free speech. Then your problem still stems with 4chan is absolutely not the scariest place on the internet. steel yourself, pansy. its a massive 3, and just as news started to break that there were problems with the final results, messages started to.. 4chan should know the IP of the person who posted your info, but I dunno if they'll bother to help you or not. If they do give you the IP and it's not a proxy or some weird crap, you Ps my interest in 4chan is purely from a research angle. I think its a very interesting concept to have an anonymous board

Scallywag and Vagabond covers breaking news events with social commentary along with popular culture, the arts and fashion. Missing Pennsylvania woman, Kristy Jefferson's body found in a broken fridge outside of Daryl Jones' house at a McKees Rocks apartment after neighbors complained.. A participant on 4chan connected the phrase cheese pizza to pedophiles, who on chat boards use the initials c.p. to denote child pornography. Combing through John Podesta's leaked emails, members of a far-right fringe community on the social media site 4chan and Trump supporters on Reddit pulled.. We can forgive people over the age of 35 for not knowing what 4Chan is — but we cannot forgive Brett Larson, CNN's technology analyst, for Most reports indicate that the perpetrators (as in multiple) were actually part of a 4Chan offshoot-turned-hacking ring that frequently broke into celebrity iCloud.. Widespread website blocking being used to limit spread of terror attack video

When he heard another squadmate screaming over the comm in rage and pain, Gurk knew things must be going terribly wrong. That was the fourth such transmission he'd received, and he even his Ork brain could comprehend that most likely at least half his squad was dead Patriot T-shirts. Audio Books Benjamin Franklin, born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706, may by his life alone be the most profound statement of what an American strives to be. With no formal education beyond the age of 10 years, Franklin was celebrated throughout Europe, welcomed in any..

An anonymous 4chan posted about Jeffrey Epstein's death exactly 38 minutes before the first news outlet reported the breaking story. Following the post, other 4chan users questioned the validity of the claims, prompting the anonymous leaker to provide more information Coub is YouTube for video loops. You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme or a mashup of multiple sources

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4chan has never been a nice place. Most people don't spend time there, but most people feel its effects, everything from fake news to doxing. If you believe 4chan's own reporting, the community is still mostly made up of young men interested in Japanese culture. (Though you're supposed to be at.. Check out Broken-chan's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Kirious. Broken-chan. 5Comments. 4Favourites. Week 51 - Secret Santa. Broken-chan. 6Comments. 4Favourites. Week 50 - Maemi. Broken-chan No need to take chances though, Gurk thought, and decided to get a grip on the situation. In his deep guttural voice, he cracked his comm. unit to life "All Orks report in!" "Hello Gurk", he said. "You probably don't remember me it's been so long, but 12 years ago you raped my virgin ass and left me for dead on a cargo ship just like this one. The damage was so extreme, much of my body couldn't be saved, but the doctors were able to give me a new body! Now I'll do to you what you did to me so long ago, and my revenge will be complete! I AM EDUARDO" Gurk only vaguely recalled the encounter so long ago, one of many in a long list of ass rapes he had committed against the Marines, and almost all of which ended with a dead Marine. As he struggled to recall the exact memory in his slow Ork brain, Eduardo was disrobing before him. He was amazed to see two metal legs, but what was more impressive was his cock, which was made completely of metal, and appeared to have a built in piston of some kind.

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