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The Crafty from the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel is, simple put, one of the best portable vaporizers of its generation. Storz and Bickel, based out of Germany, are known worldwide for.. Crafty Vaporizer. 3.0 star rating 4 Reviews. Ask a question. £229. Crafty Vaporizer UK - Storz and Bickel One of the first portable vaporizers from Storz & Bickel - the makers of the Volcano - the.. Using the Crafty. The Crafty+ vaporizer only needs one button to utilize the wave thermal Any comments from user-submitted reviews found on this website are related to the users own personal.. The Crafty is pocketable but not tiny, and it’s got a high price tag to go along with a short battery life and slow heat up time. It’s not for anyone who doesn’t want to use their phone to change the temperature or tweak the settings. Passthrough charging is nice, but if you find yourself using that feature much you’re probably wearing the Crafty out and should look at the Mighty or a desktop unit like the Volcano vaporizer. The Mighty is bigger than the Crafty and not pocketable, but has twice the battery life, heats up faster and has full on-board controls so you don’t have to fiddle with the app.We’re also unlikely to ever see a removable battery from any S&B device since that’s just how the Germans are with their device protocols. Portability – Is the Crafty+ smaller? Just as portable as ever although not as portable as Davinci Miqro, now you can forget your power bank and charger at home with the new battery upgrade! The Crafty+ carries the same dimensions and weight of the old unit, which means it fits into any pocket and bag with ease and takes up as little weight as possible.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted It's much improved over the original Crafty vaporizer! Get it with Free Shipping at Vaped.ca! Crafty+ (Plus) Vaporizer. 53 reviews. Sold out

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The Crafty Vaporizer is the smaller of the two portable vaporizers which were recently introduced by the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel, famous for the Volcano and Plenty table top vaporizers Two settings can be programmed to any of these and stored on the device locally. The third setting is locked at maximum temperature. The world's most popular vapor brand. From gettings start kits to ultimate and flavor taste tanks to cloud beast ones, customize your vaping life with SMOK Note: There are tutorials on the internet on how to replace the battery of the CRAFTY yourself. I never tried this as it voids the warranty and you will need some proper soldering skills, so try at your own risk!And while this may initially scare off health-conscious vapers, there are MANY different types of plastic.

Storz and Bickel has very professional customer service in case you’re going to need to send it back for replacement/repair.A higher maximum temperature like the 722 vaporizer which is able to pump out the clouds for both cannabis as well as cannabis extracts. The aforementioned 722 is also significantly cheaper than the Crafty Plus but offers comparable convection vapor.They used to include a cannabis grinder, loading tool, and cleaning brush which were really nice touches and served their purpose! It seems they decided to leave those out to reduce the retail box size and maybe profit more. We’re sad to see these tools go!

The vapor produced by the Crafty will rival that of most desktop vaporizers. This is the true selling point of this vaporizer. The few portables that come close to the taste of the Crafty’s vapor (e.g. Firefly, MiniVap) don’t keep up with the Crafty in portability, discretion, and ease-of-use. If you're not getting your CBD from a trusted source, there's no way to truly know what you're getting. Reputable brands tend to have overwhelmingly positive customer and professional reviews VAPORIZERS. Vaporizer

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I used to review a blog post 3-4 times before I publish. All the reviewing only amounted to nuance changes in phrasings and the occasional typos. It was extremely ineffective The Crafty vaporizer is a lightweight and effective way to vape your weed, produced by Storz & Bickel. Storz & Bickel, long revered for their iconic Volcano desktop vaporizer, have released a.. Still, the Crafty+ has pretty great taste, solid smoothness from the cooling unit, and effortlessly puts out hugs clouds of potent and powerful vapor. Second to almost none, the Crafty+ knocks it out of the park, and if you’re serious about performance, the Crafty+ is guaranteed to satisfy. Manufacturing Quality – Is the build quality improved? Makers of the legendary Volcano vaporizer, Storz & Bickel has gained a solid reputation as a very good manufacturer. Still made in their state of the art facility in Germany, the Crafty+ retains the medical certifications that its brothers have and hasn’t changed much.Storz & Bickel has a reputation for excellent vapor and top-notch design, but the Crafty is starting to show its...

Still, aside from some super stealth units like the Zeus Arc, the Crafty+ is what we feel to be the perfect balance between size, stealth, and raw power. Crafty Vaporizer - Compatible Bluetooth App. Crafty users can easily adjust the temperatures on their device to suit their own personal preferences by downloading the free smartphone app Convection heatSimple one button operationVibration feedbackUSB-micro pass-through chargingUser programable temperature via smartphoneDimmable LED indicatorBuilt-in pick tool

What we know about the plastic used in the CRAFTY Vaporizer is that it’s food-safe and heat-resistant. This in-depth Crafty vaporizer review will help you break down the features and decide if this is the best portable vaporizer for you. The Crafty currently retails for $279 ($237.15 After coupon code) and.. Last year’s update gave us 20% more battery power, but the Crafty is still saddled with weak battery life that you’ll be hard pressed to get six bowls from. We like longer sessions, around seven to eight minutes each, and for this review we were able to squeeze out a full night’s use with four relaxing sessions. The Crafty takes about two hours to fully charge via micro-USB, but after 20 minutes is ready to vape while charging if you need it sooner. Don’t expect to get more than 30 to 40 minutes of total run time on a single charge, and consider bringing a power bank along for a re-charge.

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  1. We’re glad to report that the Crafty Plus is even a step above this! It’s nothing groundbreaking, but certainly, an improvement can be felt. The new heating tech clearly seems to be doing its job.
  2. Because the reliability of the Volcano Vaporizer is so good and this bad boy lasts up to 10+ years without ever degrading in performance, they earned this reputation of making high quality and long-lasting vaporizers.
  3. They designed the world-famous Volcano Vaporizer which, after 15 years, still is THE premium balloon-style vaporizer you can get.

Cleaning the Crafty is fairly straightforward and you’ll need a cup of isopropyl alcohol and a cup of soapy water. The included instructions cover all the details so we won’t repeat them here, but it ranks about average on the pain scale for cleaning a vaporizer and is limited to the bowl and cooling unit. The best thing you can do is brush off the cooling unit screen and the oven after each use, and pay attention to the app - it’ll tell you when it’s time for a cleaning. Der Crafty ist der erste Vaporizer, der mit einer Fernbedieungs-App ausgestattet ist. Diese gratis App ist für iPhone und Android erhältlich und stellt mittels Bluetooth eine Verbindung mit dem Crafty..

As we touched on earlier, the Crafty+ now has three temperature settings you can cycle between. The smartphone app can allow you to choose any temperature between 104-410°F, which translates to 40-210°C.There’s a chance your CRAFTY will bite the dust after 100ish hours of use and you’re going to have to send it back for repair/replacement.The filling aid design allows you to fill the Crafty without the need to touch the herbs. It attaches to the Crafty in place of the cooling unit. The entire procedure takes me about 30 seconds while I walk my dog.

I got a crafty vape... what are some good tips and tricks? i get about 10 draws.. with .2 i use it at 383f(195c) Crafty vaporizer? Thread starter robiolic420. Start date Jan 27, 2018. Tags. vaporizer And since it doesn’t look like a standard e-cigarette, anyone slightly knowledgable in this area will know what the CRAFTY is.I would highly recommend the Crafty over the Pax, especially if you’re not relying on the discretion of the Pax. The vapor quality alone makes a world of difference. I haven’t dropped my Crafty (yet…) and share the same concerns you have. Nothing broken, but I also baby it and treat it like a >$300 device. My long term experience with S&B makes me confident that they’ll be taking care of their customers, and out of warranty customers for years. That’s how they’ve been treating their Volcano customers for over a decade. Although you might have to shell out some… Read more »

The Crafty travels very well. It’s super durable and will withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it during transit. Aside from being a bit bulky, it’s very small and discreet and can fit easily into your pocket. In addition, there’s no additional parts or accessories you need to carry around with that Crafty that could break. Vaporizer Chief Reviews. 250 • Excellent. vaporizerchief.com. Visit this website. Read 1 more review about Vaporizer Chief. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore

I do believe glass is the safest material that can be used in a vaporizer. The CRAFTY has none. I still think it’s a very safe vaporizer. But because the CRAFTY is designed and manufactured by Storz and Bickel, I believe the CRAFTY is one of the safer vaporizers you can get.With all conduction vaporizers that I tested, the flavor deteriorates after the first couple of hits. With the CRAFTY, however, the flavor stays super-consistent all throughout your session.The Crafty’s included accessories tie it all together with a capable grinder and a filling tool so you can take ground herb with you without the mess. The stainless steel mesh pad helps out when you’re working with sticky stuff and doubles as a spacer for smaller loads, while the dosing capsule is perfect for preloading so you can quickly swap in fresh herbs while on the move. A brush, extra screens and o-rings complete the package. Crafty Vaporizer. 53 reviews. The Crafty+ vaporizer is a fantastic portable vaporizer due to its small size, good vapor quality, solid build and technological advancements Vapor Review Blog. 117 likes. Sharing my love for all cannabis gadgetry. VaporReviewBlog covers all things cannabis vaporizer, and the accessories that..

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Now available direct from the source. The authentic Puff Bar disposable device is a leader in the innovation of vaping. Over 20+ flavors in stock plus exclusive limited edition flavors available only on..

how to vape your weed without a vaporizer Description. Crafty Vaporizer Review. Crafty is discontinued and replaced by the Latest Model Crafty+ When you first get it, the vapor might have a slight plastic taste. Most vaporizers coming fresh out of the factory have this problem.The CRAFTY does require a deep cleaning every 15-20 sessions. It will take you around 10 minutes to do a full deep cleaning.

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To reset the 1-minute timer and prevent your CRAFTY Vaporizer from shutting off, click the power button once. But be careful not to use too much force, because this power button can't take too much abuse.Although it does help conserve battery and herb, 1-minute is way too short if you’re going for a session (which you really should as the CRAFTY is a true session-vape).The heating element is aluminum, which means that the air path of the CRAFTY consists of the following materials:The CRAFTY doesn’t need stirring at all, but if you’re going to squeeze every little cannabinoid out of your herb…you could stir half-way your session (5-6 draws).

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So while we wish it were USB-C and had a removable battery, the new battery life is a huge step up from the previous Crafty lineup which struggled to put out 4-5 sessions per cycle.You would think with all that plastic, the flavor of the vapor coming out of the CRAFTY is average at best. Crafty Vaporizer Review: Pros & Cons. The Crafty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is one of two portable models produced by the German company, which has been considered an industry leader.. King Portable Vaporizer, Reviews crafty, portable, review, vaporizer 4. I have a good reason to be excited for the Crafty. Storz & Bickel, the company that makes the Crafty has been making.. Storz and Bickel has the design of powerful and efficient heating elements down to a science. Literally, ALL of their vaporizers are beasts in this regard.

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If you’re looking for a reliable daily driver with the same performance as the CRAFTY, get its bigger brother, the MIGHTY. It’s is a much more reliable and long-lasting vape. The Crafty Vaporizer is Storz and Bickel's smallest portable unit to date. The Crafty is the first vaporizer to feature a remote control app. This free app is available for iPhone and Android, and.. The question of how long does a high last really depends on a number of factors. For most people, a high will last about 2-3 hours if smoked and up to six hours if you eat it

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The CRAFTY is a hybrid vaporizer, which means that its heating mechanism is a combination of convection and conduction heating. Vaporizer reviews, news, tips and tricks by real users on the Vape Life Forum. See what everybody thinks of the best vaporizers and pens on the market The app doesn’t stop there, though, and you can lengthen the shutoff timer up to five minutes, soften the vibrations and dim the lights, check how much you’ve used it and access the manual and support. You can even get your phone in on the act and have it play your favorite song when the Crafty reaches temperature, or use it to find your Crafty when you can’t remember where you left it - a more useful feature than we’d like to admit!Also, if you were hoping to get in a few quick hits and then get out, you’ll be disappointed as well.Every 2-3 sessions, get a Q-Tip some ISO alcohol, dip your Q-tip in it. Then just brush out your bowl and the screen at the bottom of your bowl. This will help the airway stay free and clean up resin. The resin in your bowl (herb-leftovers) will alter the taste of your vapor in a negative way. So keep your bowl clean!

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Transfer money online in seconds with PayPal money transfer. All you need is an email address It does have a pretty wide temperature-range as well. The temperature-range just lacks the highest temperature settings that are possible with vaping.While the Crafty does offer precise temperature control through its downloadable smartphone app, I think most people will seldom use that feature, and will instead stick with the default heat setting (365°F) or the “booster” setting (383°F). I like how both preset temperatures are well below 400°F, eliminating the possibility of any combustion taking place.

This bad battery life of the CRAFTY wouldn't be that big of a problem if the batteries were replaceable….but they're not.Something to think about, regarding the use of plastics in vaporizers, the VapeXhale Cloud Evo (which looks plastic) uses a glass resin, nylon filled polycarbonate-based shell. So it’s not a straight plastic. It can withstand much higher temperatures than traditional plastics.

Vaporizer Mod. Atomizer. Accessory. Review Read my Crafty Vaporizer Review for everything you need to know about one of my all-time favorite vapes, and I have a coupon code for you too As far as portable vaporizers go, it really doesn’t get any better than the Crafty. From the makers of the Volcano (Storz & Bickel), the Crafty is essentially the benchmark by which all other portable vapes are measured against. There’s simply no other vaporizer on the market today that can match the Crafty’s performance and overall quality. Read on to learn more.The vapor only gets a bit harsher when you go above 392°F(200°C), but it’s still very doable IMO, it doesn't get as harsh as the vapor coming out of the DaVinci IQ at the highest temperature settings for example.

The full break in the ridges in the middle of the Crafty is an added step to keeping the battery as cool as possible. Heat is bad for battery life.If your focus is to get the best experience from your herbs, the Crafty offers an excellent value as a novice-friendly, pocketable, convection vaporizer.The CRAFTY has phenomenal vapor quality. I rate the flavor of the CRAFTY and MIGHTY just right behind pure convection vaporizers with an all-glass vapor path like the Firefly 2.

Ontario Power Generation is one of the largest, most diverse low-cost clean power generators in North America. See how we are generating a stronger, cleaner, more prosperous Ontario Are you looking for casual or competitive Excalibur builds in Warframe? Well, you found them! Warframe-School delivers news, guides and more... Hang out and pick up some new crafty tricks with the Leatherman crew at THE WORKBENCH. Reviews Q & A. By submitting, you agree to Leatherman's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions The bottom line is that the CRAFTY is more efficient than most conduction vaporizers I've tested, but is less efficient than the most efficient portable vaporizers that operate with a convection-based heating system, like the Firefly 2.

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  1. Review Summary The Crafty+ and Mighty are two of the top dry herb vaporizers because of their impressive vapor quality, simple use, and long-term durability. The performance is consistently great..
  2. An in-depth review of the science of IF recently published in New England Journal of Medicine sheds some light. Fasting is evolutionarily embedded within our physiology, triggering several essential..
  3. ded and puff along on a finished or almost finished session (not difficult to do) I can cut four sessions down to two. Thankfully the Crafty has pass through charging and a USB micro charging port. Between the two I can carry around a spare battery pack to charge and/or use the Crafty with less concern about the battery. Not a graceful solution, but not difficult.
  4. Sticky Brick Vaporizers Review Sticky Bricks bring the heat with massive hits. After you’ve finished this review, you’ll know which one suits your needs.
  5. The new Crafty+ technically now has three temperature settings to choose from – two programmable in the app, and one which will rise to the max temperature with a quick triple-press.

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  1. Customer Reviews. Based on 1 review Write a review
  2. The CRAFTY is a small and light-weight, yet powerful portable vaporizer. This vaporizer can be operated with the pressing of a single button
  3. Tip: For the densest and most visible clouds, grind your herb fine (not powder-fine though!) and fill your bowl up to 90%. The included Storz and Bickel's grinder works well for this.
  4. Welcome to /r/vaporents, a place for ents to talk about anything related to cannabis vapor and vaporizers. Please enjoy your stay. Please read the Posting Rules
  5. The Crafty comes with a two year warranty on workmanship and defects. If you decide to buy your Crafty vaporizer from us, you are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  6. If you hate having bulging pockets full of accessories, the Crafty is a great all-in-one option. However, as I stated previously, using the included loading tool, while not necessary, will help to keep the unit cleaner than if you were to pack loads by hand and risk spilling material into the lower chamber, so you may want to carry that around with you as well.

The battery degrades with heavy use until a point where you will be happy with 3-4 full bowls. That's why as a daily driver I highly recommend getting the CRAFTY's bigger brother: the MIGHTY. The battery life of the MIGHTY is much better.Error: No connected account. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account.All this reputation didn’t prevent the CRAFTY from having an above-average defect-rate. The defect-rate of the CRAFTY is above average and there are a quite a few examples of CRAFTY vaporizers biting the dust after 100ish hours of use. This is exactly the reason why I don’t recommend the CRAFTY as your solo daily driver.

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Storz & Bickel has earned a reputation for fantastic vapor, and the Crafty takes it anywhere, with a pocketable size and vapor that could make you forget it’s a portable, at least until the battery dies. Its wide open airflow, big clouds, and strong effects set the bar for on-the-go vapor that has withstood the test of time. If you’re looking for no-compromise vapor quality from a portable, and can stand the high price tag and slow heat up time, the Crafty is a strong offering.Plastic air-paths tend to have a plastic after-taste, which is dreaded by flavor-Nazis (like myself).Use the liquid pad to compress your herb. If you go for a half-pack it is important to compress your herb. Summary of The Crafty Vaporizer. If you enjoyed our review and the Crafty sounds like the right fit for you then we recommend that you buy it from an official sales provider

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  1. The charge-up time of the batter is right around 2 hours and you do get the possibility to use your CRAFTY while charging (passthrough charging).
  2. Buy vaporizers, vape pens, glass adapters, water tools! All shipping from Canada, pay no duty & cross no borders. Free shipping on orders over $100, buy local
  3. If this is your first cannabis vaporizer, check out our nifty best cannabis vaporizer ranking to help you understand more about what you’re getting into!
  4. Crafty Vaporizer. - Neueste Version mit 20% mehr Akkuleistung - Superstabil - Echtzeit Temperatur Anzeige und Anpassung per App - Qualität von Storz & Bickel - 135g Leicht - Integriertes..
  5. Here's our review for the Crafty vaporizer. Does it work well or is it not a good vape? Find out what you need to know from the Vaporizer Friend...Who has all the answers
  6. Located in Burbank, California, we stock a huge inventory of vaporizers, tanks, coils, e-Liquids, coils, and more. We also carry all the top brands, including Smok, VooPoo, Aspire, Naked 100, and..
  7. Once vibration indication occurs, the red display light will change from red to green, at which point you’re ready to go. The first thought that went through my head after my first puff was “This little guy draws like a pencil!” You really get the feeling like you hitting a desktop vaporizer, not a portable. While the default temperature of 365°F runs a bit low for my taste, I found the higher heat setting to be more than adequate at 383°F.

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  1. If you thought portable vaporizers were just a fad, think again! The meteoric rise of vape-pen technology shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, vape pens hav
  2. US – (PlanetOfTheVapes / PuffItUp) Europe – (VapoShop) UK – (Amazon – UK) Below, you can find a direct comparison with the CRAFTY's 3 main competitors:
  3. I’m a big fan of the draw-stem. It’s made out of the same material as the unit itself, and stays flush to the top of the the Crafty when not in use. There’s no acrylic or glass stem to take on or off and worry about breaking when in transit.
  4. utes or 4-5 sessionss 90

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Tip: While a really fine grind does produce the densest and most visible clouds, for flavor preservation I would advise a fluffier grind with volume as it this keeps the trichomes better with your herb. The Santa Cruz Shredders are perfect for this type of grind.If you’re looking for a true pocket-vape, go for the CRAFTY. If you're looking for a reliable daily driver, go for the MIGHTY.Loading the chamber with a good pile of a medium-fine ground cannabis or a full dosing capsule is a breeze and then you’ll just want to wait for it to heat up before taking a draw.The pick is stored opposite the power button on the bottom of the Crafty. When stored, the pick covers and protects the Crafty’s charging port.

Air goes through the silicone to the aluminum heating element, without hitting any electronics! With the CRAFTY, you don't have to worry about any vapor or air reacting with the chemicals present in the electronics. CURBSIDE PICK UP NOW AVAIL. MON-SAT 11AM-6:30PM 11:30-4:00 SUNDAY. Mall Entrance Between MACYS & DICKS. CALL US WHEN YOU ARRIVE (719)598-1570. ORDERS MUST BE..

This Crafty Vaporizer Review will give you an inside look at the new portable unit from Storz and Bickel that packs a surprising punch in a small package The Crafty debuted four years ago, and its two to three minute heat up time really shows its age. That’s painfully slow compared to today’s designs that typically heat up in under a minute. To its credit, though, when the Crafty says it’s ready, it’s ready without extra time for a heat soak or primer hits. We get tasty, satisfying vapor every session from the moment it goes green.The CRAFTY and its bigger brother the MIGHTY are the most forgiving portable vaporizers in vaporizer-land. Whichever way you grind, however you fill the bowl or whatever way you draw, the CRAFTY will always bless you with impressive clouds of vapor packed with flavor. Buy Crafty+ vaporiser (Pro portable vaporizers) at Alchimia Grow Shop. Crafty+ vaporiser related products (Pro portable vaporizers). Crafty - Mighty glass suction tube

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  1. Crafty Vaporizer Review. The Crafty Vaporizer review, A New Travel Companion. Published: February 23, 2017 | Updated: September 9, 2019 by Thanush Poulsen
  2. This doesn't mean the CRAFTY is a ‘sipper’ vape though. It just means you can use the CRAFTY both as a ‘sipper' and a ‘ripper'.
  3. Pack your bowl between 80-90% full. Very lightly tamp it. Don’t compress your herb like you would with conduction-vapes.
  4. ..I could imagine this handy - but I have no wear device yet ) - in the states where weed is legal we could have presettings for THC - perhaps I get some samples to try in my crafty;-) you can find the..
  5. utes of continues uses. But this is when you've just gotten your CRAFTY.
  6. Inhale it through a device called a vaporizer that turns it into a mist. That's a problem. WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Neil Lava, MD on December 15, 2018
  7. Contrail, also known as Vapor trail - Long, thin artificial clouds that sometimes form behind aircraft. Vaporizer (disambiguation)
Mighty Vaporizer • Buy from $250

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My Crafty Vape Review: https://www.vapecritic.com/crafty/. ☞ BEST DESKTOP VAPORIZERS: https://www.vapecritic.com/desktop/. Уведомление The Crafty uses medical grade materials, like stainless steel and aluminum, with no fragile glass or ceramics, so you know it can take a beating. The air path is isolated from the electronics. German engineered and manufactured, the Crafty has electrical certifications and has been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD (the “Southern Technical Inspection Association”) in Munich, Germany. Simply put, Storz & Bickel vaporizers are more thoroughly tested than others so you can vaporize worry-free. Crafty Vaporizer. Schrijf de eerste review over dit product. Crafty Vaporizer Storz & Bickel ~ Compact formaat draagbare vaporizer van het Duitse Storz & Bickel (Volcano) met een lengte van..

While the body has had a slight ergonomic and visual redesign occur to it, we don’t doubt Storz & Bickel did more than their due diligence and learned from any past mistakes. Battery Life – Did they increase battery life? While we didn’t get the USB-C or removable battery like the Davinci IQ has option we were craving for, Storz & Bickel managed to pull off some sort of black magic trickery in regards to the battery life. Leave a review. Appearance. Functionality. Quality. Please enter your username. Submit Review. Ask a Question. Typical questions asked about product Dry herb starts combusting around 464°F(240°C) and the temperatures right below that, provide you with mentally and physically intense effects.

Shop by category. Dry Herb Vaporizers. Extract Vaporizers. Accessories Crafty Portable Vaporizer Review - What's it All About? First and foremost, The Crafty is a well crafted and lightweight portable vaporizer, which uses a convection heating method It truly is a foolproof vaporizer. Even less tech-savvy people won't have any issue with using the CRAFTY properly.

The ultimate portable cannabis vaporizer for dry herb and extracts. The PAX 3 is powerful yet discreet, smart yet easy-to-use. Our engineering and technology gets the best out of your flower The CRAFTY Vaporizer has a heat-up time of 90-120 seconds. Which really is extremely long for a portable vaporizer these days (compare that to the PAX 3 or DaVinci IQ for example with heat up times of 15, and 30 seconds, respectively).

Crafty/Mighty Water Adapter - VapoShopBest Portable Vaporizer For Dry Herb (Really) - Vape CriticUtillian 722 Vaporizer Review - Better than the 721The Crafty by Storz & Bickel | Page 71 | FC VaporizerZEUS Iceborn Review – TorontoVaporizer

Vaporizer Reviews, News, and Videos - Vaporizerblog.com. Helping you find the vaporiser you need to live a better life. Desktop Vaporizers, Vaporizer reviewsThe Volcano Vaporizer Review From the moment its light turns green, the Crafty pushes out thick, tasty, potent vapor that’s been perfectly smoothed by the cooling unit on top. The open air flow makes for an easy draw and the bowl size (0.2 grams) is just right for a strong session with dry herbs or extracts. You’ll be hard pressed to find more satisfying vapor on the go.You can really choose how to use it. You don’t need to go for those extremely powerful clouds. You can easily sip the CRAFTY as well (sipping is taking small and controlled draws).

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