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At present, most trousers are held up through the assistance of a belt which is passed through the belt loops on the waistband of the trousers. However, this was traditionally a style acceptable only for casual trousers and work trousers; suit trousers and formal trousers were suspended by the use of braces (suspenders in American English) attached to buttons located on the interior or exterior of the waistband. Today, this remains the preferred method of trouser support amongst adherents of classical British tailoring. Many men claim this method is more effective and more comfortable because it requires no cinching of the waist or periodic adjustment. Based on Deuteronomy 22:5 in the Bible ("The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man"), some groups, including the Amish, Hutterites, some Mennonites, some Baptists, a few Church of Christ groups, and most Orthodox Jews, believe that women should not wear trousers. These groups permit women to wear underpants as long as they are hidden. By contrast, many Muslim sects approve of pants as they are considered more modest than any skirt that is shorter than ankle length. However, some mosques require ankle length trousers for both Muslims and non-Muslims on the premises.[64] Cuffed trousers. Some more modern trouser designs come with specific types of cuffs to create a particular look. In this case it's important to get them at the right length in order to achieve the desired.. The Korean word for trousers, baji (originally pajibaji) first appears in recorded history around the turn of the 15th century, but pants may have been in use by Korean society for some time. From at least this time pants were worn by both sexes in Korea. Men wore trousers either as outer garments or beneath skirts, while it was unusual for adult women to wear their pants (termed sokgot) without a covering skirt. As in Europe, a wide variety of styles came to define regions, time periods and age and gender groups, from the unlined gouei to the padded sombaji.[39]

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In 2012 and 2013, some Mormon women participated in "Wear Pants to Church Day", in which they wore trousers to church instead of the customary dresses to encourage gender equality within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.[54][55] Over one thousand women participated in 2012.[55] Перевод слова trousers. skiing trousers — лыжные брюки to take off trousers — снимать брюки to wear trousers — носить брюки. Эти брюки маловаты. The trousers had patches all over them Our range of waterproof jackets, walking trousers, warm fleece, hard wearing walking boots and more are perfect for any outdoor adventure. Shop with us today and get ready for your next adventure.. Our men's formal trousers are sure to refine your work look. Our luxury heritage inspired tailoring ranges also include wool blend and wool trousers, which of course can be bought with matching.. Online shopping for Trousers - Men from a great selection at Clothing Store. Welcome to the Trousers section of the Apparel category of Amazon.co.uk

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August 6, 2020. Trousers. by David M Willis on March 20, 2015 at 12:01 am. For a minute I thought that Sal was literally apologising to Jason's trousers for having to hold all of that in, as opposed to.. Trousers Size Chart: Finding the right trousers size is rather difficult. In addition to the US, UK and EU sizes, there are also specific sizes for men, women, and children. With the following instructions..

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  1. Trousers of various designs were worn throughout the Middle Ages in Europe, especially by men. Loose-fitting trousers were worn in Byzantium under long tunics,[21] and were worn by many tribes, such as the Germanic tribes that migrated to the Western Roman Empire in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, as evidenced by both artistic sources and such relics as the 4th-century costumes recovered from the Thorsberg peat bog (see illustration).[22] Trousers in this period, generally called brais, varied in length and were often closed at the cuff or even had attached foot coverings, although open-legged pants were also seen.[23]
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  3. Among certain groups, low-rise, baggy trousers exposing underwear became fashionable; for example, among skaters and in 1990s hip hop fashion. This fashion is called sagging or, alternatively, "busting slack."[65]

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Outside North America, the word pants generally means underwear and not trousers.[1] Shorts are similar to trousers, but with legs that come down only to around the area of the knee, higher or lower depending on the style of the garment. To distinguish them from shorts, trousers may be called "long trousers" in certain contexts such as school uniform, where tailored shorts may be called "short trousers", especially in the UK. trousers: anther word for pants. UK folk may argue that pants are worn beneath trousers or skirts, or indeed just worn on their own but lowered somewhat for porn-surfing, and that therefore this is a..

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Although Charlemagne (742–814) is recorded to have habitually worn trousers, donning the Byzantine tunic only for ceremonial occasions,[26][27] the influence of the Roman past and the example of Byzantium led to the increasing use of long tunics by men, hiding most of the trousers from view and eventually rendering them an undergarment for many. As undergarments, these trousers became briefer or longer as the length of the various medieval outer garments changed, and were met by, and usually attached to, another garment variously called hose or stockings. Jeans, made of denim, are a form of trousers for casual wear widely worn all over the world by both sexes. Shorts are often preferred in hot weather or for some sports and also often by children and adolescents. Trousers are worn on the hips or waist and are often held up by buttons, elastic, a belt or suspenders (braces). Samuel Windsor men's trousers offer exceptional quality and value. Choose from a variety of colours and styles including charcoal wool trousers, flat-fronted brick chinos and dark olive cords Welcome to the Rust Wiki. This is probably about 5 years too late - but it's here now. We expect to use this as a place to document new features as we go along and try to explain older features Use our store locator to find a store near you as well as information like opening times, addresses, maps and a list of facilities available at every store

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  1. Also in 2013, an old bylaw requiring women in Paris, France to ask permission from city authorities before "dressing as men", including wearing trousers (with exceptions for those "holding a bicycle handlebar or the reins of a horse") was declared officially revoked by France's Women's Rights Minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.[57] The bylaw was originally intended to prevent women from wearing the pantalons fashionable with Parisian rebels in the French Revolution.[57]
  2. Attested since the 1610s, from the earlier form trouzes (attested since the 1580s), extended from trouse (1570s), with plural ending typical of things in pairs, from Middle Irish triubhas (close-fitting shorts), of uncertain origin. The unexplained intrusive second -r- is perhaps due to the influence of drawers
  3. Flared trousers are trousers worn in the legs slot, obtainable from an easy clue scroll. They give no bonuses and are purely cosmetic. They change the dance emote when worn.
  4. Перевод слова trousers, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования

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Wiki. Trousers are an item of clothing worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately (rather than with cloth extending across both legs as in robes, skirts, and dresses) №1 THESE: shoes, trousers, socks,shorts, trainers, boots,tights THIS: hat, dress, blouse,skirt, scarf №2 1these 2that 3those 4this 5this 6that №3 1these 2this 3this 4these 5this 6this 7these 8these. 4.0 Charcoal wool twill trousers - classic fit. $245. translation missing: en.general.pagination.showing_items 1-16 translation missing: en.general.pagination.of 22 The Transparent Trousers is a community-created cosmetic item for the Scout. It is a set of camo pants with metal knee pads and a knife sheath on the right thigh. The waiters and waitresses wore black trousers or skirts and black T-shirts. I have read recent reports from But weeks later, a package arrived direct from the designer containing two pairs of trousers..

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Category:Trousers. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search The drop rate for Flared trousers is 1/1,300 per slot. An average easy clue grants three rolls, thus making the drop rate ~1/433 per clue.[1] Trousers may refer to: Flared trousers. Citizen trousers. Trousers sold in Keldagrim. Investigator's trousers. Zombie trousers. Categories: Disambiguation. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted Discover our extensive range of Women's Trousers online at House of Fraser. Shop online or in-store for some of the UK's favourite products

In Australia, men's underwear also has various informal terms including under-dacks, undies, dacks or jocks. In New Zealand men's underwear is known informally as undies or dacks. Augmented with Adds Enhances 'Familiar' effect. Enhances Familiar by increasing charm duration to 40 minutes and gives pet haste +10. Relic Armor +2. Reforged Relic Armor. Reforged Relic Armor +1. Ankusa Armor Set. You Might Also Like These Articles Ladies trousers are must-have for weekdays and weekend. Find fashionable pants for women at Select. Why not ditch the skirts and dresses for a new pair of statement-making trousers

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In California, Government Code Section 12947.5 (part of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)) expressly protects the right to wear pants.[69] Thus, the standard California FEHA discrimination complaint form includes an option for "denied the right to wear pants."[70] How to wear striped trousers for men this summer 2018. It's summertime and a great looking fashion trend that's popular right now is the striped trouser look Women's Trousers - Choose from wide range of Pants & Trousers for womens Online. Style your trousers in various ways to achieve different results. Stock your wardrobe with a variety in cool.. Trousers, pants, baji; whatever you happen to call long leg-wraps, you've probably worn a pair or Nowadays trousers are common across the world for casual or formal wear. But how much do you..

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  1. g the first woman in Puerto Rico to wear trousers in public. Capetillo was sent to jail for what was considered to be a crime, but the charges were later dropped.
  2. In 2014, an Indian family court in Mumbai ruled that a husband objecting to his wife wearing a kurta and jeans and forcing her to wear a sari amounts to cruelty inflicted by the husband and can be a ground to seek divorce.[58] The wife was thus granted a divorce on the ground of cruelty as defined under section 27(1)(d) of Special Marriage Act, 1954.[58]
  3. Many trousers are versatile in that they can be worn for casual or dressy occasions. You can make an anything goes casual look by pairing certain trousers with T-shirts, sweaters, casual jackets, and..
  4. zip up one's trousers ≈ застегивать брюки (застежку на молнии) baggy trousers ≈ мешковатые брюки long trousers ≈ длинные брюки short trousers ≈ короткие брюки Syn: pants, breeches..

Trousers Trousers. Trousers + Shorts Trousers + Shorts Define trousers. trousers synonyms, trousers pronunciation, trousers translation, English dictionary definition of trousers. n. often trousers A pair of pants, especially when extending from waist to.. In Trousers is a musical, which premiered Off-Broadway in 1979, with book, music and lyrics by William Finn. It is the first in a trilogy of musicals, followed by March of the Falsettos and then Falsettoland. The one-act musical centers on Marvin, who has a wife and child Flight Cargo Trousers. $650. Buy

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Cut-offs are homemade shorts made by cutting the legs off trousers, usually after holes have been worn in fabric around the knees. This extends the useful life of the trousers. The remaining leg fabric may be hemmed or left to fray after being cut. Traditional dress trousers of Hyrule. The plush fabric makes these trousers quite comfortable, and their high durability makes them ideal for travelers.. — In-Game Description. The Hylian Trousers are beige trousers found in Breath of the Wild Trousers, an outer garment covering the lower half of the body from the waist to the ankles and divided into Scythian dressScythian dress, consisting of tunics, trousers, and short boots, depicted in a.. Discover Urban Outfitters' selection of women's trousers. Browse through the selection of pencil and skater skirts, wide-leg trousers and Palazzo pants

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  1. Translations in context of trousers in English-Russian from Reverso Context: patched trousers, trousers down, pair of trousers
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  3. wear the trousers: 19 фраз в 3 тематиках
  4. Open quick view. Ribbed Jersey Flare Trousers
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  7. Casual trousers vary a lot in terms of fits and cuts. In fact, you may find them in distressed version as Casual trousers, as the name suggests, are casual, and can have any fit between super skinny..

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Trousers (or pants in Canada, South Africa and the United States, and sometimes called slacks or In most parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland, trousers is the general category term, and pants refers.. In 2012 the Royal Canadian Mounted Police began to allow women to wear trousers and boots with all their formal uniforms.[53] The cropped trousers are available in all the main high street stores like Topman, River Island and H&M. The summer cropped trousers that Ollie wears in this video are from Topman in London

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As a modernisation measure, Tsar Peter the Great of Russia issued a decree in 1701 commanding every Russian man, other than clergy and peasant farmers, to wear trousers.[33][need quotation to verify] What does trousers mean? trousers is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as An outer garment covering the body from the waist to the ankles, with a separate part for each leg

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Cosmetic Armor pieces are designed to be equipped in cosmetic armor slots and commonly don't offer significant stat boosts. They can be equipped in the cosmetic slot next to the armor slot in the inventory window, allowing for different styles without requiring currently equipped armor to be removed Trousers. Skirts. Outerwear. Trousers

The Linen Trousers is item level 36 Legs Armor and can be used by Disciples of War that is at least level 36. An NPC mender will repair for a maximum of ?? gil. For a player to repair, they require: Weaver: Level 26. Grade 4 Dark Matter x 1. Convertible: Yes, Projectable: Yes, Desynthesizable: Yes In most of Europe, trousers have been worn since ancient times and throughout the Medieval period, becoming the most common form of lower-body clothing for adult males in the modern world. Breeches were worn instead of trousers in early modern Europe by some men in higher classes of society. Distinctive formal trousers are traditionally worn with formal and semi-formal day attire. Since the mid-20th century, trousers have increasingly been worn by women as well. trousers definition: 1. a piece of clothing that covers the lower part of the body from the waist to the feet. Add trousers to one of your lists below, or create a new one Cropped Trousers & The Correct Shoes. How To Wear Cropped Pants With Perfection. As the cropped trouser continues its furore, many menswear brands are releasing pre-cropped varieties, as..

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  1. In Western society, it was Eastern culture that inspired French designer Paul Poiret (1879–1944) to be one of the first to design pants for women. In 1913, Poiret created loose-fitting, wide-leg trousers for women called harem pants, which were based on the costumes of the popular ballet Sheherazade. Written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 1888, Sheherazade was based on a collection of legends from the Middle East called 1001 Arabian Nights.[40]
  2. In the early 20th century women air pilots and other working women often wore trousers. Frequent photographs from the 1930s of actresses Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn in trousers helped make trousers acceptable for women. During World War II, women employed in factories or doing other "men's work" on war service wore trousers when the job demanded it. In the post-war era, trousers became acceptable casual wear for gardening, the beach, and other leisure pursuits. In Britain during World War II the rationing of clothing prompted women to wear their husbands' civilian clothes, including trousers, to work while the husbands men were serving in the armed forces. This was partly because they were seen as practical for work, but also so that women could keep their clothing allowance for other uses. As this practice of wearing trousers became more widespread and as the men's clothing wore out, replacements were needed. By the summer of 1944, it was reported that sales of women's trousers were five times more than the previous year.[41]
  3. CASUAL TROUSERS is a shape that offers great comfort and plenty of freedom to move. FITTED TROUSERS is our most figure-hugging shape and is perfect for women who want to show off their..
  4. Hillary Clinton was the first woman to wear trousers in an official American First Lady portrait.[45]
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  6. ent artists. Listen online to trousers music and get recommendations on other music you'll love. We don't have a wiki for this tag
  7. Trousers enter recorded history in the 6th century BC, on the rock carvings and artworks of Persepolis,[7] and with the appearance of horse-riding Eurasian nomads in Greek ethnography. At this time, Iranian peoples such as Scythians, Sarmatians, Sogdians and Bactrians among others, along with Armenians and Eastern and Central Asian peoples such as the Xiongnu and Hunnu, are known to have worn trousers.[8][9] Trousers are believed to have been worn by both sexes among these early users.[10]

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This wiki is being rewritten from scratch, and mechanics may change during the mod's development. Currently, the information on this wiki is largely incomplete and may be out of date Accessories. Casualwear. Casual Trousers. Sweatshirts. T-shirts. Trousers. Waistcoats. Nightwear

Republican Rome viewed the draped clothing of Greek and Minoan (Cretan) culture as an emblem of civilisation and disdained trousers as the mark of barbarians.[16] As the Roman Empire expanded beyond the Merranean basin, however, the greater warmth provided by trousers led to their adoption.[17] Two types of trousers eventually saw widespread use in Rome: the Feminalia, which fit snugly and usually fell to knee or mid-calf length,[18] and the Braccae, a loose-fitting trouser that was closed at the ankles.[19] Both garments were adopted originally from the Celts of Europe, although later familiarity with the Persian Near East and the Teutons increased acceptance. Feminalia and Braccae both began use as military garments, spreading to civilian dress later, and were eventually made in a variety of materials including leather, wool, cotton and silk.[20] Leather pants, corduroy and tailored trousers are all stacked up and ready at Stories.com. Get your new favourites faster with express shipping In February 2005, Virginia legislators tried to pass a similar law that would have made punishable by a $50 fine "any person who, while in a public place, intentionally wears and displays his below-waist undergarments, intended to cover a person's intimate parts, in a lewd or indecent manner". (It is not clear whether, with the same coverage by the trousers, exposing underwear was considered worse than exposing bare skin, or whether the latter was already covered by another law.) The law passed in the Virginia House of Delegates. However, various criticisms to it arose. For example, newspaper columnists and radio talk show hosts consistently said that since most people that would be penalised under the law would be young African-American men, the law would thus be a form of racial discrimination. Virginia's state senators voted against passing the law.[67][68] Upper parts. Skirts and trousers. Dresses. Coats and jackets

Belden başlayan ve genellikle paçaları ayak bileklerine kadar inen giyecek. Pants. Trousers. Pair of trousers. Breeches The ancient Greeks used the term "ἀναξυρίδες" (anaxyrides) for the trousers worn by Eastern nations[11] and "σαράβαρα" (sarabara) for the loose trousers worn by the Scythians.[12] However, they did not wear trousers since they thought them ridiculous,[13][14] using the word "θύλακοι" (thulakoi), pl. of "θύλακος" (thulakos), "sack", as a slang term for the loose trousers of Persians and other Middle Easterners.[15] The oldest known trousers were found at the Yanghai cemetery in Turpan, Xinjiang, western China and dated to the period between the 10th and the 13th centuries BC. Made of wool, the trousers had straight legs and wide crotches and were likely made for horseback riding.[2][3] In North America, Australia, South Africa and North West England[4] pants is the general category term, whereas trousers (sometimes slacks in Australia and the United States) often refers more specifically to tailored garments with a waistband, belt-loops, and a fly-front. In these dialects, elastic-waist knitted garments would be called pants, but not trousers (or slacks).

Trousers. Jeans. Jumpsuits. Trousers. Shoes. Accessories Sold by one or more shopkeepers., see below for store-bought variations. One of the variations of lower body clothing, sold in Aluvian Towns. For the other variations, see: Breeches, Pants, Pantaloons and Viamontian Pants In Malawi women were not legally allowed to wear trousers under President Kamuzu Banda's rule until 1994.[49] This law was introduced in 1965.[50]

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Discover our Fall 2019 trouser collection. We have chinos, track pants and classic suit trousers in cotton, wool and technical fabrics Trousers or pants are an item of clothing that might have originated in Central Asia, worn from the waist to the ankles For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Trousers In the 14th century it became common among the men of the noble and knightly classes to connect the hose directly to their pourpoints[28] (the padded under jacket worn with armoured breastplates that would later evolve into the doublet) rather than to their drawers. In the 15th century, rising hemlines led to ever briefer drawers[29] until they were dispensed with altogether by the most fashionable elites who joined their skin-tight hose back into trousers.[30] These trousers, which we would today call tights but which were still called hose or sometimes joined hose at the time, emerged late in the 15th century and were conspicuous by their open crotch which was covered by an independently fastening front panel, the codpiece. The exposure of the hose to the waist was consistent with 15th-century trends, which also brought the pourpoint/doublet and the shirt, previously undergarments, into view,[31] but the most revealing of these fashions were only ever adopted at court and not by the general population. Until 2016 some female crew members on British Airways were required to wear British Airways’ standard "ambassador" uniform, which has not traditionally included trousers.[59] In Scotland, trousers are occasionally known as trews, which is the historic root of the word trousers. Trousers are also known as breeks in Scots, a word related to breeches. The item of clothing worn under trousers is underpants. The standard form trousers is also used, but it is sometimes pronounced in a manner approximately represented by [ˈtruːzɨrz], as Scots did not completely undergo the Great Vowel Shift, and thus retains the vowel sound of the Gaelic truis from which the word originates.

Men's Regular & Straight Trousers. A wardrobe essential, regular and straight trousers come in many styles. From the striking colours and patterns of The Elder Statesman and Vivienne Westwood.. Since 2004 the International Skating Union has allowed women to wear trousers instead of skirts in ice skating competition.[51]

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Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. Listen to this article Thanks for reporting this video! Strong linen trousers, split at the knees. An original cut that is useful on stagback - or in low combat Linen trousers of simple fabric. Bound at the calves to traverse the flooded marshes of Adal Circle the correct sentence. 1. (a. These trousers are short. b. This trousers are short

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The Trousers. 5,778 likes · 100 talking about this. 100% mind blowing rock and roll. The Trousers are a garage rock/hard rock/rock n roll band from Budapest, HU Trousers - palazzo. #wearthechange. 14.90 €. Trousers with belt - linen blend. 29.90 €. Blouse Trousers - save up to 50%. Shop by category. Casual Shirts. Working from home. Shirts, polos and trousers that are. comfortable enough for the sofa and look Coats & Jackets. Polos & Sweatshirts. Trousers. Shorts. Swimwear Starting around the mid-19th century, Wigan pit-brow girls scandalised Victorian society by wearing trousers for their work at the local coal mines. They wore skirts over their trousers and rolled them up to their waists to keep them out of the way. Although pit-brow lasses worked above ground at the pit-head, their task of sorting and shovelling coal involved hard manual labour, so wearing the usual long skirts of the time would have greatly hindered their movements.

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Attested since the 1610s, from the earlier form trouzes (attested since the 1580s), extended from trouse (1570s), with plural ending typical of things in pairs, from Middle Irish triubhas (“close-fitting shorts”), of uncertain origin. The unexplained intrusive second -r- is perhaps due to the influence of drawers.[1] Trousers or pants (American English) are an item of clothing that might have originated in Central Asia, worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately.. Browse our collection of Trousers for Men online at Stuarts London. Whether you are looking for casual or dress trousers, the collection in stock at Stuarts London is sure to have what you are..

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Trousers or pants (American English) are an item of clothing that might have originated in Central Asia, worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately (rather than with cloth extending across both legs as in robes, skirts, and dresses). Trousers (British English) or pants (American English) first appear in recorded history among nomadic steppe-people in Western Europe. Archaeological evidence suggests that men and women alike wore pants in that cultural context Trousers or pants are an item of clothing that might have originated in Central Asia, worn from the waist to the ankles For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Trousers Trousers definition: Trousers are a piece of clothing that you wear over your body from the waist downwards ,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Men's clothes in Hungary in the 15th century consisted of a shirt and trousers as underwear, and a dolman worn over them, as well as a short fur-lined or sheein coat. Hungarians generally wore simple trousers, only their colour being unusual; the dolman covered the greater part of the trousers.[32]

Shop men's trousers online at Mennace. Browse the range today with next day delivery and free returns Our men's trousers are available in a variety of fits and styles, add a fresh element to your.. Sailors may[original research?] have played a role in the worldwide dissemination of trousers as a fashion. In the 17th and 18th centuries, sailors wore baggy trousers known as galligaskins. Sailors also pioneered the wearing of jeans - trousers made of denim.[citation needed] These became more popular in the late 19th century in the American West because of their ruggedness and durability. Pleats just below the waistband on the front typify many styles of formal and casual trousers, including suit trousers and khakis. There may be one, two, three, or no pleats, which may face either direction. When the pleats open towards the pockets they are called reverse pleats (typical of most trousers today) and when they open toward the fly they are known as forward pleats. Trouser-makers can finish the legs by hemming the bottom to prevent fraying.[citation needed] Trousers with turn-ups (cuffs in American English), after hemming, are rolled outward and sometimes pressed or stitched into place. Our Favorite Trousers Nature is Waiting Lightness of Summer Kånken Family High Coast COVID-19 Updates. Men's trousers. Explore high coast

In Sudan, Article 152 of the Memorandum to the 1991 Penal Code prohibits the wearing of "obscene outfits" in public. This law has been used to arrest and prosecute women wearing trousers. Thirteen women including journalist Lubna al-Hussein were arrested in Khartoum in July 2009 for wearing trousers; ten of the women pleaded guilty and were flogged with ten lashes and fined 250 Sudanese pounds apiece. Lubna al-Hussein considers herself a good Muslim and asserts "Islam does not say whether a woman can wear trousers or not. I'm not afraid of being flogged. It doesn't hurt. But it is insulting." She was eventually found guilty and fined the equivalent of $200 rather than being flogged.[52] There are several different main types of pants and trousers, such as dress pants, jeans, khakis, chinos, leggings, and sweatpants. They can also be classified by fit, fabric, and other features. There is apparently no universal, overarching classification. TROUSERS Nedir, TROUSERS Sözlük, TROUSERS Örnek Cümleler, TROUSERS Çevirisi. trousers. Toplam 111 çeviri bulundu

The United States of America is a large country in North America, often referred to as the USA, the U.S., the United States, the United States of America, the States, or simply America. Home to the world's third-largest population, with over 318 million people.. Redefine your style with men's trousers for any occasion. From checks to pinstripes and basic black trousers for an effortless everyday look, shop boohoo's edit today

By the 8th century there is evidence of the wearing in Europe of two layers of trousers, especially among upper-class males.[24] The under layer is today referred to by costume historians as "drawers", although that usage did not emerge until the late 16th century. Over the drawers were worn trousers of wool or linen, which in the 10th century began to be referred to as breeches in many places. Tightness of fit and length of leg varied by period, class, and geography. (Open legged trousers can be seen on the Norman soldiers of the Bayeux Tapestry.)[25] Nike Sportswear NSW. Woven Trousers. Men's Hybrid Trail Running Trousers

The new trousers were made from a very strong material which did not wear out easily In May 2004, in Louisiana, Democrat and state legislator Derrick Shepherd proposed a bill that would make it a crime to appear in public wearing trousers below the waist and thereby exposing one's skin or "intimate clothing".[66] The Louisiana bill did not pass. The words trouser (or pant) instead of trousers (or pants) is sometimes used in the tailoring and fashion industries as a generic term, for instance when discussing styles, such as "a flared trouser", rather than as a specific item. The words trousers and pants are pluralia tantum, nouns that generally only appear in plural form—much like the words scissors and tongs, and as such pair of trousers is the usual correct form. However, the singular form is used in some compound words, such as trouser-leg, trouser-press and trouser-bottoms.[5]

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Pantaloons became fashionable in early 19th-century England and the Regency era. The style was introduced by Beau Brummell (1778–1840)[35][36][37] and by mid-century had supplanted breeches as fashionable street-wear.[38] At this point, even knee-length pants adopted the open bottoms of trousers (see shorts) and were worn by young boys, for sports, and in tropical climates. Breeches proper survived into the 20th century as court dress, and also in baggy mid-calf (or three-quarter length) versions known as plus-fours or knickers worn for active sports and by young schoolboys. Types of breeches are still worn today by baseball and American football players, and by equestrians. Trouser definition is - pants —usually used in plural. How to use trouser in a sentence. 1 : of, relating to, or designed for trousers trouser pockets. 2 : of or relating to a male dramatic role played.. People Tree's trousers combine pristine handmade tailoring with eco-friendly fabrics such as TENCEL™Lyocell and Organic Cotton. Soft, finely crafted materials are used to create androgynous.. Flared trousers are trousers worn in the legs slot, obtainable from an easy clue scroll. They give no bonuses and are purely cosmetic. They change the dance emote when worn. The drop rate for Flared trousers is 1/1,300 per slot

TrouSerS. Brought to you by: ashleylai, dvelarde, gcwilson, hcl2014, and 4 others. TrouSerS - An open-source TCG Software Stack implementation, created and released by IBM Trousers have varied historically in whether or not they have a fly. Originally, hose did not cover the area between the legs. This was instead covered by a doublet or by a codpiece. When breeches were worn, during the Regency period for example, they were fall-fronted (or broad fall). Later, after trousers (pantaloons) were invented, the fly-front (split fall) emerged.[63] The panelled front returned as a sporting option, such as in riding breeches, but is now hardly ever used, a fly being by far the most common fastening. Most flies now use a zipper, though button-fly pants continue to be available. A man wearing trousers. Trousers or pants (American English) are an item of clothing that might have originated in Central Asia, worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately.. In the 1960s, André Courrèges introduced long trousers for women as a fashion item, leading to the era of the pantsuit and designer jeans and the gradual erosion of social prohibitions against girls and women wearing trousers in schools, the workplace and in fine restaurants.

Trousers worn by miracle-casting clerics. Belonged to Licia of Lindelt. While it's true Licia dedicated herself to miracles, it's rare for anyone to Attributes Required. Physical DEF Bonus. Saint's Trousers In 1919, Luisa Capetillo challenged mainstream society by becoming the first woman in Puerto Rico to wear trousers in public. Capetillo was sent to jail for what was then considered to be a crime, but, the judge later dropped the charges against her.[citation needed] Jeans are trousers typically made from denim or dungaree cloth. Skin-tight leggings are commonly referred to as tights. In 2017, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that its female employees could wear "professional pantsuits and dress slacks" while at work; dresses and skirts had previously been required.[60] In 2018 it was announced that female missionaries of that church could wear dress slacks except when attending the temple and during Sunday worship services, baptismal services, and mission leadership and zone conferences.[61] Within our collection of awesome trousers, you will come across a choice of different styles. Check out the range of gothic, punk, rockabilly and streetwear designs that we have available at Attitude Clothing Shop mens trousers & Chinos on TU Clothing. Sainsbury's Tu clothing can be found in selected Update your wardrobe with formal trousers for work or parties, or refresh your jeans collection with..

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