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Eight AC-130H and 17 AC-130U aircraft were in active-duty service as of July 2010.[11] In March 2011, the Air Force deployed two AC-130U gunships to take part in Operation Odyssey Dawn, the US military intervention in Libya,[67] which eventually came under NATO as Operation Unified Protector.[68] The N 130 / 650 telescope:This telescope is a good starting point for new amateur astronomers. With 30% more light gathering capacity than a 114mm telescope, even more fascinati..

CNE-CPBF130W. Can charge 2 devices at the same time. CNE-CPBF130W. Product Description. Power Bank, micro-USB input and 2 USB-outputs The first MC-130W Dragon Spears began operating in March 2010. The aircraft were redesignated as AC-130W Stinger IIs in May 2012.

In 1967, JC-130A 54-1626 was selected for conversion into the prototype AC-130A gunship (Project Gunship II). The modifications were done at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base by the Aeronautical Systems Division. A direct-view night-vision telescope was installed in the forward door, an early forward-looking infrared device was placed in the forward part of the left wheel well, with miniguns and rotary cannons fixed facing down and aft along the left side. The analog fire-control computer prototype was handcrafted by RAF Wing Commander Tom Pinkerton at the USAF Avionics Laboratory at Wright-Patterson AFB. Flight testing of the prototype was performed primarily at Eglin Air Force Base, followed by further testing and modifications. By September 1967, the aircraft was certified ready for combat testing and was flown to Nha Trang Air Base, South Vietnam for a 90-day test program.[13] The AC-130 was later supplemented by the AC-119 Shadow (Project Gunship III), which later proved to be underpowered. Seeker. : 130 результаты. sportovesels.lv. LED lukturis SEEKER 6 50W 1605-NS6. Apgaismojums » LED lukturi , LED lampas un LED bāri On 15 November 2015, two days after the attacks in Paris by ISIL, AC-130s and A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft destroyed a convoy of over 100 ISIL-operated oil tanker trucks in Syria. The attacks were part of an intensification of the US-led Military intervention against ISIL called Operation Tidal Wave II (named after the original Operation Tidal Wave during World War II, a failed attempt to raid German oil fields that resulted in heavy aircraft and aircrew loss) in an attempt to cut off oil smuggling as a source of funding for the group.[71] Seeker, based in Tokyo Japan are specialists in Honda vehicles offering a range of original parts developed through many years of experience tuning and building performance Honda vehicles in a.. The AC-130W Stinger II, previously known as the MC-130W Dragon Spear, is a gunship that is created by applying a roll-on, roll-off Precision Strike Package to existing MC-130W Combat Spear aircraft

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  2. Preview of CARVER MXR-130 2X130W RECEIVER-SM [2nd page] Click on the link for free download! Please tick the box below to get download lin
  3. Seven more warplanes were converted to the "Plain Jane" configuration like the AC-130 prototype in 1968,[15] and one aircraft received the "Surprise Package" refit in 1969.[16] The Surprise Package upgrade included the latest 20 mm rotary autocannons and 40 mm Bofors cannon, but no 7.62 mm close-support armament. The Surprise Package configuration served as a test bed for the avionic systems and armament for the AC-130E. In 1970, 10 more AC-130As were acquired under the "Pave Pronto" project.[17] In the summer of 1971, Surprise Package AC-130s were converted to the Pave Pronto configuration and assumed the new nickname of "Thor". Conversion of C-130Es into AC-130Es for the "PAVE Spectre" project followed.[18][19] Regardless of their project names, the aircraft were more commonly referred to by the squadron's call sign, Spectre.
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  5. The AC-130U gunship set a new record for the longest sustained flight by any C-130 on 22 and 23 October 1997, when two AC-130U gunships flew 36 hours nonstop from Hurlburt Field to Taegu Air Base (Daegu), South Korea, being refueled seven times in the air by KC-135 tankers. The two gunships took on 410,000 lb (186,000 kg) of fuel. Gunships also were part of the buildup of US forces in 1998 to compel Iraq to allow UNSCOM weapons inspections.
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Recent and planned upgradesedit

The Air Force launched an initiative in 2011 to acquire 16 new gunships based on newly built MC-130J Combat Shadow II special-operations tankers outfitted with a "precision strike package" to give them an attack capability, requesting $1.6 billion from fiscal years 2011 through 2015. This would increase the size of the gunship fleet to 33 aircraft, a net increase of eight after the planned retirement of eight aging AC-130Hs. The first aircraft would be bought in fiscal 2012, followed by two in fiscal 2013, five in fiscal 2014, and the final eight in fiscal 2015.[29] The decision to retain the C-130 came after funding for 16 C-27Js was removed from the fiscal 2010 budget.[30] Alibaba.com offers 208 reci 130w 150w power supply products. About 0% of these are Switching Power Supply

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  1. Вес, г: 130. Тип: Монокль. Диаметр объектива: 25 мм
  2. On 30 September 2017, the Air Force declared the AC-130J Ghostrider had achieved initial operational capability, with six gunships having been delivered; the aircraft is planned to reach full operational capability by 2023 with 37 gunships delivered. The J-variant is lighter and more fuel efficient than previous versions, able to fly at 416 mph (669 km/h) with a range of 3,000 mi (4,800 km) and service ceiling of 28,000 ft (8,500 m).[34] The AC-130U returned from its final combat deployment on 8 July 2019;[77] the final AC-130U was retired in August 2019.[78] AFSOC started taking delivery of the AC-130J in spring 2019, and the aircraft began deploying to Afghanistan by the summer.[79]
  3. Stinger IIs feature state of the art radar and missile warning sensors and countermeasures such as jammers and flare and chaff launchers

Close air support was the main mission of the AC-130 in Iraq. Night after night, at least one AC-130 was in the air to fulfill one or more air-support requests (ASRs). A typical mission had the AC–130 supporting a single brigade's ASRs followed by aerial refueling and another two hours with another brigade or SOF team. The use of AC-130s in places like Fallujah, urban settings where insurgents were among crowded populations of non-combatants, was criticized by human rights groups. AC-130s were also used for intelligence gathering with their sophisticated long-range video, infrared and radar sensors. In 2007, US Special Operations forces also used the AC-130 in attacks on suspected Al-Qaeda militants in Somalia.[65][66] EDSY is a ship outfitting tool for Elite Dangerous.. The AC-130 flying gunship fleet is one of the most fabled and feared assets in the entire USAF It only took about a year and half to take the AC-130W, dubbed the Stinger II, concept and turn it into reality

Cold War and later actionedit

By September 2013, 14 MC-130W Dragon Spear aircraft have been converted to AC-130W Stinger II gunships. The Stinger gunships have been deployed to Afghanistan to replace the aging AC-130H aircraft and provide an example for the new AC-130J Ghostrider. Modifications began by cutting holes in the plane to make room for weapons and adding kits and bomb bases for laser-guided munitions. Crews added a 105 mm cannon, 20-inch infrared and electro-optical sensors, and the ability to carry 250-lb bombs on the wings.[69] WA4KL130 Part 130: Seeker, Building Aurnion. Hey there! Today, we're gonna do most of the remaining Aurnion sidequests During the Vietnam War, the C-130 Hercules was selected to replace the Douglas AC-47 Spooky gunship (Project Gunship I) to improve mission endurance and increase capacity to carry munitions. Capable of flying faster than helicopters and at high altitudes with excellent loiter time, the use of the pylon turn allowed the AC-47 to deliver continuous, accurate fire to a single point on the ground.[13][14]

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  3. Six AC-130s and 52 air crew members were lost during the war.[53] AC-130s destroyed more than 10,000 trucks and participated in many crucial close-air-support missions in Vietnam.
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Combat Spears can receive fuel from other airborne tankers via its Universal Aerial Refueling Receptacle Slipway Installation. TinEye is a reverse image search engine. Search by image: Give it an image and it will tell you where the image appears on the web

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Alku LED-lisävalot, majakat, autolisävarusteet SEEKER 130W(9100Lm) LED lisävalo, R112, IP68, kylmä valkoinen 5000K On 28 January 1973, the Vietnam peace accord went into effect, marking the end of Spectre operations in Vietnam. Spectre was still needed and active in the region, supporting operations in Laos and Cambodia. On 22 February 1973, American offensive operations in Laos ended and the gunships became totally committed to operations in the Cambodian conflict. The new AC-130J is based on the MC-130J Commando II special operations tanker as of 2012[update]. The AC-130W Stinger II is armed with one 30 mm Mk44 Bushmaster II cannon, AGM-176 Griffin.. The AC-130 has an unpressurized cabin, with the weaponry mounted to fire from the port side of the fuselage. During an attack, the gunship performs a pylon turn, flying in a large circle around the target, therefore being able to fire at it for far longer than in a conventional strafing attack. The AC-130H Spectre was armed with two 20 mm M61 Vulcan cannons, one L60 Bofors 40 mm cannon, and one 105 mm M102 howitzer; after 1994, the 20 mm cannons were removed. The upgraded AC-130U Spooky has a single 25 mm GAU-12 Equalizer cannon in place of the Spectre's two 20 mm cannons, an improved fire-control system, and increased ammunition capacity. The new AC-130J was based on the MC-130J Commando II special-operations tanker. The AC-130W Stinger II is a modified C-130H with upgrades including a precision strike package.[12]

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Level 130, Cliff 2: Canyon Answers. Wordscapes Cheats are now spoiler-free! Simply tap an answer to reveal only that answer, or tap Show All to show them all at once Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W130 Overview. Announced Jan 23, 2008 •. One of a range of very similar W series compacts announced in early 2008, the DSC-W130 is a basic but nicely put together 8.1.. FOXTECH SEEKER-18 is a professional 3-axis Gimbal with 18X Optical Zoom Camera that SEEKER-18 features high strength, good vibration absorbing and corrosion resistant, it can adapt to..

Gulf War and the 1990sedit

AC-130A serial no. 54–1623, c/n 3010, named "Ghost Rider" served in Southeast Asia and later conflicts until being retired in 1997 to Dobbins AFB, Georgia. Ghost Rider eventually was transferred and displayed at the Aviation Wing Museum at Marietta, Georgia. A third AC-130A, AF serial no. 54–1630, is on display in the Cold War Gallery at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Named Azrael for the angel of death in Islam who severs the soul from the body, this aircraft figured prominently in the closing hours of Operation Desert Storm. On 26 February 1991, Coalition ground forces were driving the Iraqi Army out of Kuwait. With an Air Force Reserve crew called to active duty, Azrael was sent to the Al Jahra highway (Highway 80) between Kuwait City and Basra, Iraq, to intercept the convoys of tanks, trucks, buses, and cars fleeing the battle. Facing SA-6 and SA-8 surface-to-air missiles and 37 mm and 57 mm radar-guided anti-aircraft artillery the crew attacked and destroyed or disabled most of the convoys. Azrael was also assigned to the 919th Special Operations Wing and retired to the museum in October 1995.[92][93]

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The C-130J isn't a concept or in test phase. It isn't a show horse. It's a workhorse that's in operation around the world, flying in every environment and mission scenario required every day and everywhere View and Download Panasonic PVQ-130W service manual online. PVQ-130W TV VCR Combo pdf manual download 195 €. SEEKER LED-lisävalo 130W Tykki kaukovalo yhdistelmävalokuviolla. Lisävalon tekniset tiedot. - SEEKER NORDIC EDITION - 130W - 13x10W CREE-LED - Referenssiluku 25..

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AC-130W Stinger II - USAF Special Operation

The U.S. Air Force's New AC-130 Gunships Are Really Bomb Truck

AC-130H Spectre, AC-130U Spooky & AC-130W Stinger II In Actio

175 €. Les rampes Led Chihiros A-Serie Plus sont plus larges, et ont deux rangées de Led en plus que les A-Serie. Elles ont une puissance en moyenne 66% supérieure aux A-Serie In November 1979, four AC-130H gunships flew nonstop from Hurlburt Field to Anderson AFB, Guam, because of the hostage situation at the US Embassy in Iran. At Guam, AC-130H crews developed communications-out/lights-out refueling procedures for later employment by trial-and-error. This deployment with the 1 SOW/CC as task force commander was directed from the office of the CJCS for fear that Iranian militants could begin executing American Embassy personnel who had been taken hostage on 4 November. One early option considered AC-130H retaliatory punitive strikes deep within Iran. Later gunship flights exceeded the 1979 Hurlburt-to-Guam flight. Upon return in March 1980, the four planes soon found themselves in Egypt to support the ill-fated hostage rescue attempt. 20/130W Turbo Soldering Iron. CAT.NO: TS1554. Sometimes you need that extra bit of heat in Push the little red button on this iron and you get a lot more power - from 20 watts to 130 watts to be precise The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed, long-endurance, ground-attack variant of the C-130 Hercules transport, fixed-wing aircraft. It carries a wide array of ground attack weapons that are integrated with sophisticated sensors, navigation, and fire-control systems. Unlike other modern military fixed-wing aircraft, the AC-130 relies on visual targeting. Because its large profile and low operating altitudes of approximately 7,000 feet (2,100 m) make it an easy target, its close air support missions are usually flown at night.[6] In July 1979, AC-130H crews deployed to Howard Air Force Base, Panama, as a precaution against possible hostile actions against American personnel during the Nicaraguan Revolution. New time aloft and nonstop distance records were subsequently set by a 16th SOS two-ship AC-130H formation flight that departed Hurlburt Field on 13 November 1979 and landed on 15 November at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, a distance of 7,200 nautical miles (13,300 km) and 29 hours 43 minutes nonstop, refueling four times in-flight.[60][61] Refueling support for the Guam deployment was provided by KC-135 crews from the 305th Air Refueling Wing from Grissom AFB, Indiana.

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HQ1410 130W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine Engrave On Marble Granite Tombstone Gravestone Headstone/1400*1000MM www.mektex.com www.honqon.com Email SAE Seeker 230 130W Ref The PGM-38/U enhanced 25 mm high-explosive incendiary round was created to expand the AC-130U gunships' mission in standoff range and survivability for its 25 mm GAU-12/U gun. This round is a combination of the existing PGU-25 HEI and a M758 fuze designated as FMU-151/B to meet the MIL-STD-1316. The FMU-151 has an improved arming delay with multisensitive range.[52]

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  1. Model Number: SPT-T130 LASER TUBE. Rated Power: 130w. Peak Power: 150w. 130W laser tube+130W power supply+CW5200 laser water chiller
  2. 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172..
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The USAF Finally Gives Its AC-130W Gunship The Big Gun It

Cisco Rv130w Router Factory Reset to defaults with button. Cisco Rv130w Router Reset To Factory Defaults. You can easily reset your wireless WiFi router Ноутбук Lenovo V130 15,6 i3-7020U 8 GB RAM 512 GB SSD Чёрный. Недорогие ноутбуки Lenovo In 2007, AFSOC initiated a program to upgrade the armament of AC-130s. The test program planned for the 25 mm GAU-12/U and 40 mm Bofors cannon on the AC-130U gunships to be replaced with two 30 mm Mk 44 Bushmaster II cannons.[20] In 2007, the Air Force modified four AC-130U gunships as test platforms for the Bushmasters. These were referred to as AC-130U Plus 4 or AC-130U+4. AFSOC, however, canceled its plans to install the new cannons on its fleet of AC-130Us. It has since removed the guns and reinstalled the original 40 mm and 25 mm cannons and returned the planes to combat duty.[21] Brigadier General Bradley A. Heithold, AFSOC's director of plans, programs, requirements, and assessments, said on 11 August 2008 that the effort was canceled because of problems with the Bushmaster's accuracy in tests "at the altitude we were employing it". Also, schedule considerations drove the decision, he said.[22]

During Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada in 1983, AC-130s suppressed enemy air-defense systems and attacked ground forces enabling the assault of the Point Salines Airfield via airdrop and air-land of friendly forces. The AC-130 aircrew earned the Lieutenant General William H. Tunner Award for the mission. Watch a AC-130 Gunship Devastate Targets on the Ground with Its Howitzer. The largest gun attached to any warplane in the world belongs to the new AC-130W Stinger II flying gunship

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The AC-130 gunship first arrived in South Vietnam on 21 September 1967 under the Gunship II program and began combat operations over Laos and South Vietnam that year. In June 1968, AC-130s were deployed to Tan Son Nhut AB near Saigon for support against the Tet Offensive. By 30 October 1968, enough AC-130 Gunship IIs arrived to form a squadron, the 16th Special Operations Squadron of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand. At this time, the C-130A gunship was designated the AC-130A. Loudspeaker Database Ciare HWG130. English Français Русский. Ciare HWG130 8Ω. 5 Subwoofer. fS. 40 Hz. RMS Power. 130 W. QTS By December 1968, most AC-130s flew under F-4 Phantom II escort (to protect the gunship against heavy and concentrated antiaircraft fire) from the 497th Tactical Fighter Squadron, normally three Phantoms per gunship. On 24 May 1969, the first Spectre gunship was lost to enemy fire.[53]

On 3 October 2015, an AC-130 mistakenly attacked the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. In five separate runs, the gunship struck the hospital that was erroneously identified as the source of attacks on coalition members. Subsequent inquiries led to punishment of 16 military personnel and cited "human error" as the root cause.[72][73][74][75][76] As of 2018[update], AC-130 gunships have been providing close air support for special operators for 50 years. Although the aircraft have been kept relevant through constant upgrades to their weaponry, sensor packages, and countermeasures, they are not expected to be survivable in future nonpermissive environments due to their high signatures and low airspeeds. Military analysts, such as the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, have suggested that AFSOC invest in more advanced technologies to fill the role to operate in future contested combat zones, including a mix of low-cost disposable unmanned and stealthy strike aircraft.[50] The Stinger II program is designed to augment the aging AC-130 gunship flee in lieu of a lapsed AC-130J project. Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) plans to eventually convert its entire fleet of AC-130W Combat Spears into Stinger IIs. AC-130W Stinger II - Role The AC-130W role is similar to the AC-130H Spectre / AC-130U Spooky U gunships, also operated by AFSOC, albeit with less emphasis on direct strike missions. The AC-130W Stinger II platform is geared more towards its primary role of armed overwatch as well as reconnaissance and close air support. The aircraft also has a limited cargo transport role. The AC-130W fleet is meant to augment the Spooky and Spectres, not replace them. AC-130W Stinger II - Features Armaments The AC-130W Stinger II can fitted with an array of sophisticated weapons. The Precision Strike Package is a modular weapons package and can include: Wing-mounted GBU-39 Small-Diameter Bombs (SDB's) Bushmaster II Mk44 30mm gun (GAU-23) Gunslinger weapons system featuring a launch tube capable of deploying up to 10 GBU-44/B Viper Strike or Griffin small standoff munitions The various weapons fitted are managed by a battle management system (BMS). During deployments to Afghanistan, AC-130Ws crews have added a 105-millimeter cannon and the ability to carry 250lb bombs on wing hardpoints to the aircraft.On 12 April 1975, the Khmer Rouge was threatening the capital of Phnom Penh and AC-130s were called on to help in Operation Eagle Pull, the final evacuation of American and allied officials from Phnom Penh before it was conquered by the communists. The AC-130 was also over Saigon on 30 April 1975 to protect the final evacuation in Operation Frequent Wind. Spectres were also called in when the USS Mayaguez was seized, on the open sea, by Khmer Rouge soldiers and sailors on 15 May 1975. The final AC-130H Spectre gunship, tail number 69-6569 "Excalibur" was retired on 26 May 2015 at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico.[70]

AC-130W Stinger II Military

  1. During the Gulf War of 1990–91 (Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm), Regular Air Force and Air Force Reserve AC-130s provided close air support and force protection (air base defense) for ground forces, and battlefield interdiction. The primary interdiction targets were early-warning/ground-control intercept sites along the southern border of Iraq. At its standard altitude of 12,000 feet, the aircraft had a proven ability to engage moving ground targets.[63] The first gunship to enter the Battle of Khafji helped stop a southbound Iraqi armored column on 29 January 1991. One day later, three more gunships provided further aid to Marines participating in the operation. The gunships attacked Iraqi positions and columns moving south to reinforce their positions north of the city.
  2. FL-WC130-LC170-G740-DS-B9. FL-WC85-MA130-G740-DS-B8
  3. Standard AC-130W Stinger IIs feature a GPS and Inertial Navigation System navigation and a AN/APN-241 Low Power Color weather/navigation Radar. A sophisticated communications fitment includes satellite and data burst capabilities. The Precision Strike Package adds an improved infrared sensor and electro-optical targeting system, communications and a battle management system.
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Conventional model. AW-HE130W/K. Output the last frame of the camera image before it starts The AW-HE130W/K also supports audio input, embedding, and encoding. The input from the camera's.. The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed, long-endurance, ground-attack variant of the C-130 Hercules transport, fixed-wing aircraft The Cisco RV130W Multifunction VPN Router delivers highly secure broadband connectivity, high-speed wireless networking, and remote access for multiple offices and remote workers The IR Seeker V3 detects IR signals from the HiTechnic IR Beacon or IR ball and by using two detectors it calculates the direction to the signal source. The relative signal strength from left and right..

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AN/ALQ-172(V)1 , MC-130H, AC-130U. AN/ALQ-172(V)2 , Electronic Countermeasures System, Phase VI. Passive Radar Seeker , Hsiung III The AC-130Hs of the 16th Special Operations Squadron unit maintained an ongoing rotation to Howard AB, Panama, monitoring activities in El Salvador and other Central American points of interest, with rules of engagement eventually permitting attacks on FMLN targets. This commitment of maintainers and crews started in 1983 and lasted until 1990.[62] The AC-130 is considered to have hastened the end of the Salvadoran Civil War in the 1980s. Crews flew undercover missions from Honduras and attacked guerrilla camps and concentrations.[citation needed]

127 серия 128 серия 129 серия 130 серия 131 серия 132 серия 133 серия In late 1969, under code name "Surprise Package", 56-0490 arrived with solid-state, laser-illuminated, low light-level TV with a companion YAG laser designator, an improved forward-looking infrared (FLIR) sensor, video recording for TV and FLIR, an inertial navigation system, and a prototype digital fire-control computer. The remaining AC-130s were refitted with upgraded similar equipment in the summer of 1970, and then redeployed to Ubon RTAFB. On 25 October 1971, the first "Cadillac" gunship, the AC-130E, arrived in Vietnam. On 17 February 1972, the first 105 mm cannon arrived for service with Spectre and was installed on Gunship 570. It was used from mid-February until the aircraft received battle damage to its right flap. The cannon was switched to Gunship 571 and was used until 30 March when the aircraft was shot down. AC-130's gain their lethality through support of troops in contact, often referred to in the short form as TIC. AC-130 systems are charged with loitering above combat zones, often working in the darkness.. Another AC-130A, AF serial no. 54–1626, the original prototype AC-130 named "Gunship II" is on display at the outdoor Air Park at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.[13][94] This aircraft served in Southeast Asia from 1967 to 1972, then served in JC-130A test configuration. It was transferred to the National Museum of the United States Air Force in 1976, and converted back to AC-130A configuration in the late 1990s. The AC-130W Stinger II, previously known as the MC-130W Dragon Spear, is a gunship that is created by applying a roll-on, roll-off Precision Strike Package to existing MC-130W Combat Spear aircraft. The resulting AC-130W Stinger IIs are operated by the Air Force 73rd Special Operations Squadron out of Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico.

All AC-130W aircraft are modified with a precision strike package to perform the armed overwatch Modifications to the AC-130W include a mission management console, communications suite, two.. In 2010, the Air Force awarded L-3 Communications a $61 million contract to add precision strike packages to eight MC-130W Combat Spear special-mission aircraft[24] to give them a gunship-like attack capability; such-equipped MC-130Ws are known as Dragon Spears. AFSOC is arming these aircraft to relieve the high operational demands on AC-130 gunships until new AC-130Js enter service.[25] The MC-130W Dragon Spear was renamed AC-130W Stinger II in 2011.[26] The precision strike packages consist of a 30 mm gun and several precision guided munitions. Rails are mounted on the outboard pylon of the wing for four Hellfire missiles, SDBs, or SDB IIs under each. Ten Common Launch Tubes (CLTs) are mounted on the rear ramp to fire Griffin A missiles; additional missiles are stored in the aircraft that can be reloaded in flight.[27] CLTs are able to fire other small munitions able to fit inside the 6 in (15 cm)-diameter, 48 in (1.2 m)-long tubes.[28]

I need to do this, because my new 130w charger arrives only day 9 and I must continue using the Then, if the 90-W adapter is of the same brand as the original 130-W adapter, and all are for the same.. 2600 USD. The Takahashi Epsilon 130D is a 130mm modified Newtonian design perfect for astro-imaging. Features a digital correct allowing for improved field flatness HMC SEEKER Allowes users to upload, organize, edit and share photos, geotag and explore them on the world map A second aircraft, AF serial no. 56–0509, named the Ultimate End, was originally accepted as a C-130A by the Air Force on 28 February 1957,[citation needed] and modified to the AC-130A configuration on 27 July 1970. The aircraft participated in the Vietnam War and the rescue of the SS Mayaguez. Ultimate End demonstrated the durability of the C-130 after surviving hits in five places by 37 mm anti-aircraft artillery on 12 December 1970, extensive left wing leading edge damage on 12 April 1971 and a 57 mm round damaging the belly and injuring one crewman on 4 March 1972. "Ultimate End" was reassigned to the Air Force Reserve's 919th Special Operations Wing at Eglin AFB Auxiliary Field No.3 / Duke Field on 17 June 1975, where it continued in service until retired in the fall 1994 and transferred to Air Force Special Operations Command's Heritage Air Park at Hurlburt Field, Florida. While assigned to the 711th Special Operations Squadron, Ultimate End served in Operations JUST CAUSE in Panama, DESERT STORM in Kuwait and Iraq, and UPHOLD DEMOCRACY in Haiti. After 36 years and seven months of service, 24 years as a gunship, Ultimate End retired from active service on 1 October 1994. It made its last flight from Duke Field to Hurlburt Field on 20 October 1994. The Spectre Association dedicated "Ultimate End" (which served with the 16 SOS in Vietnam) on 4 May 1995. Lt Col Michael Byers, then 16 SOS commander, represented the active-duty gunship force and Clyde Gowdy of the Spectre Association represented all Spectre personnel past and present for the unveiling of a monument at the aircraft and the dedication as a whole.[91]

W130SN. What do you want? How much? Start a new conversation. Recipient *. W130SN. Offline Seeker 230 on Seekerin pyöreiden LED lisävalojen tehokkain malli! Teho 130W Cree LED 13 x 10W Referenssiluku 25 Combo- valokuvio Käyttöjännite 9-36V Alumiinikuori Polykarbonaattilinssi Halkaisija.. Goocars lanvec legendary equip ls M.C.o racing meister nezart promising rizaltado ryver schwert seeker urbanzone vs xsa xtrap zeast zistance

Kilowaţi pentru-a Cai putere. Conversia între unităţile (kW → hp) sau a se vedea tabelul de conversie.. ECX 130.5. ESK 130.5 Sākums LED papildlukturi, bākugunis, autopiederumi SEEKER 130W(9100Lm) LED papildlukturis, R112, IP68, auksti balta gaisma 5000K With the conclusion of hostilities in Southeast Asia in the mid-1970s, the AC-130H became the sole gunship in the regular Air Force, home based at Hurlburt Field, Florida, while the AC-130A fleet was transferred to the Air Force Reserve's 919th Tactical Airlift Group (919 TAG) at Eglin AFB Auxiliary Field #3/Duke Field, Florida. With the transition to the AC-130A, the 919 TAG was then redesignated as the 919th Special Operations Group.

The AC-130J Ghostrider will inherit the AC-130W Stinger II's precision strike package, which was developed to support ground forces in overseas contingency operations Celestron NexStar 130 SLT Computerized Telescope Sony DSC-W130 Specifications. Tweet Share. Links. Model Name: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W130. Prices: Manufacturer UR SEEKER. Gran DMX. Seeker MX Despite the threat of SAMs and increasing visibility during the early morning hours of 31 January 1991, one AC-130H, AF Serial No. 69-6567, call-sign Spirit 03, opted to stay to continue to protect the Marines. A lone Iraqi with a Strela-2 MANPADS shot Spirit 03 down, and all 14 crew members were killed.[64]

The military has used AC-130 gunships during the humanitarian operations in Somalia (Operation Restore Hope and Operation United Shield) in 1992–93 and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti in 1994. AC-130s took part in Operation Assured Response in Liberia in 1996 and in Operation Silver Wake in 1997, the evacuation of American non-combatants from Albania. UK builders of the world famous Sunseeker motoryachts. Sunseeker has always pursued the more advanced, the more ambitious, and the more creative The AC-130 is a heavily armed, long-endurance aircraft carrying an array of antiground-oriented weapons that are integrated with sophisticated sensors, navigation, and fire-control systems. It is capable of delivering precision firepower or area-saturation fire over a target area over a long period of time, at night, or in adverse weather. The sensor suite consists of a television sensor, infrared sensor, and radar. These sensors allow the gunship to visually or electronically identify friendly ground forces and targets in most weather conditions. Request STMicroelectronics EVL130W-STRLIG: BOARD EVAL L6562AT L6599AT online from Elcodis, view and download EVL130W-STRLIG pdf datasheet, Eval Boards - LED Drivers specifications The Air Force was also interested in acquiring a glide bomb that can be launched from the common launch tubes capable of hitting ground vehicles traveling as fast as 120 km/h (70 mph) while above 10,000 ft (3,000 m).[43] In June 2016, Dynetics was awarded a contract by SOCOM to integrate its tactical munition onto the AC-130. Designated the GBU-69/B Small Glide Munition, the weapon weighs 27 kg (60 lb) and is armed with a 16 kg (35 lb) blast-fragmentation warhead that can detonate by direct impact or at a selected height; despite being smaller, being unpowered allows for its warhead to be heavier than those on the Hellfire and Griffin A missiles, 9 kg (20 lb) and 5.9 kg (13 lb), respectively. Guidance is provided by a GPS receiver with antispoofing software and four Distributed Aperture Semiactive Laser Seeker apertures adapted from the WGU-59/B APKWS for terminal guidance.[44][45][46] Approval for fielding occurred in early 2017.[47] Dynetics was awarded a contract to deliver an initial batch of 70 SGMs in June 2017, with plans to buy up to 1,000.[48] The SGM can travel 20 mi (32 km).[49]

AC-130s also had a primary role during the United States invasion of Panama (named Operation Just Cause) in 1989, when they destroyed Panama Defense Force headquarters and numerous command-and-control facilities, and provided close air support for US ground troops. Aircrews earned the Mackay Trophy for the most meritorious flight of the year, and the Tunner Award. During the Vietnam War era, the various AC-130 versions following the Pave Pronto modifications were equipped with a magnetic anomaly detector system called Black Crow (designated AN/ASD-5), a highly sensitive passive device with a phased-array antenna located in the left-front nose radome that could pick up localized deviations in the Earth's magnetic field normally used to detect submerged submarines. The Black Crow system was slaved into the targeting computers of the AC-130A/E/H, enabling the detection of the unshielded ignition coils of North Vietnamese trucks hidden under dense jungle foliage along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. It could also detect hand-held transmitter signals of air controllers on the ground to identify and locate targets.

BH #PAAWHE130W • MFR #AW-HE130W. Power-over-Ethernet+ (PoE+). The Panasonic AW-HE130 HD Integrated PTZ Camera, in white, is capable of transmitting up to four channels over IP.. Seeker 130W Nordic Edition on erittäin tehokas LED-kaukovalo, jonka yhdistelmäkeila tarjoaa sekä leveän, että pitkän kantaman. Vaikuttava 130W teho varmistaa, että valoa on varmasti riittävästi..

Der SUB W 130 X wurde als Unterstützung im Bassbereich für kleine und mittlere Systeme entwickelt. Ausschlaggebend dabei war eine größtmögliche Kompaktheit bei gleichzeitig bestmöglichem Tiefgang.. The AC-130 Spectre Gunship in action -. The AC-130 is manufactured by Lockheed Martin, and Boeing is responsible for the conversion into its current One of the first seven AC-130A aircraft deployed to Vietnam was AF serial no. 53–3129, named First Lady in November 1970. This aircraft was a conversion of the first production C-130. On 25 March 1971, it took an anti-aircraft artillery hit in the belly just aft of the nose gear wheel well over the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos. The 37 mm shell destroyed everything below the crew deck and barely missed striking two crew members. The pilot was able to crash land the aircraft safely.[88] In 1975, after the conclusion of US involvement in the Vietnam war, it was transferred to the Air Force Reserve, where it served with the 711th Special Operations Squadron of the 919th Special Operations Wing. In 1980, the aircraft was upgraded from the original three-bladed propellers to the quieter four-bladed propellers and was eventually retired in late 1995. The retirement also marked an end to the Air Force Reserve Command flying the AC-130A. The aircraft now sits on display in the final Air Force Reserve Command configuration with grey paint, black markings, and the four-bladed Hamilton Sunstrand 54H60-91 props at the Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, USA.[89][90]

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