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minimum age for apple id. 14.12.2013. age restrictions on ads. Set age-appropriate restrictions on your child's iPhone . Share Pin Email Print iPhone & iPod ساخت Apple iD. از کانال ترفند-آموزش-اجرایی و عملی کردن. نحوه استفاده از apple ID (اپل آیدی) و آیکلود (Icloud). karniaphone

My apple id has ben disabled and I was trying to reset my password but it didn’t work….Help me pls!!I tunes just states Apple ID disabled when I try to get into some apps or purchase new apps. I changed the password on a Mac but it doesn’s help. thoughts?Before you try anything else, turn off Screen Time on both your devices (temporarily). Go to Settings > Screen Time and tap Turn Off Screen Time.I’ll go ahead and be the one to say it: APPLE IS GARBAGE. None of us android users have to go trough all this pain to access their account…but I just had to have an iPad *sigh*

Rated successfully!My Apple ID disabled, can not add new CC.? Getting new phone next week and I am questioning even getting the newest iPhone due to the difficulty in getting service, help, and not recommended by my cellular provider due to their inability to help with most problems,If you receive what you believe to be a phishing email that’s designed to look like it’s from Apple, please send it to [email protected]. Apple has added two-factor authentication to iCloud and everything else connected to your Apple ID. Sign in at My Apple ID. Select Password and Security and enter in the answers to your security questions. Under Two-Step Verification, select Get Started and follow the instructions on screen As long as you remember your Apple ID password and still have access to one of your trusted devices, you can sign in and create a new Recovery Key. Go to your Apple ID account page. Sign in with your password and trusted device. In the Security section, click Edit > Replace Lost Key. Keep your new Recovery Key in a safe place. Your old Recovery Key won’t work anymore and you can’t use it to reset your password or access your account.

Also could not update apps on iPhone after disputed charge on iTunes. They (iTunes) disabled my Apple ID. After being on the phone for 1.5 hours, “they” (Apple customer service) told me that iTunes customer service (iCS) are the only persons that can re-activate my Apple ID. I was transferred to iCS and it was fixed. I wonder why iCS didn’t tell this info back on Nov.22. I can now update my apps… Note: The Apple customer service rep said she learned something new………. Also, no thanks to Apple’s support online information.same problem but once i contacted itunes support http://www.apple.com/support/appleid/ they mention it “I have reviewed your account and found that the reason that the account was disabled is because the billing address provided is that of Apple headquarters and not your own. We need you to provide us with a valid US billing address in order to maintain the use of the US iTunes Store. Having and invalid billing address puts your account in direct violation of the iTunes Terms of sale and service which you agreed to upon the creation of your account. The account will not be enabled until valid billing is updated on your iTunes account”This method is simple but requires the Screen Time/Restrictions passcode. What if you forgot the passcode, can you fix the Apple ID greyed out issue without data loss? Definitely yes. Below is how to remove or find Screen Time/Restrictions passcode without data loss. Then you can fix the grayed-out Apple ID banner with ease.The other recommendation is to get a different Apple ID for the UK iPhone and then sign up for a family sharing plan to share apps, purchases, apple storage, etc. with both Apple IDs. To share a family plan, both the US and UK based phones and Apple IDs must use the same region (the US, in your case.)

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Account recovery helps you get back into your Apple ID account when you don’t provide sufficient information to reset your password.If the above didn’t work isn’t applicable, we believe the best course of action is to contact Apple’s iTunes Support team directly.One of the alerts listed below may appear when you try to use certain Apple services (like iCloud, iMessage, or FaceTime) that require an Apple ID.  These messages inform you that your Apple ID is disabled. The item ID for Apple in Stardew Valley is: 613. The above cheat code applies to all platforms including PC/Mac (Steam), XBOX One, PS4 and Apple Spawn Help. Spawning items in Stardew Valley is not done via commands, but rather through a cheat in which you must set your character's name, or the.. After a second auto-shutdown on your iPad, connect it to its charger and plug it into a wall outlet and let it charge for 12 hours or more, without using it.

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3 Apple ID Remover Server. 3.1 Advantages of using this Unlock Server: 3.2 Steps to Download - Remove the Lock If you use two-factor authentication and can’t sign in or reset your Apple ID password, go through Apple’s account recovery process. This process includes a waiting period that lasts anywhere from a day to several weeks. I got an email saying my account was disabled. I was going to update the info on the email but was uncomfortable answering all the personal questions. I don’t remember having to give my ss# before. I tried to open other tabs such as support and it didn’t do anything. Also several worlds were spelled wrong on the update page. Is this kosher? I usually purchase with iTunes cards. Never my credit card.If able to sign out, close the settings app by double pressing home or swiping up the home gesture bar and then closing the Settings app preview by swiping it up off the top of your screen.

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From now on using your Apple ID on a new Mac or iOS device, or if logging into the iCloud website, will pop up a second authentication box after you've entered your password, asking you to enter the code that's been sent to you.After you provide as much information as you can, the account recovery waiting period begins. You should get an email from Apple with a confirmation of your request for Account Recovery that includes an approximate date and time of when you can expect to regain access.Two-step verification makes it virtually impossible to hack your Apple ID account, so should be considered mandatory to apple id account How do i find a page for itunes You open itunes and go to the itunes store where you use your Apple id. create an apple id it saids that I do not meet the age requirement I am 53 years old. How do I get beyond this problem in order to create my id. it is likely that during..

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  1. Switching Apple ID means, logging out of your current Apple ID and signing back into your iPhone using another Apple ID. In order to get a New Apple ID, you will require an Email Address that has never been used as Apple ID or used to create an iCloud or iTunes Account. 1. Change Apple ID On..
  2. If you want to step it up to a specialized tool to fix Apple ID greyed out, then you can get an unlocker. The best unlocker, hands down, is one called iMyFone LockWiper. LockWiper is a fantastic toolkit that is equipped with all you need to fix common iOS lock issues on iPads, iPhones, including iCloud ID greyed out. What else? This software keeps your data intact during and after the operation. Rather than some trick, LockWiper will directly remove the Screen Time/Restrictions passcode and hence fix your Apple ID greyed out problem.
  3. Apple i am changing my IPad into Samsung since you disabled my Apple ID and because of you apple, I CANT PLAY PIXEL GUN OR CLASH ROYALE
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  5. a message telling you This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store. Tap Review to sign in, then review your account information. tap on Review to proceed. Choose your country tap next I think the United States is the best choice here because every new app is appearing here and a lot of..
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To test this theory, please discharge your iPad’s battery until it shuts itself down (like play videos continuously until it drains.)See if you previously bought something in the iTunes Store. If so, check which account you used to purchase it.Keep your new Recovery Key in a safe place. Your old Recovery Key won’t work anymore, and you can’t use it to reset your password or access your account.Alternatively, wait at least 8 hours and try again–this fix works in cases when you made multiple unsuccessful attempts by entering an incorrect password too many times.

Often this message (“Apple ID has been disabled”) means that you have a billing issue–usually an unpaid iTunes or App Store order. If you can still access your account information, check your billing information and update your payment method and any other settings.The above methods are the most popular ways to repair the common problem of Apple ID greyed out. Using Apple ID may or may not work, depending on your unique scenario and your device OS. The technique we recommend here is using the program iMyFone LockWiper. Besides, if works for many more iOS locks, so it’s a handy tool to have.However, many iOS devices have been obsolete. Being "obsolete" means your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is unsupported by Apple and cannot receive iOS updates anymore. Below are the models that are not compatible with iOS 13.3 or later:

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I am currently blocked only on my UK phone my US phone which is with my partner at home in the US did the two-factor verification for me which fixed being blocked on the App store for my US phone only. please i mistakenly locked my apple ipad,now it says i should put my email and password i registered with,when i try,yahoo has already disabled my email since i never sign in…now i cannot access my ipad and its saying for me to access it i need that Failed to find your restrictions on iPhone/iPad after updating to iOS 12/13? Don't worry, in this tutorial, we will And from iOS 12, Apple moved this feature to another position. Read the next part to find After you set the passcode, you are allowed to control the Downtime, App Limits, content and age.. Registering your app involves two steps: registering a unique Bundle ID, and creating an application record on App Store Connect. For a detailed overview of App Store Connect, see the App Store Connect guide Apple ID two factor authentication is one of the most common instances: it requires a secondary verification code from a trusted device in addition to Considering that an Apple ID account contains credit card information, contact addresses, emails and phone numbers, photos and videos, backups..

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  1. If you can’t access this from your iPhone, go to iForgot website. Enter your Apple ID, enter the code you see, then click Continue. Enter your trusted phone number, then click Continue. Choose “Don’t have access to your trusted devices or phone numbers.” Select Start Account Recovery
  2. Step 4: On the Change passcode page, click “Forgot Passcode?” Step 5: You’ll be required t to enter the Apple ID. Enter it.
  3. I am locked due to too many attempts with wrong password. but I just remembered my password. How do I enable it? It is not letting me sign in anywhere..
  4. Please note that if you are an iCloud user, enter your full iCloud email address ([email protected]) If your security questions do not work, or you don’t know the answers anymore, and you do not have a verified rescue email setup that’s different from your locked iCloud email account, you cannot prove your identity using the web interface.
  5. Hi i have apple ipad.its was i buy from friend.he is not here and it was disable.so how can i change its old apple id and active by my new apple id?its saw display message i need to put old apple id(n…………@gmail.com) which i dont have.please help me..

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Also, Messages asks me to log in, but then it does not show my current email address. The worst part is that I cannot change any of these. My other devices work correctly and show up on the Find My iPhone website, but not this iPhone." Apple ID greyed out on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch happens usually because the ability to make changes to accounts is blocked. To solve this issue, you just need to set up to allow them with your Screen Time passcode. Select Create an Apple ID for a child who doesn't have an account and click Continue. Enter your child's birthday. Set Restrictions or Parental Controls on an iOS device, in iTunes, or on a Mac. Ask to Buy is enabled by default for children under 13.* If you don't want to use Ask to Buy, you can turn it.. And if you tried to access your Apple ID too many times with the wrong password, your account is automatically locked for a period of time. Even if you remember the correct password!To log out of your iTunes account on your iPhone or other iDevices, Tap on your Apple ID in Settings > Apple ID Profile.  Scroll Down and Sign Out and then log back in to see if that refreshes your Apple ID account.Visit appleid.apple.com and click on the Create Your Apple ID option in the top navigation bar to set up a new Apple ID. Skip this method if you don’t want to add a payment method to your new account.

To change your birth date to any age below 13*, you must be a member of a Family Sharing group, and your family organizer must approve the change. After updating your birth date, follow the onscreen steps to send an email request to your family organizer. Your family organizer can sign in to their Apple ID account page to confirm the birth date change and agree to the Parent Privacy Disclosure agreement by entering the requested information from their account payment method.My iPod states ( your apple Id has been disabled ) I’ve changed my password but still no change can you please help regards jim

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Step 6: Now you can enter a new screen time passcode. Step 7: Then follow the procedure in Part 1 to fix the Apple ID greyed out issue.If not, please contact Apple Support and let them know you’re having an issue with your Apple ID and not being able to update your apps.

I received a message that my apple account was disabled for security reasons. This may be because I have not used it in a few years. However, when I tried to send myself an email to reset my account, it will not send. For a while this account did not exist because I was using comcast and when we moved we switched to mediacom. I have comcast again and was able to recover my old email address. I was able to successful change my password but it still will not send me an email to reset my account. Please help! Thanks!Your Apple ID might just be locked because months ago you disputed Apple charges on your credit card. When you dispute an Apple charge, Apple often temporarily closes your account until you call in and resolve the charging issue.I just got my IPhone yesterday and created my Apple ID while in the store with the Apple dude helping me. When I got home, it would not allow me to download apps. When I contacted an Apple customer service, it said I was in violation of the terms and conditions. I hadn’t even done anything with the phone. My brother got the exact same phone as me yesterday and had no problems whatsoever.

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A collection of tutorials, tips, and tricks from the 9to5Mac team helping you fix and get the most out of your favorite gear.Your Apple ID is an account that gives you access to Apple services like the App Store, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and Apple Music. The email address you associate with this account is also called your Apple ID.At the bottom of this screen, you’ll find a Change Payment Method option. Tap it to switch to a different payment option; select None if you would like to skip adding a payment method. In some cases, you might not see the None option. Check Apple’s Support page on this for more information.Your Apple ID can sometimes get disabled for security reasons. This usually happens if there have been one too many failed attempts. Password mismatches, incorrect answers to security questions, mistyped account details, and similar can all trigger this protection measure from Apple.You can sign up for an Apple ID by visiting Apple's ID section of its website here and clicking Create An Apple ID.

Note that you can't set up a child's Apple ID if there's no credit or debit card associated with your own Apple ID. You will need to provide the card's CCV number as part of the setup process. Apple says this is in place to conform with online child protection laws in that it provides verifiable proof of your home address.I need to update software and was wondering how I can open my account again using another payment method.I just got off the phone with an Apple rep. She walked me through the steps to enable my password . I couldn’t have asked for better service. Thank you very much Apple !!!!Not logged into your Apple account on any device? Don’t worry. You can still retrieve your Apple ID from your Apple ID account page when you’re logged out.

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Step 3. If your iDevice is on iOS 12 or higher, hit the “Start to Unlock” button. This should begin the operation to remove Screen Time passcode without data loss.Step 1: On your iPhone, open the “Settings” app Step 2: In Settings, click “Screen Time”. Step 3: Click “Content & Privacy Restrictions”.It depends. If you are signed in with your Apple ID and password on that iPhone, then you should be okay for some time–as long as you do not do anything that requires you to enter your Apple ID and password, like purchasing an app or updating your iOS. Is your Apple ID grayed out on your iPad or iPhone? Then get in here for three working fixes you can try. Method 2 will repair it without data loss. This method is simple but requires the Screen Time/Restrictions passcode. What if you forgot the passcode, can you fix the Apple ID greyed out..

One question though – my account was disabled for fraudulent activity and now I am trying to sort this – I have read a lot of people saying that there is nothing Apple can do and you need to create a new ID and cannot link existing purchased items to the new account so they are lost forever. I was advised to contact Apple support but my complimentary support has expired and I’m loathed to spend money for them just to tell me what I already know – can anyone advise and confirm what I believe to be true that there is nothing that can be done to ressurect my existing Apple ID?? Step 1: To start, go to appleid.apple.com and click Forgot Apple ID or password in the center of the page. Note: Your password may automatically prefill the sign-in screen in a drop-down menu, especially if you checked the Remember Me box, so look for it first and click to see if it works Never heard of the Apple ID being blocked on only one phone looked everywhere online to figure out how to fix it.Step 4: Enter your Screen Time/Restrictions Passcode. Step 5: Click “Account Changes”. Step 6: Toggle the switch from “Don’t Allow” to “Allow”.

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The password to both my phone and Apple ID magically changed without anyone touching my phone or account. Now I’m locked out of my phone and account and Apple tells me that I have to wait up to three weeks for them to recover my Apple ID. When I asked what I should do because it was not anything I did to make it not work the rep was rude and told me I shouldn’t keep everything on my phone and three weeks wasn’t that long besides he doesn’t need to use his phone for more than a few calls a week I would survive. My father is in the hospital, I’m over nine hours from home and now I have no access to my phone or contacts. In my house we have ten apple products (phones, tablets, and computers). I refuse to use apple again. Horrible customer service and glitches that brick your phone.Apple has a white paper on what to do when you suspect your Apple ID is compromised. Please read through the steps and take any appropriate action.Ever tried to download a recent app, movie, or music purchase only to get the App Store or iTunes Store replying that your “Apple ID has been disabled?” Apple occasionally disables Apple IDs automatically for security reasons, especially if it thinks your Apple ID was hacked or otherwise compromised.

My i phone 5 is disabled. Reset my password through email. Now asking security questions and I forget the answers. If I reset security questions then reply no more security questions. I know id and password but the phone is still disabled due to security reason. Tried to restore through iTunes but still, the same problem.Since the lock is associated with your Apple ID and not a specific device, your phone will eventually ask you to re-enter your Apple ID password, to confirm that your account has not been compromised. I cannot unlock my apple is Since yesterday, I have tried and tired of continous trial. Pls what can I do again I want to. Use an application on my ipad.Generating an app-specific password will be required for apps or websites that aren't compatible with two-step verification

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  1. You can finally change your Apple ID country without having to enter a payment method. The change, it seems, has been made in iOS 11. Before Apple allowed users to change the Apple ID country on the fly, users had to create separate accounts for each country store they wanted to download apps..
  2. It had a case number and the time it said my apple account was suspiciously accessed was 5AM and the email was sent about 3AM on 2 20 2019 which I also found odd.
  3. Finally, as LockWiper has cleared the Screen Time passcode or recover the Restrictions passcode, you can will start to follow the procedure in Part 1 to fix the Apple ID greyed out issue.

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After a handful of caveats explaining how two-step works, you come to the first setup step, which is to add trusted device. At the very least you'll need to register one mobile number that can receive texts (that is, SMS) - and that's pretty much every mobile since the mid-90s. Again, don't enter false details here because Apple will test it immediately by sending you a text with a number you must type to continue setup. Apple occasionally disables Apple IDs automatically for security reasons, especially if it thinks your Apple ID was hacked or otherwise compromised. Your restrictions passcode is not the same as your Apple ID password-it's a four-digit passcode you created when first enabling restrictions This site and its content are in no way affiliated or endorsed by Apple, Inc. · Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited

I think Apple Support could really help you sort out what’s going on with your devices. So I highly encourage you to call or contact Apple Support’s live assistance teams–you likely will need to speak with a supervisor, since this problem is unique.

So what’s the million dollar answer everyone here is waiting for? How did ics end up fixing your problem and enabling your account? What did you have to do on your end and what did they do?My apps will not let me in to get new apps, they say my apps acct has been disabled how come I only order free games no idea why it is disabledI can still do any function apart from buying or downloading from either the App store or iTunes which, unfortunately, includes updates as well. That means I am now locked out of a couple of my Apps. Remember that after you change your password, you need to update that password in your iCloud settings and in any Apple apps and services that you sign in to with your Apple ID.  This includes things like iTunes, App Store, FaceTime, iMessage, Photos, iCloud Drive, Mail, and others.For forgotten Apple ID passwords, make sure you know the email address for your Apple ID and then go to your Apple ID account page and choose “Forgot Apple ID or password.”

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Contact Apple Support and let them know of this fake email and forward that email to [email protected] and then delete it from your devices, including Macs.Stuck in a loop with my son’s Ipod touch 5th gen Can’t reset it as he no longer has the original email address the device was setup with / don’t know the password. When we sign in to iCloud it states that the Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons. Hit reset button & we get an error: No Apple ID found. We cannot find an Apple ID matching the information you provided. You may have entered a name that doesn’t exactly match our records.

Hi , my apple id has been locked since 8 months…. i feel so bad , my apps , my games , i played clash of clans for a long time and my apple id got locked……. i dont remember my date of birth but i remember all other security questions , please help me !!!! i want it unlocked….Now the message “the account has been disabled in the App Store”, even though I AM able to access it. Rated successfullySorry you are going through this! It must feel very frustrating. Since you’ve contacted Apple Support already, it’s best to follow those 24-hour instructions exactly. And it is very important to wait that full 24 hours–do not attempt to log in with that Apple ID and password combination during this time. The reason Apple puts a 24 hour hold on your Apple ID is to ensure that no one is trying to hack your account and to ensure your Apple ID remains secure to you alone. And that’s the reason why it’s critical to wait that full 24 hours.

Be aware that after multiple unsuccessful attempts to unlock your account, your Apple ID remains locked. And you need to wait at least a day to try again.Open the Find My iPhone app When the Sign In screen appears, delete anything from the Apple ID field so it’s empty (if anything is there, erase it–this is a critical step when using someone else’s device) Tap Forgot Apple ID or Password Follow the steps on-screenIf you have enabled two-factor authentication for your account, you’ll also need a verification code from one of your trusted Apple devices.

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When your Apple ID greyed out, your first line of thought will be to speak with Apple Tech Support. However, the method for resolving Apple ID greyed out is an easy trick. Here is what to do: When creating an Apple ID, if you make the unfortunate mistake of entering your birth year wrong or actually being under the age of 13 (and not fibbing about it), then be prepared to see this error messag It's also connected to your Apple ID, which is used to make online purchases using your iPhone and iPad. It's easy to change your contact info, shipping address, and password for your Note: Once you switch to an Apple domain Apple ID, you can't switch back. So make sure your decision is final This Happened to me as well, I want to say a year ago . Same exact and then happened again a few days ago ….with

If you’re Apple ID is disabled can it cause my call log to start deleting phone numbers from my call log Restaurants reopen in parts of Germany, while Italy relaxes travel restrictions. As US states begin loosening restrictions, a recent viral video from Japan gives an idea of how easily coronavirus might spread Thank you so much for the helpful instructions however I am not sure if this will work because I think it applies to Apple IDs that are blocked completely while mine technically isn’t. The security feature is in place to protect your Apple ID and its data from anyone who’s not you. If you lock yourself out accidentally, log in with your password at iforgot.apple.com to regain access to your Apple account.

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  1. But take comfort. Though seeing this message is very worrying, questions about Apple IDs are one of the most common reasons iFolks call Apple Support or visit Apple Stores. Remember, you are not alone. Folks deal with this particular problem every day!
  2. To do so, again open the Passwords and Security section of the Apple ID website and click the link. Enter a name for the app (this is for your reference only), and then you'll be provided with the password.
  3. For models like iPhone 6S/6S Plus and etc., though iOS 13.3/13.4 are available, it is not good news to upgrade, as the newest version may be a disaster to your device. Worse still, you cannot downgrade the iOS or iPadOS when you find that it's not good. So be cautious before you update to iOS 13.3 or the later. However, you can still solve the "Apple ID grayed out" issue without iOS 13.3/13.4 with iMyFone LockWiper: Remove Screen Time passcode and then switch the "Account Changes" from "Don't Allow" to "Allow".
  4. Great. My house was just built, and as a result, not on any mapping service. My account is more than valid. They just STINK.
  5. I am having problems with Apples ID security! A pain in the proverbial. Never again use their overpriced crap again.
  6. You can also set up a new Apple ID from your Mac or iPhone. Of course, if you’re already logged into another Apple account, you’ll need to log out from it first to access the create option.
  7. You can also change your password from a macOS or iOS device that’s logged into your Apple account. You’ll find the Change Password option:

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  1. Create an Apple ID. Join the Apple's Developer program. Create and build your application in Xcode. You need to specify an App ID (the last Bundle ID created in the previous step). Select the computers where you plan to develop and test your application
  2. Am I missing something here? If your account has been disabled, you cannot, therefore get email. So Apple’s email to you to reset your password cannot be accessed. You are right where you started from.
  3. There’s no way this should be so hard. This is the worst experience by far that I’ve ever had with Apple.
  4. Sharing one Apple ID on multiple iOS devices works great to share iTunes purchases, but creates syncing issues with Contacts, FaceTime, and iMessage. Sharing an Apple ID on all devices in a family will ensure everyone has access to all the items purchased on iTunes or the App Store
  5. Ok… I have changed my apple I’d… I have updated all my account information… Changed my pass code… Now why am I STILL disabled, please? Please Apple Support.. Email me directly so I can update all my apps.
  6. For changing an Apple ID account to any age below 13, there are some special steps, including Family Sharing being required with the family organizer needing to approve the change. From Apple's support documen
  7. Also to reset an Apple ID password, you need to know the email address associated with your Apple ID.

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My apple ID has been disable I think it’s because my credit card. I tried changing my credit card but it’s still disable I need help.i try to log in with my old apple id after my iphone has been disabled but it did not work i created another id but with the same information.can i use this new id onn my iphoneAccount recovery takes anywhere from a few days to weeks, so be mindful of the processing time. Learn more hereThe usual suspects for a disabled Apple ID are entering the wrong password too many times in a row or not having used an Apple ID for a long time. Most of the time, when your Apple ID is disabled it’s not someone trying to hack your account, but instead, you get yourself locked out because of a forgotten password. Yes, we’re human and yup, we are error-prone.

I tried using a fake email name etc but now it wants credit card information etc I’ve tried choosing none under payment options but that does nothingI just bought the new 1phone 5 today and I tried using the ID I used for my iPod. It wouldn’t let me use it. So I created a new account on a different email but the same credit card. Now. It won’t let me log on or verify my apple ID. I’ve try’d changing the password. NOTHING works. Both accounts are ” disabled due to sicurity reasons” I just spent 400 dollers on this new phone. PLEASE. Someone help me. Tell me what to do.If you’ve gone through all the steps in this article and your Apple ID isn’t available (shows disabled still), then try Apple’s Account Recovery service.

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn't affect our editorial independence. Learn more. There's no requirement to have an Apple product to link the ID to, allowing anybody to create an account in preparation for purchasing - or even if you're merely a curious Windows or Linux user.

If you tried everything to no avail, it’s time to contact Apple Support directly in your home country and ask them to walk you through the account recovery process. SORRY: iOS12 Finally moved the Restrictions Code into the iOS Keychain! That means, this site can no longer recover iOS12+ Restrictions Codes. iOS7-iOS11 encrypts the Restrictions Passcode using pbkdf2-hmac-sha1, which is very strong! However the keyspace (0000 to 9999) is very small, so.. Before you reset your network’s settings, be sure have your WiFi network name and passwords available for re-entry.To set up two-step verification, again visit the Apple ID website here but this time click Manage Your Apple ID, and when prompted. Then click the Password and Security link at the left, and answer the security questions to proceed. Then click Get Started under the Two-Step Verification heading.It’s amazing how much our Macs and iDevices depend on our Apple IDs.  It’s not until we receive an alert warning us that our Apple ID has been disabled that we realize how important and integral it is. Hopefully, one of the tips listed got your Apple ID back enabled and worked as normal on your iDevice or Mac.

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If you get on safari on another phone that’s not yours and you accidentally put in the wrong password to your Apple ID to many times, and it locks your Apple ID will you still be able to use the phone that the Apple ID is associated with.?You have to contact an Apple Customer Rep in order to find out why it’s been disabled they are the ones who disable it to begin with and are the only ones who can restore your Apple ID.Hope this helpsDo you backup your iPhone via iCloud or iTunes/Finder before screen time was enabled? If so, you can restore your device to that backup–you will lose any data collected after that backup date. To reset your Apple ID password Forgot Your Apple ID or iCloud Password? 6 Ways to Reset It Forgot your iCloud password? Here's how to recover your account if you've forgotten your Apple ID password and can't log in. Read More , start by clicking on the Forgot Apple ID or password link at the bottom of your Apple ID account page when you’re logged out. On the next page, type in your Apple ID and hit the Continue button.

If you don't link your Apple ID to an iOS device or Mac then you're limited to accessing online iWork tools Next, select Create Apple ID on the lower-left corner of the pop-up window. From there, just follow the prompts to create your new Apple ID Your regular credit card or iTunes gift cards won't work due to regional restrictions imposed by Apple. One way to get around this is by buying gift cards from other.. You might be familiar with Apple ID; but do you know that it can be applied to reset your Screen Time passcode? This is only feasible for the iOS 13.3 version and later. Therefore, if you've updated your iOS version to the latest 13.3/13.4, you can reset the Screen Time Passcode. Just follow the guide below:i can not enter my itunes or mac app store either they say it is disabled. Not remember my security questions. Only remember my birthday. Please advise On Settings > Apple ID, tap on Apple ID, select Not xxx@xxx.com, and input the new iCloud ID and password. (1,2). Then you have switched to a new iCloud account successfully. The two-factor authentication is disabled. On Settings > Apple ID..

When I buy a app on my ipad like a game or such as a tool, I will not let me. I cannot buy a game unless I put my password in. I did but it’s disabled! So I went to setting and found out the download instinct was off so I turned it on, then I went back tried to download it, it still would not work! So I reset my Apple ID and it still didn’t work. I don’t no what’s wrong so just give me some feedback if you could so I could get how you did it!Doing this means that you won't be able to use your Apple ID for purchases on a new device or Mac, or for iCloud , or make changes to your account details, without entering a one-time code that Apple sends you. The code isn't usually required in other circumstances and on Apple hardware upon which you've already confirmed your details.

Artículo siguienteicloud sign in blocked - apple id - icloud id - apple icloud - myappleid. Doulci Activator Bypass Tool Free 2020 VPS Server: Unlocking an Apple device by Removing iCloud is the only way to.. My i.d had been blocked at time when I was sending again and again password and dialing it again and again. Now I am going to recover my I.D which is given in apple i.d blank. when im going in recover email address page. I enter my first, last names and my email address. after pressing enter reply comes as this is not email i.d registered and TRY AGAIN. on the other hand my mobile sends email password on the same i.d. now iam totally unable to recover my mobile. If any possible solution exist, please help me.On macOS: Visit System Preferences > iCloud and click on the Account Details button below your Apple ID on the left. Next, switch to the Security tab of the dialog that appears. Click on the Turn On Two-Factor Authentication button at the bottom of this tab to start setting up 2FA.

0 Count Question “Why is the Apple ID greyed out on iPhone? My iPhone runs iOS 13.2, but I changed my password a few days back. After changing the password, whenever I am in Settings, not only the Apple ID is greyed out; Messages, iCloud, iTunes, FaceTime, and even App Store do not work. I need help with this problem of iCloud grayed out on iPhone, please.So that’s great in protecting you from identity theft but bad in that you (the victim) are often uninformed of the problem. Consequently, without so much as a warning, you see the dreaded alert “Your Apple ID has been disabled.” I have no idea. I’m looking for the same answer as you so no need for me to post the question if it’s already up there.For older iOS versions that don’t include Screen Time, if you’ve forgotten your Restrictions Passcode, check out our article on setting up iDevices into Kids Mode that outlines the steps to address this issue.

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